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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dance like no one’s watching....

This isn’t only about dance, this is about everything that you held dear- an interest or a passion, but owing to lack of time, or other genuine (and not-so-genuine )constraints, have given up pursuing.

My last stage performance was on Freshers’ Night in my college when I was in 2nd year.
After that, it has only been the usual accolades at dance parties and the much talked about infatuated camera men of TV channels in college fests.
I have enthralled, I have loved and I have lived every moment of when I have danced…

Be it the confines of my hostel room, or a huge gathering.. I have been given credit for making those people dance who never stood their foot on the dance floor.

But,recently, I have been wasting my gift…

Fortunately, I have 66.8 GB space in my local disk, and I intend to utilize at least 10 GB of it to store songs. Assuming 5 MB to be the average length of one song, I can store at least (10 *1000)/ 5 = 2000 songs in my lappy.

All these boring numericals, only to prove how serious I am about shaking my leg,
(and the obvious other things)
I will be doing free -style…but God-damn-it I will do it!!

As a matter of fact, even now , while I post this, my brow is wet with perspiration..coz I have been dancing for the past one hour non-stop.

And I am feeling great. Naaah!!! AWESOME!!!!

So what are you waiting for?
Read the post na?
Now do some justice to yourself.. grab that old tennis racket, or pluck the guitar strings or simply dust your canvas and sit with your pallete
Life isn’t just to exist, it is to live.

And yeah, don’t forget the comments if this made a difference to you. :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

From the torn pages of my diary -I

This is an e-mail I wrote to Dad a long time ago...
I found it today while digging my mailbox (since I am down with fever and have some time to stay back at home from office)

It reminded me of a lot of things.. would love to share it with you...

Hi Dad!
Sangathan(Sports meet) is going on in not much classes are on .
I could have stayed home a little longer than usual.
But then I wud have missed OASIS at Pilani..and it was FAB!
Worth the 6 hrs bus journey from Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT),Delhi.
The campus is so, that is not enough..beautifully calm n serene.
Students are not allowed to own bikes or cars..they can either rent or buy bicycles...this keeps the campus pollution free.

It is located in a remote area.. free of all sort of distractions. The attire n lifestyle of the students is so simple. I was sharing room with Samayitadi in Meera bhavan (with other 1200 inmates). And U wudn't believe..each building (9 blocks in meera bhavan) has only one mirror in the entrance!!
That is strange for me -for any AMITIAN or Delhiite as a matter of fact!
I had trouble with the food. And a dish of stuffed tomatoes made me doubt my own wit or the cook's..I concluded both were having expected stuffed tomatoes in the real sense of the way..the cook for having cooked it the BITSian way .

One thing that really made a dish for my eyes were the slogans on the T-shirts- these guys are really proud to be BITSians, no doubt about it. A specially popular one was- "Don't ask me who I am ..." written in the front n at the back the declaration-"...when the whole world knows I am a BITSian".

The first day on my journey to Pilani, I made friends with a guy from Hans Raj college, North campus, two girls from IP University n two guys from Arts college..till Bhiwani we were sitting seperately..then we gravitated towards each other, and soon the six of us were sitting together. We became very chirpy and were singing aloud. Specially the guy from Hans Raj had a good voice..but the conservative Hariyanwis had great trouble accepting the easy intermingling of two genders. Soon some elders complained to the conductor of our exuberance and that was an end to our having fun. If the noise was the only reason..I cud have digested it but!!! FREE MIXING!!! Ridiculous -Which century do we live in?

I got irritated when a guy of the voice of an ox (with due respect to the concerned ox) was singing a Hindi Filmi song-I think he was one of the younger chaps who had trouble with us...Thank God I was born in another part of the world-And I have parents who are far more liberal than average Indian parents .
That was the only unpleasant memory from the whole trip.
I wouldn't have believed..even after that tiresome trip..I managed to watch the whole of the dance competition.

We were a group of 8 : 4 guys n 4 gals..Ashish was a floating member. Quite a few interesting characters I got to meet. A funny chap who insisted "BHAIYA MAT KAHO NA!!"
We chatted in the lawn of Block S n the Nescafe cash counter was ringing happy.
It was not before 6 o'clock in the morning that I retired to bed.
The following day I watched FAS P(Fashion Parade). Unfotunately the costumes for Aryan College of Engineering and Khalsa college were stolen.
I couldn't help wondering if it was not a strategy of a rival team to eliminate competition.
Hans Raj really put up a good show-their theme was ZODIACS.
Then we had a JAM session.
And soon we were dancing like crazy. After a long time I enjoyed dancing in such a huge crowd.
Even discos have a very limited floorspace -dancing on grounds with a huge crowed is really crazy..especially the step that involves making human chain n synchronising.

3 other gals also joined in n another guy .. so 8+3+1=12..not a bad dozen either..
I surely got lot of compliments..but I enjoy more of trance..Punjabi numbers are not my type of leg-shaking.
The dust was getting irritating and I was the first one to bid everybody goodbye.
What a pity I cudn't stay back to play my favourite game"TRUTH OR DARE"-where u have to dare to bare everything..well in a way- good.
Coz Sam (that is whatI call Samayitadi) has strictly forbidden me to play it..seeing the things I used to do in 1st year being over spirited by the game!!!

I remembered that once when we were playing it in our campus canteen, I had passed a message to a seemingly harmless creature in a paper napkin-"Meet me at amphitheatre at 4 o'clock today -IT's URGENT" and inspite of the fact that we were playing it for quite a long time n by then everybody in the college canteen had understood we were upto no good..that guy actually came up to me and asked if it was really serious..coz he had a class to attend..
My friends laughed at him.
I felt sorry for having made him a subject of ridicule and swore not to play it again at somebody else's cost .
I opened the fold of the paper n showed him what was written inside-"SORRY-It is just a game of Truth or Dare" I really felt bad that day-and I haven't played ever since....

This..and a lot more...
Wait for the next episode of "From the torn pages of my diary"

Till Then...
Be Happy
Stay Beautiful....