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Monday, January 29, 2007

The Variegated Sky

Photo Courtesy: John Baker

Those pics are the nearest I could get to my mental image of the variegated sky. Note the dawn breaking at the quiet lake with the mast of a catamaran resting at the bottom left of the pic. Let's call this mysterious lake :Lake Reed. It's in Canada that's all I'll say. John wants it to be a place associated with mystery :)

Photo Courtesy: Abir Mukherjee

On the other hand, Abir's pic shows restlessness and energy. The surfer is moving towards the waves , ready to ride the swell. This, I was told, was taken in San Diego, around 5:52 pm PST

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What's your secret?

When I was going through a tough time, I had a friend I could talk to..or rather a stranger. Whether it was compassion or indifference - I do not know, but I found a patient listener. And I think it helped me overcome the situation. Today I can look back in gratitude and sometimes I think I still need that stranger to talk to.. except that he has become my friend now and I really can't talk about anything and everything coz I fear being judged.
Have a secret? Or a confession to's a very convenient way to let it out.
All you have to do is post a secret as a comment under the name anonymous.

For more secrets, visit Post a Secret

Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's a beautiful world

It was one of my favorite ads while I was at school, and till date it has remained one of the best I had ever watched.
For those who don't know yet, I have a secret fancy for advertisement.

From billboards to bumper stickers, from pages of a magazine to shopping bags and slogans on T-shirts, I absolutely drool over anything that convinces me that I'd have given my right arm to dream up something like that.

One of the most endearing commercials in Indian advertising is certainly the Hutch ad where the pug ( Chika) follows the boy (Jairam ) faithfully around...

Danny Pope ( the cinematographer) feels blessed to have been able to take natural shots. I believe it takes more than just "luck" to be able to make something like that ( I can confess I shifted my loyalty from Airtel to Hutch after that and it has been my service provider ever since)

I was recruited for an advertising agency last year -oh make a year before that now now :P( see 13th Sept,2005 entry, I had the interview at Gurgaon) but I couldn't join it immediately owing to some personal reasons. I regretted it.
The interviewer had told me one thing I'll always remember -
".. whether you are writing taglines to convince people to donate something as important as body organs like eyes or selling something as mundane as toothpicks- you have to have conviction, if you believe yourself what you are telling others, others will believe you."

There was a test I had taken and the taglines I had come up with were some of my best creative efforts. It was worth it, they wanted to take me...but as I said, joining immediately was out of question, and in the meantime I was offered a more comfortable (read:better pay), less challenging job within just a stone's throw from the place I reside in.. so it practically slipped out of my mind.

What with this new vigour of applying for the B-schools, or a disease that manifests in me and has an occasional outburst, I still stare at the Oglivy office in Okhla Industrial Estate :)

Thank God I have something to look forward to in life.

As I always say..

"It's the possibilty of a dream come true that makes life so interesting"

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

10 ways to lose a gal

I couldn't have written this post without inputs from one of the most eligible bachelors I know, who has successfully preserved his "single" status for years now.

1. Demean her folks. No girl can tolerate her guy constantly trying to degrade her family.

2. Talk about your past GFs as if they were all demi-goddesses. Even if she discovers later that one was a psychotic bitch, another a case of overdose of steroids, and yet another just got back from a rehabilitation center for stabbing her neighbor's cat some 29 times.

3. Try playing musical instruments you really suck at.
The cacophony in the guise of serenade will give her nightmares.

4. Wear socks that stink. Don't change them even if you have itching erythema and edema of feet. Don't brush your teeth when you kiss her. Make sure she faints once or twice (at least)

5. Tell her " You can never be like my Mom"
Never cook like her.. never be caring like her etc.
Stress on never

6. Flirt with her friends. Take particular unhealthy interest in her best friend.

7. Talk about your female colleagues at office with special reference to the size of the assets of each one as if you had a measuring tape with you.

8. Insist on having/not having sex. Always the contrary to what she wants.

9. Show attitude. Try to prove you are too good for her.

10. If nothing works, try "the unfeeling bastard" approach. If she says she is having a headache or stomach ache or something of that sort..tell her she has it 365 days a year- "So what's new?"

And she might just ask you to F#@^ off

( DISCLAIMER: To those sweethearts who got worried - this post has nothing to do with my personal life. Lol. I'll tell you when to take the post seriously)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Child's play

Have you ever watched an infant play by itself? Or simply being chased by its mother while it walks with unsure feet to explore the world by itself?
There's something mesmerising ... distinctly attractive about the spontaneity of the child that captivates our attention, so much so that , for a moment we are unaware of the world around us. It is like a prayer to watch something so pure, so unadulterated.

When we grow up, we often lose that spontaneity. When we cry or laugh aloud we wonder if there's someone else watching us. We become too conscious of our outer world; so much so that the expressions of our inner selves get suppressed. They struggle to come out.
Personally, I prefer crying in the restrooms where I am alone. It is the thought of someone else sympathizing with me or having pity on me that makes me do it. I hate to show my vulnerabilty. But then.. if I'm vulnerable, why is it difficult for me to accept myself as I am?
Tears are not always a mark of weakness. Sometimes excess of joy flows down as tears. Reading a good book or watching a wonderful movie makes me cry. Now, "good" and "wonderful" are very vague terms and it can vary from individual to individual. What I mean by those is something that touches my inner self - merely grazes it or sometimes causes a torrent by stirring the emotions.

So when I cry to express such a multitude of emotions, why do I feel ashamed when I cry when I am hurt? Do I want to show that nothing can hurt me? Why do I want to feign strength that is not mine? And most importantly- who are ones I am scared to be myself with? My outer world? Who are they? My colleagues? My friends? My loved ones? There can be basically two sets of people who constitute my outer world. Set A: people who matter to me
Set B: people who don't

Now if a person is an element from Set A, he/she should love me enough to accept me as I am. If that is not the case, then I shouldn't hesitate to transfer him/her to Set B , without the slightest delay.
And if someone is from Set B, why should I be bothered what opinion he/she holds about me? What end will I achieve my trying to imagine what reaction my behavior has triggered in him/her?