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Monday, September 19, 2005


It's not easy being a woman..
Not that I am complaining :)
Since I took to improve my culinary skills and my friends took a fancy to it...I have them once in a while to have a grub.
Yesterday after classes one of my buddies asked me to make some sandwiches and omelette..which he found lip smacking the other day..I was tired but had to oblige
Soon a couple of Bro's friends arrived and while they chatted in the drawing room I was busy experimenting in the kitchen
(Oh ! Cooking has always been like a chemistry practical class to me..a sense of proportion and a sense of time..n wholla!! U r a magician)
Now,I can't serve differentially
there was another fellow who wouldn't eat eggs ..well, cheese and olive sandwiches for him...

How much I wanted someone to help me in the kitchen(I WAS REALLY TIRED)
..the maid was gone..bro's frns were kinda new acquaintances to me..
my Frn would help me best by keeping away from the kitchen as much as could-I told him so! :D
Of course I couldn't ask bro to help me..he had his friends to entertain..
n I fancied some real decent chap helping me out in the kitchen..
(I mean help as in "help"..what were u thinking????)

No one gave me a concession because I scored highest in Mock 4 in both the batches..
I am a woman(or at least growing to be one)
..the home maker..I am supposed to make everyone feel at home..or that is what I feel my responsibilty is..
No one told me one made me swear by his /her head..
but I

U might disagree n even think I am a pro feminist..
but think of it..
The perfect woman is one who can cook like mom,make love like a whore,be a real friend when it comes to secrets,is worldly successful..and is madly in love with u.

Since we believe in polarity ,for any person with a sense of symmetry this implies that at the opposite end there has to be a corresponding list of characters..I mean the perfect man should cook like Dad etc..etc...
(in case I forgot to mention-Dad cooks really well...Yummy)


intelligent_bacteria said...

Your writing skills are exceptionally grips the attention throughout...think of writing some novel at some point of your life....It'll work...I bet

Rainbow Warrior said...

I think so too . ...that your writing skills are damn good and good to know you scored the highest Ms businesswomen............A detailed comment later ...gotto read this again......

Arsalan said...

You are right ...

The perfect woman is who can cook like mom,make love like a whore,be a real friend when it comes to secrets,is worldly successful..and is madly in love with u.

The perfect man will cook like one of those 7-star chefs, make love like he is the slave of his woman, be a real friend when it comes to secrets,is worldly successful..and is madly in love with u.

AakASH!!! said...

Absolutely true in the aforementioned lines, (the cook like a...). And i think the woman within a woman is genetically ingrained, from what we call as the id of a female.

Me thinks you pointed towards the antipodality of men, when you said cook like a Dad, so should he make love like a Priest...?

rohit said...

as usual,i will tell u whatever i felt. I've always said that u have write well, but... something is happening to u..dont let appraisals set in ur mind,and change u.Well,i might be sounding a bit weird and offensive,but please do think about it,when u get time.Anyways,congs for scoring the highest in mock..keep rocking

Arsalan said...

Actually, I think every person should be complete by himself and not look for the completion of his being in someone else.

When two such persons are happy together, it is not that they find something they desire in the other but that they see their perfection in the other.

Kuldip Patel said...

I agree on ur defination of d perfect woman :D

Aparna Kar said...

Thanks ..U r most kind..
I am seriously considering it...but u need to be persistent to writev a novel..not a dilettante like me who amateurishly scraps down whatever her whim suggests
I guess I need more maturity before I begin writing one:)

Agree :))

Oh I forgot to mention,my Dad cooks really well...on sundays Mom isn't allowed inside the kitchen..

don't worry..I won't trade my originality for anything...not even if my frns stop reading my blogs...:))

N what abt the defination of the perfect man that Samik put forward?

Kuldip Patel said...

yeah I do agree on dat also... I just don't know cooking, wud definetly learn someday. and to test my possesion of rest of d qualities u got to meet me ;-)

btw, have u read my scrap on orkut?

c ya

Tushar said...

Wow..u can make a simple topic like cooking so exciting.
I dont find words to praise you.No No no...i am not flattering..but i seems to forget all my english skills:) so not able to find any words.:)

Aparna Kar said...

mucho gratias senor..:)