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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The language of love

It took me a while to understand that love manifests itself in more forms than I can ever write about. The Eskimos have 52 words to describe snow. Nothing in the world would suffice to describe the complete array of human feelings. No spoken language ever can. But I try. And I try in vain. This post is for my readers like Omar, who have made blogging worthwhile through all these years.

I also thank Samie for sharing Pancho’s narrative with me.


I listened while the pastor spoke about the forms of love. Different people express their love in different ways. Some prefer exchanging gifts. Some think spending quality time best indicates affection. Some believe in physical contact like a warm hug or a light kiss. And others view affirmative statements like: 'Wow, you are awesome !' as a reinforcement of love.

I reflected on my experiences. What came to my mind first when I think of expressing love? I was reminded of the dumb and deaf gypsy girl I had met near Warangal on my tour to India.

I have a certain emotion attached to chocolates. When I was a kid, my mother would bring me and my brother a chocolate bar, and ask her to share it equally. Everytime, I broke it into two and gave one to him and kept the other half for myself. He was always amazed by my precision. He often wondered how I could make exactly equal halves. What he never found out was that I ate the bit that was extra before I gave him his share.

One day, I saw the gypsy girl carrying a handful of chocolates, I asked her, with our sign language, if she would share one with me. She gave me the whole handful. That brought tears to my eyes, and I believe that was one of those moments when I strongly felt the presence of love.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thought for the day

I don't necessarily want what is the best for me. I want something that makes me happy.