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Friday, November 21, 2008

Congo Crisis

Thanks to Rutger

And I agree to his saying :'People worry about the wrong things in life... period.'

For more, read this.


Anonymous said...

Very very moving...The photo that you have pasted here is by far the most heart wrenching one-thanks for the link. Its good to be aware-I had no idea about this!Is there any way we could help? If you know one please do tell me..

Mampi said...

You made me cry with that link. And here we are, cribbing about life-for reasons absurd as Advani and Modi.

Aparna Kar said...

I couldn't hold back my tears either. And here I am, engaged in the vagaries of life, while a different world waits there.

Aparna Kar said...

Awareness can just be the beginning. You could look up voluntary groups working for such causes. It's just one series of snapshot from a world we are blissfully unaware of. I'm sure there are people in need near home too.

passer by said...

sad..but wall street and detroit have become world's top priority..

dolby said...

WARNING: Don't see the below video if you are really faint hearted. Happened in Chennai Law college over a small issue that one group dint included Dr.Ambedkar photo in a poster. The politician used it wisely.

And this was there in my friend's blog

Without starting my comment....PERIOD

Arun Srinivasan said...

Can't control though.. who said world is not watching?... they are busy selling weapon... In india for politicians its "caste" keep their business up and in international arena its "weapon"... i hope it makes sense right?

Aparna Kar said...

@passer by

Aah ! The talk of WSJ in recent times, always a bailout plan is needed. The whole politics intrigues me, more than Detroit's Big Three, it's UAW who seems to be interested in their survival. The President elect has said that the government won't issue a blank check, and they have to plan assuring the money would make them economically viable. Let's see what happens in December. It's going to get interesting.

Btw, remember what the AIG senior executives did after the $ 85 billion bailout? They held a week-long retreat at the luxury St. Regis Resort in Monarch Beach, CA, running up a tab of $440,000. Talk of advertising purported wealth and importance...

Aparna Kar said...

I am a chicken heart when it comes to blood and gore, so I won't even venture, lest I should faint. We see a lot of meaningless violence around us. Conflict, under any excuse, never made any sense to me. War destroys. Only destroys.They talk of a new world, of killing the king to gain freedom. One dictator or another- what differrence does it make to the common man? Did the people in Iraq ask for the war? And the US soldiers, and their families who are waiting back home for their safe return, let alone those who have lost their young sons and daughters- did anyone ask them their opinion? But I guess it'll take another thousand years of civilization and biological evolution to help us understand that violence serves no good. If we survive till then with this incessant meaningless rampage.


A song goes like this:
Little child,dry your crying eyes
how can I explain
the fear you feel inside
cause you were born
into this evil world
where man is killing man
but no one knows just why
what have we become
just look what we have done
all that we destroyed
you must build again

when the children cry
let them know we tried
cause when the children sing
then the new world begins.

Need I say more?

I am an engineer working in a village that is the size of a large farm! People here have been living in poverty their entire lives! Old emaciated women can be seen carrying loads that would prove to be heavy for even a young strong man, barefoot children with rags for clothes are left on their own on the streets. People defecate on the streets without any awareness of wrongdoing.
In a village of such small magnitude, there are at least 3 wine shops that are thriving, I just don't understand how the men can justify their stupidity?!

The people of Congo are facing a horrendous situation, I cannot even begin to understand how one human can crush the soul of another. But what needs to be understood is what events have led to this kind of a horrific tragedy. Violence has been used since centuries by man, it has been justified under the name of religion, freedom, country, even pride! When did we become accustomed to the idea that it is all right to have the power to end a man's life? Imagine the first man to hold a weapon, he must have had to silence his conscience to use the tool of terror he held in his hand. For we are not born with the urge to kill, in fact it was something foreign to our instincts. Why do you think that men in the army are told that they have to follow every rule, in spite of what their feelings are on the subject. If they stopped to think, I think they would be disgusted with themselves. I agree with you, war leads to destruction, period.

I pray for all those suffering in Congo, I cannot even imagine your pain my friends.

Sam said...

if only rationality was given a chance... if only!!
a heart wrenching photo... as for the last comment, it reminds of a short fictional piece i had written ages ago from the POV of a soldier caught off guard by his conscience!!

dolby said...

WTF is happening?... period!

dolby said...

WTF is happening?... period!

Anonymous said...

No amount of help would ever suffice.Scenes like this makes one an atheist.How could so much of inequality, lie in the underlying harmony and oneness ?

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Then why, all the talk of a savior in world scriptures ? Nothing is in peace, only the black money holders have that in their luxury mansions.

And the rest lie contented in their own graveyards. Buried in the coffins of selfish thought. Karma does not explain mass killings, it confuses. How come an innocent child be victimized for poverty, for something he did in his past life?

Emptiness remains. If sensory pleasures are the goal, then every third rate politician has everything what the people envy. They don't stop with that, they go out and mess around with people's lives, bribing God, people and the entire society.

learning to fly said...

@Surya Kannan: God does not even enter into the picture. Blame everything on man, on those who think they are powerful because they hold weapons in their hands. Blame it on ourselves because we encouraged the mass production of weapons, put the blame in the right place. Coz only after you do that can you even think of correcting all that is wrong with our world. And only we can change the world, we can! You will ask what we can do against bloodthirsty terrorists, against corrupt and greedy politicians, the fact is that nothing will change if we just keep grumbling. I just know that if we want our country to change, we are the only ones who can do it. It sounds naive I know, but think about it. They came and spread terror by threatening to kill us, what if we were unafraid? What if we were to tell them that for every man they kill, for every leader they make a martyr of, another man will stand up and take his place. How many will they kill? The question is, how fearless can we be? Why do we loose our rationality in the face of death? Why do they seek revenge? Why the hell are they so angry with us? These questions need to be answered for we are suffering because of the decisions made in the past by our leaders, we are suffering because these terrorists believe that they have not been treated fairly. Well, so do we! They did not stop to think that maybe they are hurting innocents coz they were hurt themselves, its the approach that is wrong, it leads to disaster.

Anonymous said...

Organized crime gives no room for the sentiments of hurting innocent people. I blamed God because of the promise that he has given. The apparent fallacy of everything. It is contrary to the rosy picture painted by the Vedas.

We had a select few demons in the past. But today right from the stationery store to an elite senate, we encounter such people in our lives. They thrive in exploitation. I agree with what you said that only we can change.

But the strength of that 'We' is important. If everyone starts thinking the way you think then perhaps there is a chance of revolution like what happened in France with the French revolution.

Guillotines were guillotined and people took their rightful place. But what happened after that was a great tragedy. People thought, it was their right to hurt every aristocrat in the country.

Even if we change, we should not fall into the trap of tit for tat. It feels like renaissance is about to happen soon because events are reaching a flash point in our everyday lives. While people are so busy talking about terrorism, nature too unleashes her fury like Tsunami.

Our age is very tough to live in. Right from the morning we are not sure whether we would reach home in the evening. Sometimes, what we think to be an act of terrorism is not at all what it appears to be just like the insiders job in Sept.11, twin towers, America. Using that as a reason for invading Iraq and wreak Mayhem.

We can change, but what about the rest ? Who will change them ?? An incredible source of supreme power is needed to drive away the devils in those mind.

So, I still blame God for letting all this happen.

Bong Pen said...

Innocent unaccounted tears! Yet we talk of ak-47s,RDX!

God bless them, bless them all!

Rahul said...

Are we doing something other then talking and crying.... are we? including me. Are we ready to donate a dollar every day... its nothing but it is something better than nothing?

Anirban Kar said...

@ Nice thoughts. One photographs says all.

zoram said...

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