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Saturday, March 14, 2009


is not a state; it is a process. It is not in being; it is in becoming.

No wonder my blog has started reading like a Twitter feed. When you are juggling your studies and trying to improve a current GPA of 3.8/4.0. And you are doing your own groceries, cooking, cleaning, laundrying, squeezing some time to write the articles you have committed to, updating events, attending socials - you'll probably have very little time to do what you love doing the most in your free time. Because you hardly have any 'free time'.

I fear that I'll become an emotional Spartan, sensing a vacuosness inside me sometimes, not knowing anymore what makes me really happy. However, the feeling is temporal. In fact, I am learning to suck the marrow out of life now, and trying to live it to the greatest depth and breadth I possibly can.

Am I complaining? Hell, no ! There is something about this country. It gives you a chance to perform your best, and it expects nothing but the best from you. I often wonder how many like me have left behind their comfort zones and dared to start from scratch. And I don't mean just the international student population here. Even a guy from the east coast who has to relocate to the west coast or vice versa would face the same issues.

Making a fresh start. Where no one knows who you are. The accomplishments of my precedents burdened me as a kid. Here, no one asks me what my father or grandfather achieved in their lifetimes. Sometimes, I miss the recognition associated with my family name. Though, living away from home for a while before I left my country got me acquainted with that.

Someone said: I envy you. You manage things so well.
I thought to myself: It is all about priorities.

Dad says : 'The hero of every day mundane life is the ultimate hero.' I believe that. That is why I try to micromanage my task list. Shuffling and reshuffling. Trying to get the best possible combination of priorities and executing them as I go.

Sometimes, you are aggressive. Sometimes, you have to step back. But you have to go on. Everyday, I ask myself what did I learn today? Sometimes, the answer is not so evident. Most of the times, it astonishes me.