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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

I don't like talking about my work here, primarily because when I started this space I wanted it to be reflection of my personal growth. Partly facts, partly fiction- my previous posts have been a gradual evolution towards my being ME.

But there's one thing I would like to admit..
My job has taught me more than I could ever learn in my academic career.

It's not only about the scholarships I bagged or the highest marks I scored...
It is the credibility I have at my workplace that gives me a real high.

Let's begin with a simple thing..I was never a morning person.
I remember Mom trying to wake me up in winter mornings and I walking in a daze pretending to go to the loo and changing the direction completely to go my parents' room where Dad was sleeping and getting behind him to get some sleep.
It was my castle. I knew I was safe there.

As a child, I enjoyed certain priviledges owing to my Dad's social standing.
But my parents made it very clear to me that no matter how tall your grandfather was, you have to do your own growing

Recently(by that I mean yesterday) one of my colleagues and probably the best buddy I have at office, asked me what does my father do.
I saw his eyebrows raised in admiration and the usual "WOW" when he heard my reply.
I didn't react. But he certainly had something to say..
"You never told me this before.. all these months I have known you"

I said-"You never asked me"
He teased- "Whoa! I will have to be careful with you now !"

"Why? I' d rather like you to be the way you were..and does it make a difference? Have I ever shown attitude or referred to my background?"

"No...Never. In fact, everybody at office praises your attitude"

And the conversation followed some other line .

Going back to the morning thingie...

I have to log-in at 6 am since the past few days coz my TM asked me to..

The first day I woke up so early I wondered if it was really Aparna Kar..

But then I smiled and said to myself.."Yes it is"...coz she believes..nothing is's all in the state of mind...


candid diary said...

Beautiful post.
The whole world is yours.
Enjoy!!! : )))

Katisha said...

I like your style, gal ! I like your blog too, so I've put a link to it on one of my blogs. Feel free to visit:

candid diary said...

I hurriedly posted my comment to become the numero uno (for the first time) in this space.
I read your post again and thought for a while.
Yes, it’s OK writing about our office as long as we don't cross a limit and land ourselves in legal problems or lose our job by posting undesireable things about co-workers (see
In India, blogger Gaurav Sabnis quit his job at IBM after his posts exposing the false claims of a management school, IIPM, led to management of IIPM threatening to burn their IBM laptops as a sign of protest against him. Recently I saw a post “smokin!!!” in Abhinav’s ‘My Days with Myself’. I am a regular visitor to his blog and like his posts. I was worried for his this post as it might have talked against the principles of his employers. He has deleted the post. You may guess the reasons.
You have the right attitude about ‘attitude’. Please forget about bloodline and all that. At the end of the day the most important question is: “What is your identity?”
I am sure you will make your parents proud. All the best.

candid diary said...

@ aparna
I checked Katisha's blog.
She has blogrolled you & referred your current post in her blog dated 9th Aug. She writes about people being bullied at work.
So long.

saurabh said...

Umm Err ... Bloodline you Say...??

No Vampire Blood in your Viens I Guess :P

saikat said...

thats like the appu i know posting...yups be proud of who u are..and what u have achieved...

abt the early waking up part....i know u and u know me..both used to ride on the same boat..and now we are riding on the same boat but in the reverse direction..waking up early :(((((((((

sangram said...

bounjourno principessa :)
u remind of my old days..whn my dad used to wake me up at 5:30 in the morning (can u imagine :D ) and he used to tap me at the back of my head...:))...
I used to wake up..and fall asleep in my study table again...sort of drooling :D, but yeah..then my dad..realized son needs a nice cup of tea (the darjeeling liqour tea), which will set his synaptic response back in track :D...and everday ws the same drooling and rising up with a nice cup of tea :D...later in college (and of course now), the whole story started lagging/ leading behind you shift your night early morning..and shift your early morning late afternoon :D..its just the same thing, in technical terms...u may qoute it as our system's internal "impulse response" owing to a diurnal "lagged response"..:D
no cost-benefit function :)..

Vikas said...

firts let me tell u that ur verry close to life and verry few people be so.
Well ur rite unless u dont find ur identity u are worth of nothing..Now iam in to my business since last three years, before I enjoyed certain priviledges owing to my Dad's social tall standing.. but my life changed the day my dad told me this small story.

Son leaves for oustation with his dad on business work.At railways station dad calls coolie for his lagauage and son carry his lagauage and walks towards his coach.In btw other coolie ask that boy for lagauage and boy replies that my dad is rich , iam not.

I mean unless u dont stand on ur legs ur worth nothing...

"You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down."

AA said...

Nice Read :-)
Great to know tht u're happy n gay :O[?ne raised eyebrows :p ?]
would like to know abt ur dad ASAP :O
n seeking more abt u as well!
Cya soon,
n I mean very soon,

Shashi Rajasekaran said...

ur thoughts going around like a rudderless boat..

wake up..

Aparna Kar said...


it's fun to meander sometimes..

though I thought whether or not I should publish this post..
coz it is certainly esoteric

BTW, I am very much awake buddy...

couldn't have been more widely awake than I am RIGHT NOW !

the mirror said...

It's not the reflection in the looking glass
Not the image on the other side is what you want to be

Look beyond the obvious, look beyond me
The substance, the object, the essence of being Aparna Kar
The best that you can be is what you want to see in me


Aparna Kar said...

veiwed ur blog..
nice effort u've made..
As I have commented in ur blog space too...thr r probably a lot of ppl out thr getting bullied at work.

but a few, very few, too few dare to say it..
We need to have more platforms like this
keep up the good work

Vinay said...

Mirror, mirror on the wall...Who writes the best'est blogs of all ?
Yes, it is really Aparna Kar..

"It's not only about the scholarships I bagged or the highest marks I scored...
It is the credibility I have at my workplace that gives me a real high".
U have been working hardly for a couple of months, and to be able to say that in such a short time...its not like u r a PhD or something in ur field that other people give u credibility automatically based on ur degree...
So its kind of achievement of urs.
U also seem to rock at ur workplace, and enjoy it too.

Ur blog also generated this curiosity in me "what does ur dad do ?". Well, it has been answered offline to me:-)

Anonymous said...

hey ,
I so much want to mess around again...remember the devil's advocate....but too tired to read....guess tired of getting those awards for my criticism for past 150 years....
reminds me of "whose afraid of virginia woolf"

saurabh said...

Too many mirrors to ponder on..

write a new post its been so long

zoxcleb said...

i think i made the same remarks when u told me too....:-)
but yeah u are always the wind beneath ur own wings...

Anonymous said...

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