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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tripping over

I don’t know if it I have flat-feet, but I seemed to have a knack since childhood to trip over when I wear flats, while I can comfortably dance around with heels that are some storeys high.
I particularly remember an incident when someone broke the orange juice bottle we had packed for a class picnic ( in Standard VI) and it was all over the floor. We had Physical Training classes that day and we were in all white uniform and white PT (canvass) shoes with flat heels. I stepped unaware of the slippery liquid on the floor before the house keeping had come to clean up the mess. I tried to balance between two desks but gave up and fell horizontally backwards.
I was embarrassed. But someone smirked . And when I stood up I saw the orange pattern on my skirt and found it quite funny. I laughed so loudly that the others were taken aback and they joined in too. My reputation for beating up guys and ominous presence as the CR ( Nickname : Hitler) was forgotten.. And it felt good.

At another instance, I was getting down from a bus near college and since I was not really apt at traveling in a public transport bus, did not know that I had to keep walking even when I got down from a moving bus to keep the inertia of motion. I had forced myself to a sudden halt and the result was disastrous. I fell with my face down and I scrapped my knees very badly, my favorite jeans got torn at the knees , the bus came to a stop and the rest of the passengers stood up to see what happened. I said I was ok coz I was afraid the bus would topple now with its raised center of gravity.

I got back to campus and tied a few safety pins to hold the tear until I got a patchwork done on my jeans . The next day I saw a lot of juniors tearing their jeans and pinning safety pins in their jeans. It became a rave!

I tripped today when I was getting back from the bank. It was embarrassing to imagine a well poised girl suddenly lying prostrate on the ground. I had scrapped my knees and skinned my palms ..but it was worth it. It isn’t how you fall, but how you get up.


saikat said...

lolzz :D well appu u r not alone ...even i have this hmmm what u can say..hmm lets say fav past time of toppling over...even i have fallen flat on road after i had jumped out of a running bus and fell flat on DH Rd :D ...

think i ad too many games of ringa-ringa-roses in my kid days..

candid diary said...

One correction:
You don't have flat-feet.

Aparna Kar said...

Correction made :)
Check Roger

Aaha! I wonder if it's a Virgo trait:P

Btw nice to see two people who care to see on a Monday morning if I have written a new post :)
My most loyal readers and my truest friends :)
You make it worth it

candid diary said...

Your experiences of tripping over remind me a quote:
“If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down but the staying down.” [Mary Pickford]
… and you are not someone to stay down.

arnab said...

"It isn’t how you fall, but how you get up that makes it worth it." ... surely how you get up makes all the difference, but i am not sure it makes falling worth it.. of course falling is "worth it" for a child who needs to learn how to pick oneself up, but i truly believe you have learned that quite well by now ;-)

had a good laugh imagining the bevy of your college juniors scurrying around tearing up their newly bought jeans, just to put safety pins in them ;-) aww... poor kids, should have chosen a more sedentary role model!

Aparna Kar said...

The things I saw in the name of fashion...bullet holes, cigarette burns.. the "survivor" look was really "in" then

abir said...

u actually applied logic while lying on the grnd n figured tht the bus wd topple over ... lol
ripped jeans n slit kurtas aside, tht's awesome !!!
keep 'em coming, appy

Aparna Kar said...

yeah ..m kinda weird that way :P

took my Standard VII Physics lessons too seriously I guess :D

Anonymous said...

Falling is never fatal unless u fail to get up!...

puchku said...

You fall only when you have seduced earth enough to kiss you hard!

saikat said...

crazy pics updated :)

kindly fall down there :D

candid diary said...

I happen to be one of the few lucky ones to receive a copy of your recently published book ‘The day I was proven wrong’. I reviewed your book in

saikat said...

still waiting for my copy with bated breath :)

Aparna Kar said...

well said.
Reminds me of a Dennis the Menace wallpaper in my room which read "No defeat is final until stop trying"
And I guess that had Dennis posing as David , armed with a catapult while his Dad was shown as Goliath (or so I surmise coz they show only the feet)


will mail u soon
sorry for the formal reply .. m not too well.. porey kotha bolchii

Aparna Kar said...

@ puchku
kissing the earth?
hugging would be more like it.. more holistic

candid diary said...

Here’s the latest one on tripping. You are not alone and have Prez Kalam with you.

Aparna Kar said...

loved the post :)

Saurabh said...

fighters fight