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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The princess and the thief

He saw her sleeping ,wrapped in white satin sheets...
Her ivory skin glowing in the dark,set against her raven tresses ,her locks resting on her temple like the bells of a holy shrine.The curve of the brows-so perfect!
The closed eyes with jet black lashes-so enthralling in their peaceful slumber! He felt scared to think what would they do to him if they were awake..
The smooth edge of her nose,the rose coloured,honey -kissed lips..that promised the elixir of life...
the dimple of her chin-resting just above the heaving bosom-two perfect domes of marble.

Before he had entered her room-he was the most infamous thief in the kingdom.A silly bet in a local pub had landed him inside the seemingly impregnable palace of the king...and as destiny had designed-in the chamber of the king's only daughter..

And there he stood mesmerised.

It was not a desire to possess..just an urgent need to worship the divine beauty that lay asleep,unguarded,untainted..her beauty so pristine,so could enthuse desire in stone statues he thought...and he was only a man...
and now..only a lover...

It must have been hours while he stood there watching her..or ages..but it didn't matter.
He had lived only to see this day...

By the faint moonlight,he thought he saw those lashes move...and her eyes open...those shiny orbs...opened wide..
but instead of the look of a goddess appeased with her most devotest worshipper-they held fear
She screamed & suddenly there was a lot of commotion...people rushing in..first the lady-in-waiting and then the palace guards.

But he stood there-without the will or power to move.

It was a quick sentence.
He was to be hanged in public to show what happened to those audacious tramps who dared to set their dirty feet in the hallowed precincts of the palace's most sacred chamber.


Rainbow Warrior said...

nice blog..seemed nice,but sad ending..not fair

Rainbow Warrior said...

i wish the theif wud get his princess next time

Aparna Kar said...

Sad..might be..but realistic

Aparna Kar said... time...maybe..

soum said...

it was a beautiful description of d princess who mesmorised dis soul , but alas her beauty bcame his greatest enemy......sad but true