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Monday, December 10, 2007

Six Sentences

This is a mail I got last night, from the editor of Six Sentences:

Dear Aparna,

Very well done. And a great piece to kick off the new year!

"Role Playing" will make its debut on Tuesday, 1/1/08.

Welcome to 6S!


Robert McEvily
Editor, 6S

I thought that I owe this to my readers, to let them have a peek at the piece I had submitted :

I wonder if I am I not proud of the fact that my greatest talent lies in my acting skills. I play the role of a perfect student/daughter /sister/friend so absurdly well that it scares me sometimes. Which of the masks I wear is the real me or have I lost it somewhere in my pursuit of perfection? I look into the mirror and ask " Who am I actually?" And it replies back- "More than you think you are, less than you can be." And I start afresh with renewed vigor.

Also, this is an occasion to declare formally that I am seriously thinking of starting the work on my second book and first novel, "Seasons of Love".

A rough draft of the author's note follows:

"The toughest part about writing this book was to decide where to begin. My previously published work is a blook- my blog ( turned into the book: The Day I Was Proven Wrong, containing the entries from May 2005 to Dec 2006. Somehow it seemed to be an easier task because when I started blogging I was almost anonymous, until it got decently popular and my family, peers and later on, my colleagues started viewing it. That was when I faced the clichéd "writer's block". The fear of being judged by people whom I know in my real life held me back from being myself. I tried to make the content "responsible" and that almost killed it.

Then I realized where I was going wrong. If I didn't care to read my own composition again, there was no reason why people would want to browse through it - let alone come back to it. So, when I set to script "Seasons of love", I made a pact with myself- "I'll be honest". And I will not "try" to please my readers. All I will give is my effortless love and if they can feel it, even on the printed pages in black and white, I am sure they will love it back too. I don't have any high expectations about the sales. Just a request- if you happen to come across this book, read it and like it, please pass it on to someone else.
That is all I will ever ask."

I hope to begin scripting it after the end of this semester. Though my previous publisher would be keen to have the book, I want to give the rights to someone with a more global presence. Any interested party can contact me at

Thank you.


zoxcleb said...

i love those 6 sentences... the sentiment they reflect haunt me everyday....
rest of the comment will be when u appear!

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

i love wt u wrote n no wonder u got it!!! im so absurdly happy 4 u... [:D] lolz... im relly lookin forwrd to d novel if ur blog is any indication f ur talent... all the very best

Sam said...

hey!! dats a lovely news... go ahead and write your heart out... you are really really good!! and now i have to hunt for your book!! :)
all the best cheerio.. btw, the six sentences were awesome!!

candid diary said...

An excellent idea to utilize the vacation after your 1st semester. I am happy to note that you are changing your publisher. They did an excellent job of printing with a nice book cover but anyone who has tried to collect your book by mailing these people will probably agree that they are, well, very cold in replying mails.
Many authors write their first book in autobiographical form / first person narration. I’m sure you’ve come out of that stage. Please don't be in hurry to publish your book and let some research go into the book (if it's something to do with facts plus fiction - I am just guessing :D).
All the very best wishes for your yet-to-be-born book.

Munmun said...

Good luck for your second book! Look forward to it :)

dharmabum said...

a book - now how cool can that be! super! way to go...

dharmabum said...

oh, and when you publish - an autographed copy for me - please :)

arnab said...

congrats! way to go...