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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The princess and the thief

He saw her sleeping ,wrapped in white satin sheets...
Her ivory skin glowing in the dark,set against her raven tresses ,her locks resting on her temple like the bells of a holy shrine.The curve of the brows-so perfect!
The closed eyes with jet black lashes-so enthralling in their peaceful slumber! He felt scared to think what would they do to him if they were awake..
The smooth edge of her nose,the rose coloured,honey -kissed lips..that promised the elixir of life...
the dimple of her chin-resting just above the heaving bosom-two perfect domes of marble.

Before he had entered her room-he was the most infamous thief in the kingdom.A silly bet in a local pub had landed him inside the seemingly impregnable palace of the king...and as destiny had designed-in the chamber of the king's only daughter..

And there he stood mesmerised.

It was not a desire to possess..just an urgent need to worship the divine beauty that lay asleep,unguarded,untainted..her beauty so pristine,so could enthuse desire in stone statues he thought...and he was only a man...
and now..only a lover...

It must have been hours while he stood there watching her..or ages..but it didn't matter.
He had lived only to see this day...

By the faint moonlight,he thought he saw those lashes move...and her eyes open...those shiny orbs...opened wide..
but instead of the look of a goddess appeased with her most devotest worshipper-they held fear
She screamed & suddenly there was a lot of commotion...people rushing in..first the lady-in-waiting and then the palace guards.

But he stood there-without the will or power to move.

It was a quick sentence.
He was to be hanged in public to show what happened to those audacious tramps who dared to set their dirty feet in the hallowed precincts of the palace's most sacred chamber.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The scent of a woman

I was placing my order at Barista counter when someone sneaked up from my back saying"Mmmm...u still smell the same..."
Startled I turned to find a long lost acquaintance.
It's not an isolated incident..most of us associate a fragnance with a person/event/place.
A particular shaving lotion reminds me of Dad,Mom has a unique sweet flowery smell, the duplication of which I haven't found yet...I used to dig my nose in her clothes as a child when I missed her while she was at work.
The odour of new text books always added to the excitement of a new academic year in school..
A mixture of night queen n red roses remind me of marriage ceremonies.

One of my favourite olfactory perceptions have been..believe it or not...kerosene,cherry blossom and salysylic acid in any form
Thankfully I don't wear any of these on me...(would keep the mosquitoes away though if I went trekking)

My personal favourite over the years has been JMW..with my attention ocassionally ambling to Avon, Hugo Boss or Gucci products...
But at the is always JMW...
There is something about the perfume that makes me come back to it...the apparent unassuming attitude..but it's lingering effect which leaves behind a part of me..long after I am gone...

If I had continued with Biotech ,I 'd have probably spent a considerable amount of my life in R&D,trying to figure out a perfume which brings out the personality odours in everybody..this way everyone would smell different even after applying the same thing..
there would be one problem though..some people would smell so obnoxious..we wouldn't know what to do with them...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Potter mania

Yesteday,I let myself readily be effected by my favourite disease...and u have guessed it right already from the title of my post....
I would define it as a state of trance developed once the brain starts releasing chemicals to trigger an urgent need to read a Harry Potter book or watch the newest release...
I slept at 5 in the morning after I finished reading the book in one go...
Wouldn't have taken that long with my normal RC speed but I was relishing the budding romance in Hogwarts(including the snogging) with extra attention....gulping down every bit I could....(have been waiting for this to happen since Book I, u know)
Occasionally rereading sentences...underlining them...( adding personal notes- a dirty but useful habit)
Been waiting since July 17th to read the book,lying by my bedside...which I couldn't pick up owing to my prior commitments.
Most of u might have read it already...
I couldn't justify the death of one of the most adorable characters after Sirius(and honestly thought of sending a mail about it to J.K .Rowling to bring him back to life in the next title...) and with the concept of Horcruxes seems we can expect 4 more books now...
Much to the annoyance of a couple of friends who are yet uneffected by the Potter Syndrome...
I kept reading the book the whole day,not recieving phone calls or answering merely in monosyllables if I did so...
Someone said.."GROW UP ,LARA"


Friday, November 04, 2005

The sea

She walked by the sea watching a thousand waves kissing her at her feet.
How ephemeral was their passion! How fleeting! And how much at extremes!
One moment begging to touch her,to feel her and the next- making haste to get away-with a sudden unexplained repulsion.

She stood at the place where a thousand promises were made to be broken.

The sea looked so inviting today...promising the peace that has deluded her for years now.

She turned back to see a set of footprints or two..but there was no trace ....the waves had washed away the markings of the past..a past which had perished silently..

Slowly she ambled into the water lapping at her

The following morning he clucked with unattached emotion when he read in the newspaper
-"Fishermen have found the body of an unidentified woman"

The detailed description of the body followed but he didn't have the time to go through it.
It was already time to get ready.
He had a busy day ahead.

Love is.....

Love is overrated.
Biochemically no different than eating large quantities of chocolate

Al pacino in The Devil's Advocate

We have some other opinion as well...

Love is a state of perpetual anaethasia..where you mistake an ordinary man for a Greek God and an ordinary woman for a Greek Goddess.

Love is wanting to grow old together...

Love is when he flies some 2500 kms,n drives another 50 kms in blaring traffic just to be by your side and hold ur hand...