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Sunday, May 14, 2006

About me..

"Day and Night" by Escher

The best way anyone ever described me was probably when he said -
" You are like an Escher's picture...
His paintings are also like Picasso's .
They live in the beholder's mind .... offers many possibilities to the observers ....yet, none is right, none is wrong ! "

365 days of blogging.. how do you count a year?
In drops of tears?
In lengths of smile?
In racks of newspapers?
In cups of coffee?
In moments of breathlessness?
In breaths that were momentless?

365 days since I started this space..when I embarked on a journey to discover myself...

Or maybe even before that
I have been scribbling in bits of paper ever since I can remember.

And once, (in Standard I , I guess, when I had just begin to learn new words and my world suddenly held more meaning..) I had this creative surge in my Dad's official notepad and wrote a poem named KING KONG- which was about a crazy kingdom (didn't know then that a movie by the name existed- or would have had copyright issues ), and Mom decided it's time I had a diary of my own.

I have been maintaining one ever since.

There was a wall in my room totally sacrificed to the cause of my sudden fits of creativity. I called it my graffiti wall..and was probably the most favourite part of my room.
From undiscovered species of flowers to genetically engineered animals and beautiful and not-so-beautiful figures of had everything. Clouds, sky, sun,mountains, trees, birds, butterflies...

But most of all, it had my name written in different fonts.

I had this idea from Robinson Crusoe that I will keep a track of days by marking it on a pillar. So, on a particular date of the year I religiously marked how tall I had grown .

22 years have passed since I have been acknowledged to exist.

The first cry that my Mom heard when I was born, the joy my Dad had when he held me in his arms for the first time ..all my friends and well wishers who have loved for my smile, my love for life, my craziness or absolute stupidity at times.

I want to thank each one of them for helping me evolve to be the person I am today.
Coz had I been given a choice- I wouldn't have wanted to be anyone else ..other than Aparna Kar.


kris said...

congrats! Why don't you just count the number of posts you've blogged.

I know its about you, but there is little or no humour in your blogs.
Are you a very serious person ?

kris said...

Congrats !

Keep the good work goin. we can count a year by the number of posts in your blog ...

Shashi Rajasekaran said...

happy b'day to u..

yipee i was the first one

Shashi Rajasekaran said...

why count... count shortens it.. takes u farther from or brings u close to the target..

ur blog is a journey where i drop in now and then, i love the travel.

may this milestone just be a refrence from the origin..not a pointer to destination cause destination kind of shortens the journey..

happy b'day again.. keep adding color to the sky

StandbyMind said...

If those words describe you than you would be extremely intresting person to know. That is exactly how a person should be.Whatever he or she may be but it all in the observers mind,his perception about you!

Anonymous said...

got to see your profle at orkut and i expected more than what i saw at your blog. i would like to read more of what you write because it is interesting and makes sense! i love the portion on evolution and the importance of parents in one's life especially :D


zoxcleb said...

congrats on one year!!
times sure have changed since then...

so any discoveries made?

Aparna Kar said...

Not at all..
I am very laid back in most cases..
U r just seeing one colour of the pallete..that is why u felt so...

Remember...Heisenberg uncertainty principle ?

Aparna Kar said...


Aparna Kar said...


Yes..and no one quite right...[:P]

Aparna Kar said...


Brickbats and corsages...all taken gracefullly...

Keep visiting the page... :)

Aparna Kar said...


A lot already...:)

U have been a part too..

candid diary said...

365 days of serious musings, some blah blah blah & some light moments like a kid (remember Super Girl?) but real good & creative writings.
Happy birthday 2 ur blog!

zoxcleb said...

as candid diary mentioned sometime ago, today appears to the birthday of ur blog.

so happy bday to the Variegated Sky.. go out and celebrate. (who knows maybe it'l turn black and rain for u!) :-)

Julez said...

Hey loved reading ur blog....

Aparna Kar said...


Hey Thanks!!!
Hope u'll visit again...

Aparna Kar said...


Hey..ur prediction came true..

It DID rain the night I published this post.. :)

Aparna Kar said...

@candid diary

Just different colours from the pallette with which I paint my sky...

Het Waghela said...

Hi Aparna,

First time to your blog. Got here thru orkut.

Nice reads over. Will see my regular visits to ur blog world.

Aparna Kar said...


Welcome to my page..

Hope to see you frequent it..:)

garcia kafka said...

Congrats on completing an year..
count these 365 days by the number of comments.. Hi, btw..

Aparna Kar said...



And I think u r right..

Varun Cheemra said...

Congratulations, and a nice job of getting there. Just reading random blogs today. Nice work here.

Anonymous said...

I guess you didnt know what Escher s painting signify....its not some nonsense beauty is in the eye of beholder shit....its about self reference ..... the strange loop .....which could be mathematically be stated by Godel s Theorum or musically expressed by Bach s Fugues.
Well I guess as people become more refined they start appreciating art..."Oh what profound meaning these colours have"....without ever understanding adroit of it.
But if this superficial lifestyle gives you the pleasure do enjoy it

Aparna Kar said...

@ anonymous

Why are u so spiteful?
only coz I deleted ur comment?
(which I had every right to anyways)
Live ur life the way u want..
and let others live them their way

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about the word sadist...believe me they are for real........I really didnt have any hard feelings on your deleting my message...infact a strange happiness...somehow you believed in what I said or else it would have been too dumb a message to be deleted...well dont worry kind of getting bored of pissing someone who gets intimidated so fast....but believe me you would love these confrontations ( criticism) more than the vague dumb appreciations

Aparna Kar said...


oh yes!!
I am enjoying immensely

adds spice to my boring page

but a wonder..u criticized only when a post appeared superficial
with no reference to those which have at least some trace of musings..

Any entity is a blend of the two..

What a pity..

someone as insightful as u missed out the better side of me..

Anonymous said...

Hey ,
Really you had a point...but I can peacefully put the blame on my laziness....I just read the first few lines, get bored or irritated or I dont know ...just get a kick to show my cynical side....
As a fact I know you have great writing are good times insightful et have everything to make a
" Ladki susheel hai, padhi likhi hai, ache ghar gharane ki hai..." type of girl (hope you understand hindi, and watch some our own made in India bollywood movies)....
I just realized even I can be a flirt...but not really the good one.

NB. One selfish advice ....write short crispy blogs ( so that its easier for me)

Aparna Kar said...


I write what I want to..
if u r auto-timed to be dyslexic..
I can't help it

and pls..
leave my blog space alone

I don't want to moderate my comments again..

Anonymous said...

I dont give a f*** if you delete my messages or do anything....I am not using your comp I guess, its my musings in the same webspace which you happen to think belongs to you...
I read your "About me..." bragging....what a self obsessed woman you are

Aparna Kar said...


Oh !! More than u think I am ..

Trust me on that!!

Btw, that defination was given by someone else..
so I guess that person was equally obsessed??

Anonymous said...

I seriously want to put an end to all this, not because my heart has changed , or that pleading by your fans to leave you alone, but just bcoz..."IT HAS BECOME BORING" I wish you would have been more stingy...more cynical....left me wordless....but happy atleast I put an effort to find one.....

PS: Sorry I cannt delete my on message, do me a favour , delete them for me

Aparna Kar said...


Oh no!! trust me..they were fun

Anonymous said...

"if u r auto-timed to be dyslexic..."
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