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Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's a beautiful world

It was one of my favorite ads while I was at school, and till date it has remained one of the best I had ever watched.
For those who don't know yet, I have a secret fancy for advertisement.

From billboards to bumper stickers, from pages of a magazine to shopping bags and slogans on T-shirts, I absolutely drool over anything that convinces me that I'd have given my right arm to dream up something like that.

One of the most endearing commercials in Indian advertising is certainly the Hutch ad where the pug ( Chika) follows the boy (Jairam ) faithfully around...

Danny Pope ( the cinematographer) feels blessed to have been able to take natural shots. I believe it takes more than just "luck" to be able to make something like that ( I can confess I shifted my loyalty from Airtel to Hutch after that and it has been my service provider ever since)

I was recruited for an advertising agency last year -oh make a year before that now now :P( see 13th Sept,2005 entry, I had the interview at Gurgaon) but I couldn't join it immediately owing to some personal reasons. I regretted it.
The interviewer had told me one thing I'll always remember -
".. whether you are writing taglines to convince people to donate something as important as body organs like eyes or selling something as mundane as toothpicks- you have to have conviction, if you believe yourself what you are telling others, others will believe you."

There was a test I had taken and the taglines I had come up with were some of my best creative efforts. It was worth it, they wanted to take me...but as I said, joining immediately was out of question, and in the meantime I was offered a more comfortable (read:better pay), less challenging job within just a stone's throw from the place I reside in.. so it practically slipped out of my mind.

What with this new vigour of applying for the B-schools, or a disease that manifests in me and has an occasional outburst, I still stare at the Oglivy office in Okhla Industrial Estate :)

Thank God I have something to look forward to in life.

As I always say..

"It's the possibilty of a dream come true that makes life so interesting"


Nizam said...

neat stuff, I liked the Air Deccan commercial too , India has nice ads,

Sometimes I miss Indian ads while watching TV in the us

arnab said...

seriously! compare the hutch ad with the verizon ads... both are saying the same thing, but what a difference in style!

why doesn't this post surprise me :-)

Aparna Kar said...


I didn't know tht the other posts did either..
one bit of info I gave out was I am nuts abt ads.... N I guess tht's old news :)

zoxcleb said...

i love the ending line...
and yes.. the Indian ad industry is brilliant... good concepts.. and very mature...

Reuben Chin said...

Advertising huh!
It's a lot of fun! Trust me. I left my extremely cushy job at Standard Chartered to set up my own little agency and I have no regrets!

Aparna Kar said...

@reuben chin
Lolz..good to know...if u plan to open a branch office in Delhi- NCR , let me know :)

Candid Confessions said...

Hey happened to drop by your blog. And i am oh so glad to have done so!!
Much as you do I had always had a fancy for the Dairymilk AD!!
Brought back warm memories!!
Thanks buddy!!

candid diary said...

If you like ad-world so much have a look at

Aparna Kar said...

@candid confessions
Hey ! anytime..
Keep a lookout for some other ads in youtube..and if you come across ur old know whom to send the link to :)

@candid diary
Thanks a ton again..
Anything related to Brand Management is of immense interest to me..

I'd like to confess I used to subscribe Brand Reporter along with Biospectrum while in college.

I guess-I can't help keeps coming back to me :)

@ zoxcleb
Good that u liked it..
Better if u believe it

Aparna Kar said...

However.. I'd like to criticize an ad here.
Though I've never really believed in celebrity endorsements, Lux has to live up to it's image of being the choice of stars.. but this ad goes a bit too far when the guy asks "Kya India mein sab Aishwarya jaisa lagta hai?"

Who said everyone wants to look like her? And that too after just one bath ?
Deceptive Marketing

In contrast, I prefer the Dove commercial which asks u to be urself and sends a social message across too.

Another personal fav is the Femina ad...

Ruchika said...

I'd say the Indian ad industry is one of the best in the world, and believe me, I've seen a lot of non-sensical stuff on tv in other countries.. its not just the tagline, but the whole execution of it also matters! Ads have always fascinated me too, though I have no creative expertise in writing taglines! Hehe! But I like to see ads and try to get into the mind of the creator, wondering where he started from and how he got there!

Roshan R said...

If you could only see the huge grin on my face rt now as i keep playing the cadburys ad over and over again and singing to the song.. hahaha

Aparna Kar said...

Two more of my favs
Times of India Hockey
and Fevicol- Rudali

mahant said...

Enjoyed both the ads immensely. I had also liked the ad where a late student is entering a class backwards, can't remember the company; watch out for remembering the ad and forgetting the company problem though.

passer by said...

hmm.. why no comments permitted in the foremost blog..

Aparna Kar said...

happy now? enabled it agn...