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Saturday, July 29, 2006

My first crush

I know it's a weird topic..
especially now when my personal life has been shelved aside with a new list of priorities featuring in my life..
But I guess it's ok to indulge in idle thoughts once in a while..


No, not Christian Bale or George Clooney..
Believe it or not..the first crush I ever had was on the cartoon character Bruce Wayne.. better known for his alter-ego Batman.
He had a darker side to his character..a super hero fuelled by vengeance.

I loved him because he was perfect..
and maybe that is why I easily fell out of love..
coz in real life..people like these do not exist...


Prasoon said...

i was expecting the 2 and half details to be here ;)
he he he

Aparna Kar said...

Those weren't my "crushes" buddy


I posted something about it long ago and then deleted it..
guess that's too personal..
or deserves a better space than my blog

may be my autobiography..wait for it :D

Ravisekharan said...

hi. Ur blog seems to b gud! U've bin bloggin from 2005. Gud! Ive been from 2004, but not dat frequent!!

But ur blog is good!

zoxcleb said...

well... going by ur last line... u can never be sure....

Aparna Kar said...


Hope I am wrong.. just this once :)

zoxcleb said...

well so far have u been?

robin said...

hmm.. now if even batman reads it he will have areason not to come alive..

Aparna Kar said...


didn't get ya

robin said...

batman has so much to do..

and if he comes alive he would not be able to keep hiomself away from such a sweet thing..

that would be pretty unbecoming of a batman..

Aparna Kar said...


Who said love was easy?

It's about being miserable for that one person who makes u happy...without even trying

(Note : I think Candid will have something to say abt it.)

robin said...

difficult even for batman...hmm..

love is as segal said.. an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired..

sounds selfish doesn't it.. but then love without selfishness is love (pun intended) itself..

Shashi Rajasekaran said...

get the wings from batman.. and keep flying..ur beauty lies in the flight..

seek no perfection cos its a just exists in sight..

Aparna Kar said...

Ok people..check this out..

The fantasy blog share market...

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bruce wayne said... see my name popping up...somewhere in the varsity of global blogs :)...
WEll, vengeance is not my sole motive...but yeah..after witnessing my parents death, I wanted to be someone, who can be a superhero, with the inception of newer technology juxtaposed with my intellect and physical strength...being a philanthropist, i enjoyed my identity. and yeah dont be mistaken..I am still there hovering the stealth world of "The Dark Knight" :)..

Nabeel said...

hmmm ... bruce wayne .. yuppp .. he's rich .. has a heart for the needy .. what's there not to love baout him?

hope u saw 'batman returns'

candid diary said...

Sorry if I sound serious but this is what I do believe:-
‘Being miserable for that one person who makes u happy’ is not love… it’s slavery, infatuation, obsession and craze. It’s masochism. True love does not demand you or your loved one to be slave to each other. The question is “Do you love yourself?” If the answer is ‘no’, how can you love others?

Aparna Kar said...


I was expecting this from u candid :)

Don't worry..
I am neither a masochist nor infatuated..

It would take more than a Homo sapien to make a slave out of me .. :P

And more than anything else..I love myself.. and that is what has kept me going :)

mr.perfect said...

You haven't seen them all

Aparna Kar said...


and to add more...
he's suave, knowledgeable,and got a jaw-line to die for :P

Aparna Kar said...


I can wait :P

Aparna Kar said...


Mucho gratias

keep visiting...

I am just a beginner..and I seriuosly want to continue blogging until I am 90 at least

saurabh said...

Who said love was easy?

It's about being miserable for that one person who makes u happy...without even trying.......


saurabh said...

LOVE IS NOT ABOUT being miserable for that one person who makes u happy...without even trying.......

But... IT IS ABOUT feeling of extreme happiness knowing that ONE PERSON YOU LOVE IS YOURS :))

Maybe u need to think about this as well

zoxcleb said...

Who said love was easy?

It's about being miserable for that one person who makes u happy...without even trying

now thats just rubbish...i agree with candid completely!
come on aparna.. was expecting much better from u! :-)

Aparna Kar said...


I am loving the stir it caused..

the comment was so unlike me..hai na..

coz it wasn't me speaking..

I told Candid..and I am telling u the same..

I will never (read: NEVER) trade my originality for anything in this world..

So be rest assured :)

that was a fantastic thought that flashed across..nothing more..nothing less..

it has no actuality in my domain of existence

saurabh said...

Ahh.. the Attention Seeker Syndrome ;)

Aparna Kar said...



If it is so..then I suffer perpetually from it..

It is inherent in me, my dear sir..

I'd say more of a Virgo trait..
just like u :P

zoxcleb said...

stop sounding like a sci-fi person.. actuality in my domain of existence :-)

u'd put Asimov to shame!!

btw, if it wasnt u speaking... who was?

Aparna Kar said...


I'd call it-"temporary insanity"

Saurav said...

I like a girl who likes Batman :)
Hey guess what I'm writing a blog myself, will send u the link once its up

Aparna Kar said...

Now..why would that be?
only coz I like batman ? :O

Got ur link..will leave my comments

Vikas said...

Love is strong yet delicate.
It can be broken.
To truly love is to understand this.
To be in love is to respect this

@archie@ said...

well i assume we're quite prone to falling for smthing in ppl wich others do not have....even weird characteristics!!!

Aparna Kar said...


I agree..

u begin to respect relations only after u have been in one..

Aparna Kar said...


strange..but true...

I remember having liked someone coz he had a very weird laughter...
something which actually went- HEE-HAW, HEE-HAW

I felt he's not trying to be someone else..he's just being himself with me.

Sometimes it's when someone actually dances like a dork..or drops ketchup on his shirt..or does something equally clumsy that u begin to adore..

Even nervous mannerisms when he/she is trying to appear cool...LOL

the list could go on...


zoxcleb said...

now thats a plea which somehow works quite often!

saurabh said...

Hmm... I rest my case .. :P

Vikas said...

Hey blog is "Rendezvous "....

Go on........waiting for more

desh said...

cant believe so many people post at ur blog...

Aparna Kar said...



what a strange thing to say..
U either blog is not worth it..
or u mean..u haven't seen so many comments before..

If it's the latter..then I suggest u visit some popular blogs like "The Great Bong" or "the dilbert blog"..they have more than 200 comments per post...

and if it's the former..then I have no clue why u left a comment here..LOL

saurabh said...

I Rest my case again :)

Aparna Kar said...

Twenty years from now in the rubbles of a war-torn city in a distant land, a strange creature lurks in the dark.

Encased in a light-weight climate-controlled body armour, humming with electricity and bustling with sensors, this human-machine is constantly updated with information via a glowing monocular display.

Meet the Aparna Kar of the future

Now this was a serious attempt at Sci-fi

Inspired by zoxcleb's comment:

stop sounding like a sci-fi person.. "actuality in my domain of existence" :-)

u'd put Asimov to shame!!

I wonder what Asimov will have to say ..

Do I stand a chance?
Hee hee

Aparna Kar said...



who's the judge???
and the jury???


zoxcleb said...

wrt ur sci-fi.... well.. what can i say.. u have more of a clarke feel... :-)

Am Not Who U Think I Am said...

hehe...ur first cruch was a cartoon character, come to think of first crush was my teacher who taught me in 1st grade.she was cute if i rememeber and she loves very lot of ppl do hav strange first crushs...urs is a bit strange though

saikat said...

ahaaaa interesting post...pity just saw it today...appu do one thing..attempt to write a sci-fi romantic comaedy :D it'll be a first of its case..n knowing u am sure u can do it....hmmm so when there is so much love in the air...aila sorry the blog...i can only say....if u can respect individual works...otherwise not..zimple!!

abt mah first crush...well after crashing down the bike yesterday n seeing pluto n venus dancing infront of me...i dunn even remember my last crush..leave aside the first crush...

appu write ur a.b fast re...dun get stuck like still in my 3rd chapter of janus gap.. n its already the 3rd month ...