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Saturday, May 06, 2006

My greatest asset...

Ok here it is..
It is about a "he"
Biological age 26 years.
Mental age...sometimes 8..sometimes 5...
Goes by the name Anirban Kar...and I call him- Bro

Last Friday, he gave a long pending treat to our friends
When he got his GRE score, he said.."Let me get a good TOEFL score"
Then it was "CMU admit"
Then "Let me clear the Visa interview"
And then"Now I have to leave station to give a lecture on MISM in my college"

LOL....Finally when it was time for him to leave for Pittsburgh..(actually just 3 more days to go...)-one of my friends threatened.."Dada!!! Treat na diley bhalo hobey na kintu!!! (Won't b e good for u if u don't treat us)

It was initially agreed to be a quiet dinner at Geoffrey's
But then we (6 of our closest friends) got in a mood to shake a leg so we decided to go to a near-by pub

Around closing time I dedicated two songs to him and while I was making the announcement about how wonderful a brother he has been through all these years...taking my tantrums.. giving me a shoulder during the worst phase of my life..I could feel a lump in my throat .
I asked him to dance with me with the rest of the crowd in the house cheering for us... just the two of us on the floor

At the end I got one of "those" ideas..and I made him stand on a chair and dance in the middle of the dance floor.
My excuse-" I won't be with you on your birthday next let's celebrate now"

That is Anirban Kar for you..but for me- he's simply the world's greatest bro.

As a child, he had this habit to sing -"Phoolon ka taaron ka sabka kehna hai..ek hazaar mein meri behna hai" and throw flower petals on me.. (sometime hibiscus petals in absence of rose:D )

But I used to retort "Only in ek hazaar:( "
And he would correct himself..ek lakh, arab..kharab..
Both of us didn't know counting more than I was happy and used to giggle for being valued such.


Aparna Kar said...

Ok..I was supposed to post this tomorrow- when he had left.

But I decided on posting it a day before coz
#1.Sunday is the only day I get some time for myself
#2.Kal karey so aaj kar
Aaj karey so ab
Pal mein prlay hoyegi..
Bahuri karega kab?

What if I don't live to see tomorrow?

I won't want this to be unpublished..

So it is... :)

zoxcleb said...

am waiting for the continuation... :-)

sounds like a great bro! what songs did u dedicate to him?

Mrinalya said...

Hi Aparna,
My first visit to your blog. You are incredibly expressive with your words. Read each and every one of your posts. Simple awesome. Keep blogging.

-Chaotic Thoughts

Anonymous said...

A good mix of humour + siblings love.........true very true about the feelings.
Just can't put myself into ur shoes....but in today's era u can coin this world a FLAT territory (not geographically though) where nothing is unreachable.
So m sure ur bro is as close and available for support, talk of life and everything else, except being physically thr :)

candid diary said...

A brother is a friend to
laugh with,
and a guide to turn to,
a brother is so special
in everything
he does for you.