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Thursday, November 15, 2012


When I was a child, my mother undertook the task of inspiring me with success stories of my predecessors- the kind she wanted me to be like. No matter how it started, it always ended in the same way,’...and then he went to America (for further studies) and lives there now.’ It was the happily ever after of her stories. But you don’t really know until you have lived it. And then you realize that most endings are actually beginnings.

America is a land of immigrants, and for many years people across the world have dreamed the American dream – still, a land of opportunity. Immigrants you come across every day, woven in the fabric of the American society – the Ethiopian cab driver who hasn't seen his mother in 25 years, the friendly Bangladeshi store owner, the good-looking Colombian waiter, the kind Mexican housekeeper, or even the solitary Indian tech guy working late hours in Silicon Valley- all have a history. They have left their families behind in the countries they were born in, but not just for a better pay-check. A Chinese friend once said- ‘we are doing it for our children.’ So they may have the opportunities we didn't have. And by 'children' I don’t just mean our offsprings; we all hope for a better tomorrow for ourselves; where there is more value of life, more social justice, and less haggling required for daily life. And though I had a very comfortable childhood, I think I will flourish better in this environment than in any other. Is it my bullishness? Maybe.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Skin care

My skin, unlike SG’s, is far from perfect. But someone asked me about my beauty regime. In recent months, there has been a visible improvement in the overall appearance and I believe it is owing to the following basic things. I am sure you know it already, but no harm in enumerating them again.

 1) Regular cleaning and moisturizing: At least, twice a day, after I brush. If you don’t brush twice, I have nothing to say to you. Don’t ignore your whole body- not only for cosmetic reasons, but skin is your first organ of defense. It deserves some respect.

2) Exercise: This is the most important element of overall well-being and beauty. People with chronic ailments should opt for a regime suitable for them and stick to it. I know ‘sticking to it’ becomes hard if it feels monotonous. Add some fun elements like zumba , spinning, dance classes, MMA or yoga if you want. Find your motivation.

3) Food: I can’t stress upon it enough. A balanced diet rich in nutrients, fiber and protein is essential for the body to work. I prefer home-cooked meals when I can control the quality of ingredients I use. If you aim to reduce weight, please skip the take-outs. You can cook an equivalent meal at home- with more food value. Eating junk will make you feel full, but not energize you. You will probably end up feeling groggy. Eat healthy. Consult a nutritionist if you want. Rule of the thumb is to divide your plate into thirds for lean proteins, carbs, and fiber(greens).

4) Sleep Complete your quota, and the previous factors contribute to your sleep pattern. Try not to sleep too late at night. Manage your time accordingly.

5) Stress I don't think anything effects as negatively on my overall health as stress. Learning to let go has made me a happier person. I'd suggest the same to my friends. Sometimes, we split our hair over trifles- so not worth it.