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Friday, November 21, 2008

Congo Crisis

Thanks to Rutger

And I agree to his saying :'People worry about the wrong things in life... period.'

For more, read this.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Red Line Fight Sports

I owe this one to Sangram (in blue and with head band below).

One of the girls exclaimed: 'You look excited !'
I checked my body language to see what gave out that message. Sitting on the edge of the sofa, leaning forward, fingers clasped up to my chin, intense vision, and my face squirming at every punch- you don't need to be Tonya Reiman to interpret that. I had to get up to have a closer view of the guys practicing in the ring after they had rehearsed some new techniques on the floor.

'You can't be tired and you can't be sorry' said the instructor, Lyle, when one of his students said 'Sorry', after hitting his opponent on the face in a practice session. He summoned the rest of the clan to 'be a good friend' and share the punishment of push-ups. He joined in too. They were already tired from hours of practice but admitting it meant added penalty. To top it, he had them stop mid-way, and while they tried hard to keep pace with him, he looked up at me, smiling complacently. I have to admit that he is a seasoned sportsman and physically more fit than kids half his age.

It is not just about venting your frustration when your boss is a pain in you-know-where, or your significant other misunderstands you or the economy is taking a nose dive. It is something you would probably like to join in when you have been a gym inhabitant for years and intend to take yourself to the next datum plane of existence. ( Darn, Jonathan keeps haunting me !) Less philosophically, and more practically - it is a good way to learn a few defense techniques even if your are not planning to enter the pro- league.

Just off the T-stop at Central Square, between Dunkin Donuts and the liquor store, the entrance is easy to miss if you are not paying attention. But once you are inside, you know what's going on.

I couldn't help mentioning this from a Marketer's point of view: they have rebranded themselves from 'Boston Sanda Kung Fu' and relocated to Cambridge from Downtown. Very strategic ! Now, that I have done my free WOM (Word-Of-Mouth) advertisement, I can get back to my public policy case study. See you there !

Link: Red Line Fight Sports

Offered training in : Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The most romantic thing

...I saw in a long time was while coming back from my Business and its Environment class in Wheatley today. The walls of the whole hallway in the first floor near classroom 0055 was filled with handwritten posters, saying the same thing in different languages:
"Will You Marry Me?"
I discerned English, Hindi and French among others. At the end, it was signed Daniel Louis Sullivan. I don't know what the girl is going to say, or if she's going to see it before the housekeeping staff decides to take these off from the walls. But I was amazed by the amount of effort it probably took him to do that, in spite of translation tools and helpful friends. Dan boy, you rock!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Only for gadget lovers: my new baby : G1

And yeah, I think it's much cooler and more compact than the iPhone. Steve, no hard feelings. :D