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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snowstorm @ Boston

This is for Seju who is stuck in the snowstorm and has asked me to write a post about it.

The classes got canceled for the evening today. The universities and offices closed early up (around 2:15 pm) and the traffic on the main road is still moving at snail pace. I went out with my roommates to have a little snowball fight. Here are some pics taken in the beginning:

The parking on the west of my apartment- still recognizable.

Pooja -left, Kiran-right, me-behind the camera :D That's when Kiran's snowball hit poor, armless me. This snapshot reminds me of the PC game Doom.

After this, I got busy retaliating :D
More on this later .

Update: 7:55 am, Dec 14, 2007

A view from the gallery.

Buried in snow. A cold tomb. Brr.

If I try any more stunts with the window open, I will freeze to death. More updates later.


Quote of the Day:
Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be.
-Daniel J. Boorstin


sejuti said...

It was my first time in the snow and my entire dept was kinda empty. After a long wait, i finally had a friend come over and accompany me on the way home. Honestly, i was partially scared to venture out in the snow. But the beauty of the snow almost nullified the force with which it was hurling at my unprotected face (the only exposed part of the body). The effort to walk past the snow reminded me of walking across the sandy beaches. Initially, all i could think of was when on earth will i reach and finish my reports, but gradually as i looked around it struck me that this is gonna be a memorable experience, my first snowstorm. And trust me, so it was, clicking photgraphs, gaping at the white snow all around and playing with snowballs. Im sure i quite exasperated my friend with my innumerable stupid questions( why do people have to go out right in the midst of snowstorm to clear the snow? what are those weird vehicles clearing the road?) and my jiffy of capturing every little nuance with my poor phone(though my palms were freezing). So now, time for clearing the snow...waitn for more to come Appu n thanks a ton for the post...a rather long comment i gz :p

candid diary said...
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candid diary said...

In USA do u have some song like Aay Bristi Jhepey, Dhan Debo Mepey to welcome the snowstorm?

dharmabum said...

i read somewhere, 'freedom is not doing what we want to do'. i thought it was a powerful statement.

snow is so magical. saw it only once - that too after it had snow, so it was a bit icey...envy you!

Prasoon said...

i so very much envy you for all that snow-play :D


Megha said...
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Megha said...

I actually don't know from where to start, ..............................................................aaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......!!!!!
Fine, (I decide to jot it down in points...i cant find an easier way to say what all i felt..n discovered)
I accidently came across your space-when i was looking for images on google!-(fly in the sky, n it pulled a b/w pic frm ur space)-now i thnk Google Search!!-it was worthwhile...flying to your space!!
1) I so very much loved the slideshow!..the pics the chronological order.
2)Before I could even reach that pic on the space-(which now i have almost forgot,)..I got stuck to the track which had already made me all pepped up!..~~Aint no sunshine when shes gone~~~...
The jukebox..collection is simply, melodious, n it smhow rejuvenated me!!..
3)Honestly soeaking I wanted to go through the blog, quickly and entirely..but it was later when I realised, that yesterday, whn i happened to visit your blog..I had bookmarked it- n the Blog had post which was- COPY..smthin, smone mst hav copied ur orkut profile!..So it was today tht i realised that- I need to go to the first entry, to strt with..n gradually I realised, it wasn't an easy task to go through and just get done with the entire blog today itself!..
4)But, whatever I read so far..till 1 Dec' so odinary, natural..n yet so..intriguing, n I m still glued to it!!!!..mind u..
5)The quotations are superb!..
6)I agree with what dharmabum had scribbled here, howevr I wud say- I liked what you had written-
"Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be."
I will write, to second your thought..!!.. it is certainly- when, you breakfree, n you r free from what yur heart tells you to do!..n it leads u to b what u nvr thot 2 b, a mch liberated yet..controlled soul!..(i hop i make my point) :)
7)I really have no clue, why I'm simply loving your Blog, and..really can relate myself with whatevr you are writing..
8)I not only liked your writting style which is- simple, precise yet effective.(perhaps - may b coz, thts wht i strive to achieve!)But also, I luved your vocab- n I myself m very passionate about enhancing my skills..!
9)I was so thrilled and geared up to read the 9 joted down points!
(They reminded me o what my close frn Anjali, had askd me to do..a few weeks ago!)..
10)..I can actually go on n on..scribbling about what I luvd.. n liked about you Aparna, and the variegatedsky!..u made me a fan!!
(Owps!..i cudn hav got any gayer than this :P .. lol)

n I luv snow- its one o my dreams to play in the snow!..*sigh*.. i simply add my name to the list o people who envy u 4 the above listed reason! :P

So, sum it all..m gonna b kipin in tch wid yr Blog n u! =)

*warm hugs*

if u wish u may visit my space...

Megha... =)

Aparna Kar said...

Thanks for being so articulate! You sure made my day :) It is so difficult to appreciate something for its simplicity. I'm glad that you too can. Will reply in length after my semester ends. Right now I am through with just 66.6% of 25% of my MBA :D
Take care and have a great evening in Delhi.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! But looks like it is really, really snowed up there. Brrr... I love snow, but not when I have shovel it and scape it off car windows.

Aparna Kar said...

Hee Hee. I know what you mean. That's a real pain the wrong place but it's no fun for the pedestrians using the public transport either. Walking on the loose snow can be tiring. I prefer calling it "the snow workout regime" :D Count your blessings. No parking jhanjhat for non drivers. And warm and a cozy car for non walkers :)

Aparna Kar said...

Dear one, it is always a pleasure to write for someone else other than myself. Don't thank me.
Btw, I think it is a part of our education - for which we are investing time and money here- learning to adapt to a new culture and also the changes in weather conditions.
About those shoveling trucks- yeah they look pretty weird but are effective. I only felt sad for the guy who kept driving one around our apartment complex during the snowstorm while me and my roommates sat near the window sipping masala tea. Then again it's his job. And a good one if u ask me.
I also think we are at the right age to be out of our countries. We still can see with the eyes of a child and are not encumbered by experience. In fact, some people appreciate the fact that we are away from our homes for our studies. A benevolent woman I met at a grocery store struck a curious conversation when she saw me buying a special issue of Time magazine on Global warming with a polar bear in a melting landscape (seems the cover got repeated)and I told her how a book called Silent Spring ( a book for my Environmental Engineering elective) had predicted it in the 60s. Anyways that reminds me that I have to get my grocery done today. Till later. Take Care

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

its snowing evrywhr n all my frends r hving fun... y dsnt it snow in pune??? ok i knw i sound lk a child... bt i miss snow, dammitt!!! [:P]

Anil P said...

. . . and to be able to relish it without obligation or fear.

Megha said...

By any chance can u send some.. snow to Delhi ??
*innocent eyes*...

Srijan said...

i thhought it was an awesome storm !

Sam said...

Ah!! I wish i could enjy the snow.. but den.. non here at pune!! :(
nice pics btw,a dn yeah u sure do limit ur stunts.. freezing doesn't seem to b a gud option!! :)

Da Rodent said...

snow is pretty :)

Aparna Kar said...

@da rodent
Oh it sure is ! Someone I call "emotionally handicapped" in mirth said that he realized what loves means.. finally. He is in love with snow :)
Seems to bring out the best or the worst in everybody

Aparna Kar said...

@Bubbles of FireWhisky , Megha and Sam
I'll ask ask DHL if I can post some snow to Delhi or Pune. :D But y don't u guys come over to Boston instead ? (and be my guest of course !) I think Lufthansa has direct flights from Mumbai and Delhi. Be careful about the schedules getting messed up for bad weather though. Or you could go to any hill station in India. Strange, how I never went to a hill station back home after I grew up. I hope Dad remembers his promise to take me to Mussourie *bambi eyes like Megha*
Maybe I could take my family for a trip someday... hmmm

Aparna Kar said...

It's a great equalizer- the snow. Makes everything white. Back home I'd have said it is a leftist :D (though I don't have any strong political convictions myself)

Aparna Kar said...

@anil p
Agreed. Preservation should follow attainment. And is usually tougher :)

Aparna Kar said...

@dharmabum, prason
:D Don't let the green eyed monster visit u :)I shared the pics so that u could have vicarious thrills until the ("next" for dharmabum) time u can see snow for yourself. Stay happy :)

Aparna Kar said...

I am not sure. There might be something to welcome the snow. I found this while googling though:
Has a moral if u ask me- Tough times don't last, tough robins do:D
Or change your habit and save for a winter day, Robin :D

The little robin grieves
When the snow is on the ground,
For the trees have no leaves,
And no berries can be found.

The air is cold, the worms are hid;
For robin here what can be done?
Let's strow around some crumbs of bread,
And then he'll live till snow is gone.

Why don't you tell me if u find some , while I try to finish the next chapter on my Cost accounting. TC

Sam said...

Oi.. boston huh??? not now.. amy be later... as for snow.. was actually planning a trip to manali and ahead.. but then as usual.. prject deadlines crop up to wash things away!! the last time i enjoyed snwo was at Rohtang pass... it really was fun playing in it!! :)

Anonymous said...

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