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Saturday, July 29, 2006

My first crush

I know it's a weird topic..
especially now when my personal life has been shelved aside with a new list of priorities featuring in my life..
But I guess it's ok to indulge in idle thoughts once in a while..


No, not Christian Bale or George Clooney..
Believe it or not..the first crush I ever had was on the cartoon character Bruce Wayne.. better known for his alter-ego Batman.
He had a darker side to his character..a super hero fuelled by vengeance.

I loved him because he was perfect..
and maybe that is why I easily fell out of love..
coz in real life..people like these do not exist...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Beyond the impasse

French : in- not + passe a passing
Literally, means...
A road or passage having no exit; a cul-de-sac,a deadlock or a stalemate.
The idea intrigues me..rather amuses me..

As a kid , I used to dig this computer game named "Claw". The story begins when the protagonist, a cat named Captain Claw- a valiant pirate, has his ship seized and sunk by the dogs. He fights tooth and nail.. but a total blackout leaves him helpless and he regains consciousness to find himself captive in a castle. Captured by his arch enemies, he must escape the prison and find the missing gems he needs for his amulet of nine lives. Every time the character finds himself in a particularly difficult situation, he says to himself "THERE'S GOT TO BE A WAY OUT"

Strange, but true..when I have faced apparent dead-ends in my life..I have often found myself saying the same....

There's got to be a way out..
There's got to be a way out...

Being the go-getter that I am, has its several disadvantages. I guess when you start taking responsibilities about things that are happening to you and around you, you tend to overdo it once in a while.
I guess it's ok...
But then you need to be a little laid back too..

Regress if necessary, be silent for a while, THINK
Take a stock of things.. and then open your eyes to look forward..

I have recently come across someone quoting that,'At one time or anothereveryone has been at the fringe of society in some way: an outcast in high school, a stranger in a foreign country, the best at something, the worst at something, the one who's different. Being an outsider is the one thing we all have in common.'

The cat fought for its nine lives..

We have but one..

And we will live it our way!

Yes, I subscribe to existentialism.
And I think it gives my life a lot more dignity to think that ONLY I am liable for it -rather than holding a bunch of celestial bodies responsible for having a certain alignment when I was born.

Consider this trifling incident: I conceived the idea to post this on 8th July.
Then I got busy with work, we had a block on blogspot by India's Department of Telecommunications (DoT) ..and yet I have managed to post it today,
23rd July :)

Beyond the impasse you see....THERE'S GOT TO BE A WAY OUT

So Long