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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thought for the day

The faith you have in others is a reflection of the faith you have in yourself.
-9:02 AM,Monday, Sept 23, 2007

Life may have a trash bin, but there's no "Delete Forever" option. Be careful about what you invite/accept into your life. Someday, it might define you.
-3:42 PM, Sunday, Sept 23, 2007

All roads lead to happiness; we just don't know where to stop.
-8:27 AM, Saturday, Sept 15,2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

Life's Good

The Boston skyline from a bridge on River Charles. Courtesy: Arindam

Joined classes yesterday. And we already have an assignment due next week. The admissions department almost fainted on seeing me. "We have been waiting for you like.. forever!!!". I smiled honestly. After reporting to the International Student Services (ISS), it was time to meet my Admissions Director, Dr. William Koehler. He has been pivotal in my admissions. I don't know what would I have done without his recommendation and the letter to the consulate for my VISA. It is a pity that Fed Ex messed up my I-20. It's a strong case for Consumer Forum. But that's another story.

When I saw him in his office yesterday, he exclaimed: Finally! We have been trying really hard to get you here. But then, it was worth the efforts. I don't want to say it yet. If there's one person I don't want to let down- it'd be this man.

He introduced me to professor Michael Novak, who'd be taking my core course- MBAMGT 650 i.e Organizational Analysis and Skills and who is also the Associate Dean for the College of Management.

In the evening, I had my first Graduate Management Association (GBA) meeting at 5 pm , where I got to meet a few seniors and peers from my semester- some of whom I won't be seeing otherwise.

Around 6 pm, I rushed for my classes on M03-0617 (that's McCormack Hall, 3rd Floor, room no. 617 ) with professor Novak. I was allocated my team with Gordon Taylor, Matt Belletete, Wendy Casazza, Vanessa Montero, and Michael Cheung. And I already like them. :)

Btw, this is a video we were shown at the end of the class : The Corporate Handshake at GE.

After 3 hrs of classes, and still suffering from motion sickness from the long flight, I should have felt exhausted. But a surprise b'day cake from my friends rejuvenated my spirits.

I am feeling I'm home. Finally.