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Saturday, August 05, 2006

10 best things to do when it rains...

1. Get drenched..of course :)
Open ur arms, face towards the sky, close your eyes and let the drops fall on your face..
or better still,dance in the rain.
Get your loved one to join you if he/she is a sport
By "loved one", I meant Dad/Mom, Bro/Sis, best -friend, bf/gf, Granddad/Grandmom, Hubby/wi-fi,...
Got a lovely pet dog? Will do...:)

2. Get really dirty and play football in the mud.
Don't worry about the stains..
Surf Excel hai na :)

3. Try to sip on a cup of hot coffee/tea/hot chocolate while trying to save raindrops from falling in it...

4. Eat roasted corn by the roadside.

5. Cuddle up in the bed with your favourite book.

6. Listen to the pitter-patter on the window panes.

7. Go for a long drive after it has stopped raining, and the weather is clear and the leaves- refreshingly green...
and smell the earth...petrichor*

8. Play soft romantic numbers...
You will feel what you have never felt before- MAGIC!!

9. Write a post on rain :P

Those were my 9 "best things".
Want the 10th one to be yours :)


Aparna Kar said...


The smell of rain on dry ground.

More specifically, it’s the pleasant smell that often accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather in certain regions.
It was named by two Australian researchers in an article in Nature in 1964, who discovered that the smell is an oily essence that comes from rocks or soil that are often clay-based.
The oil is a complicated set of at least fifty different compounds, rather like a perfume. It turned out that the oils are given off by vegetation during dry spells and are adsorbed on to the surface of rocks and soil particles, to be released into the air again by the next rains.
I can’t find any record of anybody having tried to bottle and sell it, but can’t help thinking it would be a hot item :)
The word comes from Greek petros, a stone, plus ichor, from the Greek word for the fluid that flows like blood in the veins of the gods.

So the word means something like “essence of rock”.

Rizu said...

When it rains, just have some garam pakuada and tea, and then go to bed with your comforter!
Dont sleep, but have dreams...
(The romantic ones indeed!)

Prasoon said...

get drenched - ride a cycle on an empty road to say - {you obviously cant drive a bike then} and embrace the red mud with nature all around.
if you donot wish to get wet - then, back at home - open all the windows n let some air n water come it - switch on the music - high volume n let it blast your moods off !!

~go clicking~ : that'd be my choice :)

Vikas said...

how sweet and lovely is a water from sky..
it`s a wine of lovers...
Rain.. Rain..
it`s a lovers` pain...
my misses and longing to you as a desret...
aren`t you coming back again to me, , as a rain..
come back to me as a coming rain..
come to wash my soul with a waters` sky..
with your hands...
hug me to you...
my heart become sick from a sadness and pains..
it been so long for waiting..
untill, i become addicted to your waiting and a patience..
aren`t you coming back..
a rain already here..
please don`t let me alone with a rain...

well i think rain is the best season for me...just go to seashore with ur loved ones and hire cottage there and spend whole day watching sea and rain drops from tree leaves with cool breez as bonuse:)

Shashi Rajasekaran said...

9.1 read ur post..
9.2 hold the droples in ur hand..ask it where it goes..
9.3 cry if u have one will see ur tears..
9.4 make paper boats to play in the puddle..
9.5 try looking at the worlds reflection on a single drop..
9.6 get the clothes that you have put out to dry inside..
9.7 get ready for load shedding
9.8 check if u have dry clothes for 2mrw..
9.9 look for the silverlining in the nimbus..
10 be urself..

zoxcleb said...

well... samosa and chai. thats what we do in office, till the terrace of the canteen came crashing down on us!

as kids, we would sit by the sea, watch the rain come from across the horizon, and then time our run back to home, so that we just avoid gettign wet.

these days, its photography.. all sorts of beauty makes itself evident in the rain

sangram said...

:)..nice..reminds me of the movie
'singing in the rain". gene kelly and debbie reynolds...dancing in the rain...with those spiral umbrellas :D.....

PythoRoshan said...'ve covered most of what I could think of...try a frolick with your pet dog chasing a ball through the park

PythoRoshan said...

lovely adding it to my blogrolling list.

saikat said...

well before i joined work...i used to run out and dance in the rain whenever it rained especially in del..where it never rained as much as back home....also whenever the gang was there we used to play rugby or footie....those were the days....

now what i do ....i stare out of my office window n enjoy it...and sometimes curse it (shit cant even imagine) when i have to go out for customer call .....

keep smiliN :)

candid diary said...

Put this one at the top of the list.
Emon Diney Taarey Balaa Jaay, Emon Ghano-ghore Barsaay.
Sorry, I consider it beyond translation

saurabh said...

Cheating Cheating..... :P

Vinay said...

Being from bombay, it used to feel great when they used to annouce in School "Due to heavy rains, the school will close early at 11"....and everyone used to wait for the bell to ring. There were atleast 1 or 2 such occasions every year.
Well, life hasnt changed much. Its happening the same with office being closed early :-)

How about cleaning ur cycle, bike or car while its raining. Much easier to clean, isnt it ? Doesnt require u to arrange for a water pipe.

And how abt throwing water baloons at others during heavy rains. No one will mind. They will be alredy drenched :-)

Playing cricket (yep cricket, not football) during rains is another fun idea.

candid diary said...

There may be some nostalgic memories associated with your love for Petrichor.
OK, here are a few nostalgic lines from Singin’ in the Rain

I'm singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again
I'm laughing at clouds
So dark up above
The sun's in my heart
And I'm ready for love
Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain
I've a smile on my face
I walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just singin',
Singin' in the rain.

Tapan said...

Go for Fishing.. although i m missing that these days.. that's what i used to do everytime it rains during childhood.. and ofcourse playing football during heavy rain is an awesome exp.....

Deep said...

have u ever taken a swim at a pool when it is drzzling? it's out of this world

Rohit Malik said...

10th one : Reading the 9 tips. ; - )

saurabh said...

It is all so symbolical though.. one moment ur enjoying it.. n the other moment ur standing... as ur life gets washed out in front of u....

Aravind Raghu said...

i go for the hot coffee part..10th would be bunk office when it that u can do the first 9...

candid diary said...

@ saurabh
OK, OK… no cheating.
I will try to render a translation and not a verbatim one.
This is the day
This is the heavy rainy day
This is the day
When you can say
The things you wanted to say…

saurabh said...

Hmm.. Thats Much better :)...

@Aparna: BTW what was your post all about.. i kinda forgot that for an instant :P

koushik said...

n the 10th one is..... going on thinking and serching out through out the whole day about...... 'What shall i do next yaar'...!

Am Not Who U Think I Am said...

i like the smell of aspalt on the roads after a mild shower...
Driving all alone in the rain in my bike..

azeera said...

simple ..beautiful
i wud simply sit on my couch and stare out

Aparna Kar said...

u forgot one thing though..

The best thing to do in office is to discover it's pouring outside and then sms all the team mates to come out ...before ur TM wonders why there is an exodus and people are suddenly leaving their desks..LOL

Devashish said...

One from my side:-

Go out and walk on the wet green grass after the rain has stopped..!

Although go out & jump in the rain is more like the fun thing to do, but it's very close to 2 of the things you have already mentioned. so... the aformentioned.

Devashish said...

One from my side:-

Go out and walk naked feet on the wet green grass after the rain has stopped..!

Although go out & jump in the rain is more like the fun thing to do, but it's very close to 2 of the things you have already mentioned. so... the aformentioned.

Priya Ranjan Singh said...

did u ever try doing "nothing" and watching just the rain. no drives no songs no dance no coffees no shit. just the rain and self.

i'd keep that on one.

Anonymous said...

regret having wasted the time reading this incredibly lame/gay post

Aparna Kar said...

Lol, u can always suggest some better things to do. Reading it now after ages, seems pretty lame to me too. :D

Anonymous said...

play on the xbox

Anonymous said...

playing soccer in th rain cuz wen u slide u keep goin until u hit a dry patch (in my case the concrete)

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