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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back to Square One

Thank you for all the wonderful responses in my last post. Kudos to intelligent_bacteria for saying : love is just a way of life. However, I also agree with dharmabum's "I believe love isn't 'because of'...Love is, 'in spite of'.." Someone who loves you at his/her convenience doesn't love you at all. But this conjures a scary thought- does it exist in the plane of reality then? Or do we have to satiate ourselves with philosophical discussions and quotable definitions? I am yet to learn.

Nevertheless, there is one love I have great faith in. And that's self-love. There is no adultery, no fraudulence associated with it, unless you are clinically insane. You are the only person you have the power to change. And the only unit of existence that you can constantly evolve into something better with conscious efforts.

I viewed an old post and was pleasantly surprised to find that three of the four wishes I had made last year have come true. I am expanding my wish list to include the following. It is more of a task list I want to refer to when I am lounging away (make that #10 :D):

9. I want to work for some years after my MBA before I pursue higher education again.
8. I want to publish my second book.
7. I want to learn driving soon.
6. I want to keep enhancing my vocab and oral presentation skills. I have a very good voice and excellent eye contact (Prof. Novak's evaluation) But I feel I can make my my body language more enthusiastic.
5. I want to master the art of getting straight As in all my reports .
4. I want to complete the tutorial CDs I got for improving my German.
3. I want to finish reading : Shantaram, Walden and The Heart of Darkness
2. I want to "Stay hungry" and "Stay Foolish".
1. I want to be me.


Quote of the Day:
To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance
-Oscar Wilde


dharmabum said...

it is oftn quoted, not the dharmabum's as you have mentioned. nevertheless, thanks for the acknowledgement.

i do believe this sort of love isn't just a philosophical premise. it does exist. we don't know it because most of us & the people around us are constantly prostituting ourselves in the longing to be loved (sorry if i sound harsh!). when we can go out and love - anybody & everyody - in just the same way, we learn true love. to be loved, one has to love first. it isn't easy, but it isn't impossible either.

thank you for this post and the last one. made me think!

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

bingo on 7, 5, 3 and 1... loved both d post as usual...

Sam said...

aye!!! dats quite a list... i don't make any resolutions except to lose weight.. and its always.. i lose and then i gain.. end result?? "Back to square one"

Regarding love and all... ummm... u knw wot... no one can really put it down in words.. i've tried capturing different emotions that can come out of it... yes.. that can happen.. but as such.. nah!! its probably impossible!!!

btw, the love taht u question does exist in reality.. wer u love someone justfor wot they r.. u might dislike something abt them.. butt hen u wud rather have them like that den anyother way.. dats wen u knw u r in love.. i suppose :)

arnab said...

as i said yesterday, talking of love makes me cynical - don't get me started on 'because of' vs. 'in spite of', 'rising' vs. 'falling' et cetera. one of the reasons is that reality has a bad habit of not gelling well with such wordy concoctions! that doesn't mean love doesn't exist in reality (@sam), but catchy phrases cannot capture its essence. typing these lines just reminded me of the different kinds of romantic love in 'the namesake' - some say it better, and some do it better without saying anything.

phew! that was some heavy stuff - maybe i too need someone to write shayeri for or with ;-)

so, you play piano now, or what?

Aparna Kar said...

LMAO. You are worse than Bro is :D But you pull it with panache : the cynicism. Maybe you are right, it is in doing, not simply in saying catchy phrases that can't capture the essence of true love. It is like an incense stick that makes a feeble entry but grows stronger, and leaves it's presence behind even after it is extinguished. But trust me, expressing it with words doesn't hurt either. The reaffirmation works wonders. It is almost magical, the way it removes negative biases from your thought processes. It is a soul detergent.
Oh I don't know how to play the piano yet, I just learned a bit of the Godfather's theme from a friend. Want to learn it completely from "someone I know". Maybe knowing to play the keys during my classical vocal sessions helped. I am not sure if I can manage a wind instrument though I used to play a flute and a whistle as a kid all around the house, until my mom threatened to buy me no more if I didn't cut down on the ding :D Maybe I'll learn to play the saxophone piece in Careless Whisper of George Michael when I am 70 :D Who knows? As I always say: Keep wishing ! Keep dreaming! Stay alive !

Aparna Kar said...

P.S I didn't visit the Buddhist monastery. That's the one left :)

Sam said...

hey!! since u r at the piano.. why don't u try out teh keyboards.. den u can palyany damn instrument that u want... incl that sax from Careless Whisper... lovely one.. and trust me sounds equally good one a good keyboard!!
oh!! and u can play ur whistle as much u like along with flute... and nopes.. ur mama won't ask u cut down on the din!! :D
reminds me of my bro though!!

pilot-pooja said...

Nice quote!
Needless to say "Nice Blog"!!