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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Kerr effect

This is the Chinese character for "Love"

Many of us are familiar with the Kerr effect, which is a change in the refractive index of a material in response to an electric field.

I guess..the greatest analogy could be that of Love...
Might sound weird.. but consider this...

Romantic love is a state of perpetual ( hopefully) anaesthesia where you mistake an ordinary man /woman for a Greek God/ Goddess
Your imagination imposes virtues on that person which probably don't even exist.
Every one dreams of a perfect match..and this often leads to unrealistic expectations from the other person , making us quite ignorant about the predicament, he/she might be in...

I guess it's quite redundant to say " I LOVE YOU" 100 times a day, when you are NOT making a genuine effort to save your relation.

Coz at the end , romance survives only when you have a firm ground beneath in your feet..
and if you are not sure you can handle it, or chart out your life where two ends can meet..let it go.. is all you can do.

Time is the wisest counsellor... wait for it to say something.

And in the meanwhile make an effort to discover yourself..

Once you know yourself, the rest will fall in place...

Now, enough of gyaan -daan..
And before Radio City hires me to be the next the LOVE GURU... I will end here...


Vikas said...

hello....Well not related to u'r topic...But would like to post something....Hatts of to one who looks life to live fullest


How much?

candid diary said...

All materials show a Kerr effect, but certain liquids display the effect more strongly than other materials do.
Hmm…What’s the percentage of liquid in our body?
I just hope that you are not trying to propose something like Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra. Capra gave an explanation of the parallels between modern physics and Eastern mysticism. Will it be named Kerr of Love?
We are (rather, I am) happy with your post without technical jargons.

anandable said...

my physics is as weak as my maths and my knowledge about love, so please explain more about it :)

zoxcleb said...

thats a very interestign analogy.. willhave to read up some more about it before i say something more... :-)

but u sure have got some very unique view points in this regard!

... and i will.. sorry for not frequenting ur blog too often these days. btw.. why is everythingu write to be continued now?

puchku said...

The definition given for "Kerr effect" is not completely correct. Wikipedia also gives the same definition...but like many of it's topics it contains wrong information (one should be cautious while trusting net funda if at all).

(@candid...The whole of 'Science' is about trying to approximate 'reality'...and reality in itself holds no meaning apart from what we observe...Now observation is all the truth that one can get hold of. Interpretations are scientific when observation is on a simple system which can be easily modelled and approximated....but sometimes interpretations hide themselves inside the word 'emotions' whose logic is very fuzzy because the system was very complex.

Science is the "why" in your look and arts is "why" you should carry on looking. Thats why between Einstein and Ravindranath none was better than the other. Intelligence has different shapes and forms...It is like the whole building being bigger than its constituent bricks....intelligence is better than its constituent scientific binary answers...that is why the expressions are soo different.

I personally believe that Ravindranath's poems are as good laws of nature as are Einstein's.We won't make progress without scientific laws...we won't feel happy without having a fuzzy expression of the complex within us in the form of arts...and thats why one blogs..right? Otherwise why waste time?)

Well after this speach let me concur with you. Love is like(like means there is a similarity in it's behaviour) light electromagnetic field...It always connects two charges. You don't have any charge you don'e have any field....It just exists whenever two charges exist one exerts it and the other feels..true both ways. It is a state uniquely different from the indepedent states of the constituents. Love does exactly the never know when you are caught...and you are caught as soon as you have your opposite charge(read complement)....

Now whether love exists outside you(is a property of what you in love with)or inside(is a property that you carry)is very hard to say...Einstein must have hold the first view...while Ravindranath hold the second one...

"amari chetonar rong e
panna holo sobuj
chuni uthlo ranga hoe
ami chokh mellum akashe
pube uthlo jole alo"

But I believe it is neither. It(read love) is like the light field as I said...but it's effect is like the "kerr effect"...Refractive index is just a number defined by human beings which repreasents "how light behaves" when light(read field) enters a media)whether it is bent...whether it travels faster or on and so forth. It has no meaning if no light is there to fall on the material..But the beauty of Kerr effect is that here a field is changing something(refractive index)which in turn is changing the way in which light is propagated inside the medium....

So much like a person in love...Once in love it changes his/her perception towards love in short...once in the field your system changes ..things assume meanings hitherto unknown to changes the way thoughts propagates inside you.

Kemon achho?

candid diary said...

Thnx 4 d funda.
U, probably, took my comment very seriously. I m happy 2 find someone taking me seriously.
Let me share a secret: my head reels at the thought of 'Tao of Physics'. I m no good in Physics (or anything, for that matter).
Abt Wikipedia: U r aware that it's up to any netizen to modify the contents so that others can expand their horizon of knowledge.
Pleeease don't take me seriously again.

Vinay said...

Aparna Kar..kuch light daalo....thoda simple words mein gyaan a bit confused abt what ur blog means.

arnab said...

@aparna -- wow! you seem to have some really dedicated commentators... probably 50x more words spent on comments than on the actual post ;-) interesting analogy, btw! but the 'electric' and love feels a little cheesy as a combo ;-)

@puchku -- if only your comment's size was more consistent with your name ;-) just kiddin'

tony said...

Wow!! you wrote, "It rained yesterday" and 30 comments rained! Impressive

kris said...

I guess this is KAR effect .. ;)
kerr effect applied on psychology ..

Love is complex, its definition even more so.

But you have tried to explain why relationships fails, atleast i guess so ... hmmm its kinda true but not always ..

P.S: And koi mere blog pey comment karo yaar ..

zoxcleb said...


love ur defintions and explanations on love.. :-)
esp the way u concluded.... its almost surreal how it reflects on life.. :)

Prasoon said...

well - i agree with love being a state of perpetual anaesthesia [hopefully pertual again]. n yes, its surely faith that has to remain - without that - love purely would cease to exist as rightly pointed..

lastly - TIME is indeed the wisest counseller n no second thoughts about that.. am now on a path to discover myself

but sometimes i feel, am alone on this road....

saurabh said...

nice :)

Abir said...

Oye, the perfect match is someone with whom you can work out a relationship with least effort!!!

I would know - I'm a lazy a***hole!

pdey said...

We observe similar analogies everywhere, don't we? Thousand of cause-effect relationships, be it physics, chemistry, economics or sociology...
And when it comes to the realms of mind, things are rather peculiar. A single cause may result in different effects. Even these laws of physics are not very rigid, but observations are more or less specific.. and sometimes its quite difficult to look at a bigger picture.. it took quite a long time for physics to move from Newtonian mechanics to Relativistic mechanics.
Whereas our mind has this b'ful quality, it can reflect on itself, it can almost instanstaneously gauge our emotions, we all do very well know about our emotions, don't we?... we reflect in differnt ways to the same cause, and we are aware of this fact, and we well know we can change the way it effects us.
Love shall only be caused by Love, and its effect is only Love.

Aparna Kar said...


Now I can't agree more on that!

Love shall only be caused by Love, and its effect is only Love

candid diary said...

Aabaar Esechi Phire.
Like daft Daashu (Sukumar Ray) I have come back.
Well, I stumbled on this site and thought of sharing the URL with you.

Aparna Kar said...

@candid diary

Thanks for the link..

My fav defn of love is:

An energy so pure that it makes life want to happen

PythoRoshan said...

lovely article.really liked "The Kerr effect"

Aparna Kar said...


Thanks..keep visiting :)

Aparna Kar said...


I have begin to believe u now..

Devashish said...

Radio Mirchi is definitely going to hire you, some day very soon..!

Either as a Love-Guru or as Smooth-Talker, attention grabber & crowd puller (i don't know how ur voice sounds though, yet).
Or as mirchi hot-shot, saying hot & hip things, & responsible/culpable for making people addicted to your opinions or to you.. :(

still i have to give this compliment: superb english rendition & wonderful diverse knowledge reserve. (& wonderful ideas on love!)