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Friday, August 18, 2006


I have been tagged before by Shashi but never really got time to finish it.
This time around,Candid invented some real weird stuff and tagged me which I took up as a challenge.

Some of the content that follows is for 18+, parental guidance is strictly advised :P

If you were to adopt a pseodonym it would be:
Little Red Riding Hood (oh's a jungle out there alright)
If Condi Rice/ Jim Carry proposes you:
To Rice: You know honey, I really get turned on by power, but you got the wrong gender.
To Kerry : I dig a good sense of humour...but you will probably bury me in yours.

What’s you solution for conflict between Israel and Lebanon:
still trying to think something which makes some sense.
Coz this whole affair doesn't

What would you do when you find there is no toilet paper/ water in a loo :
Use the neighbor's loo

What do you do when your partner weighs 300 lbs:
Sleep on the sofa

Your recipe for a weird food. Yuck!
No way food can be that bad...except if some day I have to chew my bro's socks :p

What do you do with a schizophrenic cat?
Will never let my guy walk naked in front of her.
You never know what she might think of as a mouse..OOPS

How do you handle a wrong job?
I guess I'll simply throw it up..
Don't think I will be able to do something which I don't really enjoy

When did you have your last black out?

You catch Cupid admiring his work on you. What do you tell him?
So u finally managed to hit me with one of your

If you were to choose between Viagra and an aged partner :
Well, an aged partner..coz I would make sure he wouldn't need it

Something that you would never tell your bf / gf?
It wasn't love
(I think the only reason I will ever be with a person is because of that four- lettered word.
No I didn't mean that three-lettered word)

What’s the secret of your health?
I smile a lot

One reason why a dog is better than a man:
I could give 101 reasons.
Still..some are:
1.It doesn't mind if you pig on chocolates and stand the mortal peril of gaining weight

1. It doesn't talk about its ex like she were some demi-goddess.
1.It always wags its tail when you come home, no matter how bad a day it had
1.It doesn't have a boss to spoil your plans by calling it up for work on weekends
1. It doesn't complain if you burn the dinner.
1.It lets you sleep.
(I think I will get a pet soon)

Your message to the blogger community:
It might appear weird prima facie..but it's tag on


saurabh said...

This is umm.. wierdly hillarious :)

Prasoon said...

really wierd invention n a lil more wierd answers... i just decide to stay mum but wait -

forget bro's socks you said - would yours or anyone else's make a 'ok' enough food - if yes, lemme know - shall gather a few n parcel them :D

you said 101 reasons n started and all your reasons had '1' as the sl. no - looks like you have infinite - c'mon, every man can't be bad.. get committed soon n then lemme see how your answer here changes.. :P

the immortal storm said...

Guess... ya can easily run for the UN Secretary General post :) for all the "sensible" views ya've got about the conflict and also the powers involved hehehe.

Count in my vote!!!

sangram said... those dogs...the dog blog community will leap over you ;)
so dogs cant be better
a) they sleep all day...they hv never heard of work culture
b) they make things dirty
c) they make you stink wherever you are with them...they hv those body esters..which can act as a humiliating room spray
d) they do things with pillows...which is really disgusting :)
e) they hover around if they hv been starving for ages.
f) they hv no self esteem..they are too loyal..they should have their own..dignity..where they can rule the world ;)
g) they have a tendency to sniff as wrong places...too bad..i wonder..why their smelling sensory perception is so strong ;)
h) dog can never be scrabbled back to god...i m sorry to say tht..bad joke
i) they expunge things everywhere they can...and they dont care...whether u clean it a thousand times.
j) finally, you should watch the movie "shaggy dog" .
k) humiliate the dog cabal, i would always say..."There are Exceptions" and because of u guys...there are people who still admire you.. ;)

pdey said...

a hacker cracks your passwd..pisses you off.. and you blurt out at that bastard.. telling us all how sad you are... and so we thought... some did bitching and some kept mum...

.... Now who the hell knew her next entry would make me laugh my ass off...

cheerz!!!... bring on more :)

Aparna Kar said...


I thot so too..and that is what intrigued me in the first place

Believe it or not I wrote whatever came to my mind..didn't even give a second thought..
the whole post was penned down in less than 10 mins

Aparna Kar said...

u got me thinking...

R u sure my answers won't get worse if I get committed ?
As of now,I think I will stick to my canine least dogs understand when u love them..

Aparna Kar said...

@the immortal storm
will stand for the elections then..don't forget to canvass for me
BTW, that is a serious issue and I wouldn't like to discuss it in this post at least..
maybe soon in one of my posts..

Aparna Kar said...

@saurabh and prasoon

Btw weird spells
not W-I-E-R-D

Sorry about the nitpicking :)

Vinay said...

The title is : Tagged-I
So looks like more is coming our way...Tagged-II, Tagged III :-)

Reminds me of an job interview I gave with this software firm called Geometric. After clearing the initial 2 rounds, I was handed this piece of paper with 20 one line Tag questions like :
I wish........
I hope...
I love....
I hate...
Right now I am feeling.....
I am happy when......
My father…..

They called it Psychometric Analysis round, and the aim was to eliminate candidates with harmful mentality. The HR guy had to scan a number of candidates on any given day...wonder what all replies he got to read. Maybe he will be able to identify a Serial Killer one day :-)

candid diary said...

Hilarious yet sensible replies : D
Can no food be weird? OK, check out 'tastes just like chicken' below 'weird' in my blog ; D

saikat said...

lolzzz dada's waiting for dada to react to it :D

candid diary said...

@ pdey
I had to invent this crazy thing to make this gal smile again.
Btw, read saikat (link above)n have a real good laugh.

Dada said...

Dada's socks...Hmmm...I heard that ur dada preserves his socks to eternity(and dates), how did you find them weird enuf to chew ?

anandable said...


Aparna Kar said...


Lol..welcome back to my blogspace Sir..but I was expecting more than just "awesome"
hee hee

Aparna Kar said...


Well I don't know..I just had this funny idea in my head..

what would be the least likely thing that I would want my pallate to experience..

sorry bro..but ur socks sprang to my thoughts :))

Aparna Kar said...


well,u got ur heart's desire
Dada did comment :)

Btw, it reminds me.. I know a certain someone who shoves dirty socks beneath the table when people go to visit him..


could you throw some light? :D

Don't tell me it was Sajal :P

Aparna Kar said...

Sure thing..there's more to come

Aparna Kar said...

They call it Absurdism :)


Aparna Kar said...

you are fighting a lost cause

a)Dogs don't just sleep..they can be trained to do better things than men :P

b)they DON'T make things dirty coz they are not the only ones who are shedding hair

c)I kinda like those body esters..
just like when u ride a horse and it is sweating

d)Dogs do disgusting things ONLY with pillows. Guys can do disgusting things with almost anything

e) Dogs just hover around food when they are hungry
Guys hover around evrything even when they are not hungry.
Anything that walks on two legs

f)Guys have this wrong concept about loyalty and "dignity"
Were they more like dogs..they would have seen the advantages soon.
It isn't sissy to express ur emotions in public or be loyal to ur beau...*sigh* why am I even trying?

g) Sniff at "whose" wrong places u meant?

h) Bad I will leave it..
anyways u can't scrabble a man to anything

i) Depend on a guy anytime to make a hell out of a room u just manged to organise

But as u say there are always EXCEPTIONS

j)u shud watch Ek Haseena thi, Dumb and Dumber, Enough,
..I mean forget it any movie u want..U will see what I mean
except thos endangered species u will find in 50 first dates, Notting Hill, Pretty Woman etc

k)As u urself say-there are always "EXCEPTIONS"
They don't need to react to this reply :P

P.S I am NOT an misandrist

Aparna Kar said...

the variegtaed sky
-- Site Summary ---

Average per Day .........88
Average Visit Length ......4:56
This Week ....................618

sangram said...

@ aparna
....lets keep those exceptions on both sides ..will ya ? :D...
and yeah i m not fighting..against a i dont qualify for all those...reasons u provided :D...i m pure :D..unlike dogs who are always repugnant :D...
hehe enjoy...

saikat said...

yups am happy dada did comment :) the socks made him come back :P

abt dat certain someone hehehe it wasn't sajal i can bet...but then didn't i said i know dubya n da alens well :D:D:D

saurabh said...

Hmm.. I have an Idea..

Copy all the comments from here and make another post

Aparna Kar said...

~The Lebanon Crisis~

Sixteen years after the end of its lengthy civil war, Lebanon has been plunged into another regional conflict, this time between Israel and militant Lebanese Shi'ite group Hizbollah.

It is not clear how long the conflict will last, or how quickly Lebanon can pick up the pieces once the attacks are over. But some fear its fragile coalition government will not survive and political tensions will once more rise to the surface.

Read more


Aparna Kar said...

A bit off track..but I really found it funny...LOL