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Monday, February 12, 2007

Have a dekho: my blog turns into a book

(Tentative)Cover page of my first book.
To my readers:
Thank you for your continuing patronage.
And to those whom I had promised a copy, please e-mail me your snail mail addresses to my gmail account.

Order can be placed by email to
Title: The Day I was Proven Wrong
Author: Aparna Kar
Price : Rs.200


sangram said...

awesome. thts how i define "achievement", need not be associated with a sense of completion, but can always look at this as a foundation to the more profound architectural magnanimity that you are destined to build.
i am totally in sync with the book design concepts and eager to read everything inside it . :)

Aparna Kar said...

Thanks :)
You'll be one of the very few to get the free copies:D
I am not really excited about it or anything, as you put it- no "sense of completion" yet, but yes it is definitely(underscore) a step towards a journey I plan to continue.
The book has been the result of the toil of many others who have made unceasing efforts to choose the right graphics, edit and re-edit the text a number of times, the arrangements for the forthcoming launch, the necessary publicity after that and so on and so forth.

They are extremely busy individuals with worldly affairs of their own. Nevertheless the appreciation and encouragement I have received from them is incredible.

Personally , I'd prefer to write something more deep and more lasting. A fiction. A novel with 600 pages maybe :)

The compilations of my posts is just the beginning. I began blogging when I was in college. My view about the world was superficial then and of a typical 20 year old. But I believe I have matured now and will continue to grow in the coming years.

I have a vague idea of what I intent to publish next. I am just waiting for the right time.

Vikas said...

congratulations buddy :)

hope u will remember me after being sucessful writer ;)

Take Care

Prasoon said...

So its out finally.. :)
Cheerio aparna - now I'd proudly say my friends that my 'friend list' has one more writer added to it :D

When is it available from may i ask..

Dada said...

Keep it up... Love and wishes for you...

Vinay Bhatia said...

I feel like going out and doing a bit of show off in front of my frnds "U know I have a frnd called Aparna. She is a great writer / author" :-)

Roshan R said...

had no idea a book was coming..but just one word "AWESOME!!!" Seriously, keep up the great work.. the sky is the limit for you..

pdey said...

Cheers !! :)

rahul1365 said...

Hey send me a copy of the your book....or it still under construction.....

mahant said...

Sequel Kab?

saikat said...

appu i have already started the countdown :D ... now dreaming of the day when i'll lay down my hands on ur book and re read all those posts which i have already read many a times and still want to read again and again :D

take care n keep smiliN

P.S - hope u did less of lukkha giri this V day :P...neeways it wont beat 2006 i bet :D

candid diary said...

I am ready to hang around for the second book and I am sure the waiting will be worth it.
Take time but please come out with a book (600 pages, fiction -you said)worth your talent.

Aparna Kar said...

u bet!!
Kick boxing with u in public places was the joy of my life :))

And sometimes only to see her expression was worth doing it :D
Btw, did u know she's coming over to my pad this Monday?
Old times again.. well almost..

Aparna Kar said...

@candid diary
I don't know candid. I seem to be suffering from writer's block lately. Maybe too many things are on my mind right now. But I promise I won't disappoint you. Even it takes another 10 years

saikat said...

going to spice for movies: Rs 450

riding a rickshaw for the same: Rs 10

The dinner before that: Rs 200

kick boxing with you in the middle of the mall and catching her shocked expression with the corner of my eye: PRICELESS

There are somethings in life which will never come back...for everything else you have something called future

arnab said...

@aparna - congratulations! hmm... wondering how to butter you up, so that i can get a free copy of your next book :P as you can see, grad students will do anything for freebies!

@saikat - nice way to put it!

JP said...

Congratulations Aparna ma' send me a copy at:
jailendra singh
TCS - Project Manager
3rd Floor, IT Department,
StanRose House,
AppaSaheb Marathe Marg,
Mumbai - 400025

Looking forward to read it...cheers...

Rohit Kumar said...

Congratulation on the book :)

I am excited to see these long shot possibilities actually materializing for real people.

Best Wishes.

BTW: How does your brother know me ?

Anyhow, if you are trying to get me to delete that post, sorry .. wont happen ;)


Congratulations man...

Tze possibilities are endless wen u start doing what your mind tells u..u proved it..

whr and from wen do we get the book ??

still under construction?

pc said...

i m a grt fan of ur blog. good to knw tht it hs turnd to a book. i jst hope u wont stop writing like u did sm time back

aashish_from_orkut said...

checked my orkut mails today after a long long time..

so plz accept my congratulations! :).. i m really happy for u..
i liked ur idea of involving everybody and taking an overall opinion.. i hope it'll work wonders for ur book..

all the best!

Sayantan Das (Sandy) said...

Hey Aparna congrats..

Being a girl of Tripura..
You really made us proud..
Could u please let me know how could i get an issue of your book..
I'm really en thrilled to read it..

Sayani Bhattacharjee said...

Hey.....just want to read the dont knw it available online..or can b read online...if possible...would love to read....:) :) :)