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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Changing Colors

Does it occur to you that you are not being happy ?
That you have become more irritable than you were before?
Do you feel that you have more friends than you ever had, and yet you never felt so lonely in your life?

No, I am not going to ask you to dial a helpline number.
Coz if that was the only solution, I'd have done it long back.
The reasons can be many- personal problems, pressure at workplace, expectations of your near ones to constantly live upto the image you have built for your self, the indomitable urge to excel always...

But the basic solution lies at one focal point - YOU

I believe happiness is a CHOICE, you have to CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY.
I might stand the peril of repeating myself, but this is my simple philosophy of life.
Do not only what pleases you, but also what makes you happy - truly.

ELIMINATE the factor that causes you grief and is the root cause of your emotional ill-being.
Once, someone said to me, "I don't encourage bitter experiences in my life"
I have the highest regards for that person becoz whatever I have known of him, I have found him to have a great capacity for happiness.

In the Moral Science classes at school, we were often given the instance of an empty water bottle. Father David (one of the best teachers I had) would ask us, "My dear children, if this bottle is empty, will I be able to quench my thirst?
If it doesn't have water inside, can it give water to me?
Similarly, you can't learn to love others unless you learn to love yourself first.
Because what you do not have, you can't give"

Someone pointed out that some of my posts had shades of Masochism.
I admit- pain did thrill me. Inflicting pain upon myself had a strange intoxicating effect. But after a while I is not all.
There might be 108 different shades of grey perceivable to the human eye..but there are more colors in life to add on the palette of life.

And so, I have decided to paint my variegated sky with the colors of my dreams.
I might win, I might lose. I might come back triumphant, I might not come back at all
Whatever happens, I will let you know...
till then
keep the faith

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pyaar Ke Side Effects

This was the season's craziest love story... and I found it very real at times. Specially when the girl gets total senti in the middle of a cricket match, where India could be winning and switches the TV off to propose to her guy. Definitely, such incidents spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.

It is often said that opposites attract... but can they be together too?
Flings are easy. But when it comes to "the rest of our lives", I believe, girls feel as shaky as guys to commit .

So, when you are waiting to pop the question, or thinking whether to say "YES, I DO"
it's always better to consider a few things...

# You might be as different as chalk and cheese, but do you respect each other and yourselves for whatever you are?

# No matter, how different you are professionally or u share at least some areas of interest? Coz it is very important that u have some moments to treasure that u have spent together.
You could be movie buffs and love to watch movies together. Voracious readers could lend each other your favourite books. If you are musical you could learn to play an instrument together or join the salsa classes. The more adventurous kinds could go camping out or hit the road...

# The sole reason why we want to be in a relation is, according to me, to be happier than we are when we are single..otherwise what's the point?
If love makes you miserable, it isn't love..
It is a facade.

Do u need a relationship tag just for the heck of it?
It is better to be single...Being single isn't a disease!
Look at the brighter get to spend more time with your friends. You can spend hours shopping with your gal pals, and guys can hang out with their buddies at the bowling alleys, booze the weekend out or do anything fun without having to listen to that "U-don't-love-me-anymore" story.

# They say you should get married to a person whom you love talking to..coz when u grow old, that's the only thing u will love to do.
Talking doesn't mean giving weather reports.
I personally would prefer an interesting conversationalist. Someone with versatile interests, someone I can speak to and listen to..some one with whom I can have a dialogue with.
Check the word DIALOGUE. Communication is a two-way process. Someone who intimidates you for some reason or keeps you concerned that "I might not be able to say this" is not the one for you.
Come on! You wish to spend the rest of your life with him/her..and you are shit scared to talk?
What does companionship mean then?
Get back to stone age and adapt sign language..maybe THAT will reduce conflicts !!

# Lastly, believe in your intuition. It is the beginning that brings the end. If u feel something is not right, try to analyse what it is.
coz if u think this is getting more than just kuchi-koo-ing and popcorn and soda... u need to think again..coz he/she might be the one you have waiting all your life.
Someone who gives your life a deeper meaning...

There are a very few people in this world who are loved by those whom they love. To love someone you love is a gift..treasure it...