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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yahoo account hacked

Oh yeah some SoB is having fun while I am trying to inform my near and dear ones that my yahoo account with the id aparnakar has been hacked, and the password and the contact details have been changed (he made it sure I don't get to protect it).

And I was blissfully unaware of the fact until I got a mail on my alternate email id from yahoo

Your Yahoo! ID is: aparnakar
Your password for this account has recently been changed. You don't need to do anything, this message is simply a notification to protect the security of your account.

So, if u happen to see me online on yahoo messenger...and find me talking weirdly to you ..know it's that... $#^#$@!!@^$#@$^&$$

( Sorry Dad..I will go and wash my mouth after this)

It was simple.
I had been gullible and I am paying for it..

It was some invitation to view an album from a stranger..
It needed to log in with my yahoo id and password...

It struck me once but then I just went ahead with it..

When I logged in..nothin happened..the log in window was still there..and the bloody hacker comfortably got what he wanted.

I just want to is outrageous...
S*** has happened before like people using my photographs and opening fake accounts and then flirting around with half the world...

Those who know me wouldn't believe it, those who didn't..were happy to believe that they got a CATCH!!!

But this time,I am really ANGRY!!!

and you better be careful who dreamt up this joke...coz if I ever happen to find you,I will beat the daylights out of you...

In the meantime I'll try some damage control
and don't let this happen to you...

Aaugh!!! To top it all...when I logged on to gtalk to display the status msg:
yahoo account hacked..will use only gtalk from now on,
a window popped

kg: hi aparna
h r u
happy independence day
happy krishna astami
hi aparna
h r u
happy independence day

Aparna: read my status msg
n try to realise
i am so angry
i can kill

kg: i cant understand
its an gmail na
ur saying that yahoo a/c hacked
y r u so angry
just spend time with me
anger will goes .........
comeon take it easy....yaar
r u there
w r u doing
hey aparna..........


When did I add this moron?
What was I thinking?



Vinay said...

I know what it feels like, when u r d victim of such a prank.

The same thing had happened to me a couple of months back.
I got an invitation from a friend (who was on my Yahoo contacts) to view his latest photos online. I clicked the link, it asked me to enter my Yahoo User ID / Pwd. Only after giving away my pwd I realized that it was a spoof yahoo site. My frnd said that his machine may be infected with some virus as everyone on his yahoo contacts got the link he never sent.

I had to create a new Yahoo ID…was never able to reset the password for the old one.
Was able to touch base with close frnds on new ID. But even today, my Messenger frnd list is shorter then what it used to be.

Aparna Kar said...

I had some sentimental value attached to the account
coz it was my first ever email account created when I was in Standard VI


And I hope it's just a case of "hack and forget" and that no one misuses it...

The loss has been great enough..

Does anyone know what's security of data?Or privacy..

so many loopholes around:'(

Aparna Kar said...


And now I remember I lost some treasured pics in my yahoo photo album.

The only Portfolio I had (before Get Gorgeous II)was lying there

I don't want to see my doctored pics :'( popping up anywhere..


saikat said...

SHIT!!! dats the 3rd case of mail a/c hacking that i have seen in 2 months....Gosh!!!! say at least....

btw appu if u want u can get ur pwd back at least i guess so...there are some sites/ppl who do ethical hacking and get pwd out...sajal knows abt them..u can contact him if u want and find out if he can be of any help....

saurabh said...

hang in there we will get the SOBs

Aparna Kar said...


send me sajal's phn no.
will ask for his help if i can't figure out something
as of now..I informed Yahoo customer care..

Aparna Kar said...


I don't think we have a cyber crime cell..
anyways try to find out..

while I go and have some food..hadn't a morsel since morning...

PythoRoshan said...

Hell hath no fury like a woman robbed. Though i can get ur anger..dont know how bugged id be if they stole my account..its got so much stuff and been my identity ( literally ) for so many years now.

Dr Kunal Kondewar said...


Aparna Kar said...


Yes, it's as bad as robbing off my identity...

To think there might be an imposter lurking out there posing as Aparna Kar and God knows doing what with my name...

Aparna Kar said...

what's so remarkable??

sangram said... absolutely crazy..and i guess one of the bad robberies to happen in the E-W3c domain..and yeah it would be a prudent step to change all ur other existing account passwords. did u do that ?
its like stealing ur beloved possession..only that it is virtual.
well what can i say ? careful from next every succ incident acts as an experience. it happened to me last year..when my laptop and my DVDs got stolen. i learnt a lot.....dont worry abt it..and lets hope for the best outcome. tc

sangram said...

@ kunal
r u an absurdist ? :)..remarkable in a negative sense. thts wht u wanna say rt?

Vikas said...

thats verry low act...i think there should be no warnings.....person has to be punished.........

Rohit Malik said...

hi aparna,

This is really very sad to hear. Once i also entered my user id & password in a phishing site....but within 5 min. one hacker friend informed that the link wasn't genuine & i quickly changed the password before someone could misuse my account. That was such a relief.

And just today i sent an email to google gmail team asking them to issue some kind of gmail card like we have green card/pan card etc. which will require proper verfication of the account holder with picture/homeaddress etc.

So, even if someone hacks your account, you will have proof that you are the real owner of the account.

And now i heard your story & it made me think that what i suggest to gmail team is must have feature.

You can check this link :

I don't know if it's useful, i just searched in google.

take care, rohit

candid diary said...

Spoof = to fool. In networking, the term is used to describe a variety of ways in which hardware and software can be fooled.
For spoof you may visit and for e-mail spoofing visit
The SoB who stole your e-mail id may be getting pleasure by reading your e-mails & mails preserved in the draft folder but don’t lose your cool. Yes, I know, you would be asking, “How could you say that?”
The SoB is a pervert (probably, a fetish) and in a wretched mental condition. He must be a psycho in real world also and an unhappy person. Have some pity on this SoB and thank him for reiterating the lesson that the virtual world is as tough as the real world is. Please don’t lose your grace, in spite of being robbed of your data and things of sentimental value.
Please don’t bother for things, like morphed pics, that have not taken place. Even if these take place your friends (include me) will appreciate your problem. Do we need to be mentally disturbed by our enemies?
Yes, in India Information Technology Act, 2000 ( is there but my knowledge about Indian police does not encourage me to suggest lodging an FIR in a Police Station or cyber PS. Firstly, the idiots in a PS would not understand your problem and secondly most of the state police departments live in pre-cyber-crime era. UP police, for example, is mooting the idea (remember the year is 2006, six years after IT Act in India) of establishing a 'cyber-police station' in Lucknow covering the entire state following the pattern of Karnataka.
Thirdly you will find that your efforts for catching the robber is not commensurate to your loss. That will be another lesson better not learnt.
About security of data and privacy you will have to educate yourself more. Pardon me saying so and smile, now :D

candid diary said...

@ sangram
I think Dr Kunal Kondewar was lost in the blogosphere and landed here. He was at a loss for words after reading the post. What he meant, probably, was that he is remarkable!
He has a blog (Relevant News) with only one post dated 7th August 2006 which says ‘Welcome’ and that’s all in the post and the blog. This is remarkable like a Chinese blog I saw once ( if you are interested and have time to kill).
Dr Kondewar’s zodiac year is boar and he co-authors another blog (News for doctors) where he has been fighting against the injustice meted out to PGMCET students in Maharastra.

saurabh said...


sangram said...

@ candid
very well said..:) yeah i hd to glaze through his blog page..couple of lines in the recent blogs and a huge protest march u correctly mentioned about the PGMCET students.
pretty noteworthy i must say :))..
nd yeah regarding account hacking and stuff like that, its high time, we have backups, else we wont repent later..and regarding misuse of data, anyone can do it anytime. so no point even thinking about it. Let people do whatever they like..untill a point when they will get frustrated and start introspecting their own self...:))
in a bengali colloquial setup -
" kaaj nei to bheranda bhaaj "..something like that

candid diary said...

You have been tagged.
Please read

Prasoon said...

me too recd a link from a friend - was some geocities link which hosted a page of yahoo signin so as to see photos.. that was enough to warn me - took care n informed the firned n i guess the alert that my friend raized after that could have actually saved a few souls. why is all this becoming so prominent nowadays??

Aparna Kar said...


I am feeling like a fool..
oh No..I have been a careless fool..
but I won't let that thought linger on for long..
Or else, it will effect my state of mental well-being :P

Aparna Kar said...


replied to one of ur "Tagged" episodes

will take the Psychometric test later

diabolic preacher said...

errr...i know it's more desirable to have the old account back and you'd have to get it the same way it was gone. but just for the next time, do use some tools that'd tell you the actual site you are visiting. e.g. spoofstick extension, even mcafee siteadvisor is a helpful browser plugin/extension. if u happened to do searches on google recently, they stop u at a warning page if they have been reported that the site is upto no good.
has yahoo responded yet?
a bit unrelated (or probably not) issue is that of yahoo messenger getting signed out saying that 'you are signed on from some other location'. i understand when i simultaneously try to login via meebo, but other than's not a nice thing to know that i'm logged in before i did so.
did u try the yahoo sign-in seal feature? check digital inspiration blog for details.

now that this thing has happened...the necessity of smarter security practices have just become greater.

p.s. in the face of this bad u think unification of a variety of services under large banners such that you can use the same login id is very risky?

p.p.s. nice blog :) entries with long tails....

Saurav said...

hahaha!! that last part was funny.. i remembered all ur other scraps on orkut:
Hi Aparna,
read ur profile, u sound very interesting
Wanna be friendzzz???
Friendzz forever???
that is just so hilarious...
so now u know not to add ppl like tht!

PS: If it makes u happy, my yahoo password was hacked too... happened to a lot of ppl I know..

Aparna Kar said...

that reminds me ..the heights of all wannabe msgs I came across was pro'ly

hi aparna how r u ? whats happned u haven't send urs repply i m weating for it
would u get my mails i hoppe u r geeting it? plz repply thouse mails.
i waana friendship with u plz would u like to be my friend. i hoppe u will join me in orkut as soon as u get my massage , i will be weating for urs massage . ok till beyyyyyyyy take care and have a nice day
as soon as u get my mail i hoppe u will joine me . beyyyyyyyyy once again

the script was English..which language he was speaking?
I have no clue..Lolzzz

Aparna Kar said...

Even some of the females are awesome..

Chk this out..I found it in someone's s/b

"m terminally ill yaar..had fever too.."

Had no clue having fever makes someone terminally ill.. :O

Me said...

Bah, you're a dummy. This sorta method is called 'phishing', and it relies on the human end, more than the program as a method of breaking passwords. You can always get your account back, though, and don't be so gullible again. Any time you have to enter your password, look at the address bar, and verify its from the client site, and not another site. Yeesh!!

Me said...

Oooh... and, fevers kill. Didntcha know that ??

Aparna Kar said...

Existing yahoo users
Don't get tricked by a phishing scam

Aparna Kar said...

More on Phishing