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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A lesson learnt

The world is a lot more than that appears from an open window.

I had to go to Gurgaon & I decided to catch a bus from 37 Chowk,Noida
It is a common sight for daily wayfarers-a blind man with a long bamboo shaft stationed at the bus stop hitting the rear ends of the buses & screaming out the destinations
I found it quite curious & asked my fellow traveller-why was he doing so("Yeh aise kyu kar rahe hai?")
He enlightened me-the blind man helped the conductor of various bus services.In return they helped him monetarily on a monthly basis.
My words are inadequate to describe my feelings.I won't even try - I won't do justice to them
All I knew was I felt like reaching out to him & touch his feet in reverence.
(I do get emotional at times...most of the times..ok so all the time)

The idea of a visually impaired ,placed in the lower rung of society and NOT begging -was so novel to me..I welcomed the idea with open arms.
It was time for me to leave & I left with something warm inside.
I could feel my heart melt.

Someday in the course of time,if I forget the dignity of life & my worth as a human being,I'll try to think of the man at 37 Chowk,Noida & I am positive-My faith will be restored.

Life's lessons are learnt in the most unlikely places.


CADsmith said...

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rohit said...

"Life's lessons are learnt in the most unlikely places"

True. "Everything is written", and whether we want or not,things will happen in the way they are supposed to[for if we are supposed to know something,and we don't know it,or were not taught/told about it, "something" will do tell us about it,or make us think about it]. Similarly,if you know(or dont)what your purpose is,and where your destiny lies,even if you think there is no help from anyone(or you are losing direction),"something" will help you and show the path...

so you know what i mean to say, capitalise from such experiences and lessons...

you rock..


Kuldip Patel said...

senti ho gaya main.

Voice said...

got ur blog link from a forwarded message on yahoo messenger..

remember(for ur darkest days) everything which can give u positive energy ...

for me it doesnot work :(. i forgot all these things when actually i m down. In most cases i m totally freaked out and in some cases i handle the situation so well that i feel like a totally different person. watever ....but i m not able to speak out my feelings to others in distressing situations.

I read ur other post too and wanted to tell U.. being a MAN is also not that easy.:P

Aparna Kar said...

sometimes a darker hue can leave u feeling the new edition of "Ask me no more"