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Friday, August 24, 2007

Joining the dots

When I was a kid, I liked to while away some time by joining dots on the Sunday Telegraph. Sometimes, the dots made no sense at all in the beginning, until you meticulously connected them serially one after the other. A stray mark with the pencil could spoil the whole picture. The challenge was, in a way, to know where to put smooth curves and where to place the sharp angles.
Life is like that. Many a times, I have seen things happening for apparently no reason. Though, I would not have been concerned by a pleasant occurrence as much as I'd have been by an unpleasant episode. In the language of Fine Arts, happiness is like a set of parallel straight lines where the vision shifts swiftly. While despair is like a tangled mass of complex curves where the gaze moves slowly, probably taking in more than there is. That is why, according to me, hard times seem to last longer than bliss.
But I have realized that in the end it all makes sense!
The universe has a plan.
And all we can do is join the dots with all our efforts, hoping to see the picture at last.