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Sunday, December 07, 2008

I kicked a purse snatcher :D

The Incident:
I was walking down at William Street, Cambridge and about to enter SG's house when a man approached me and asked :'What time is it?" I stopped to look at my watch. 6:25 PM. He tried to snatch my purse - once, twice, three jolts. But the loser didn't know I could scream so hard. Neither did I. I kicked him left and right- and when he got confused and stepped back- I looked at him, still holding it - breathing heavily and asking- "You want my purse? Come, get it." You should have seen him bolt like a rabbit.

He snapped the sling of my favorite purse though he couldn't take anything.

After math:
By the time my friends came out, he had run towards Auburn Street and vanished. SG was a shirtless rescuer when he was out on the street - still trying to figure what had transpired, and apparently went back to ironing clothes when I said : 'No point chasing him in the cold like this.' Finally, the neighbors peeped out to see if everything was all right. It had all happened in just a few minutes.

I reported it to the Cambridge Police an hour later. Taking some time to gain resilience- it was upsetting. The routine query and my describing the guy followed. The officer looked at my shoes when I told him that I had kicked him, and he remarked: 'That must have hurt him !' I said :'I hope so.'

He asked me if I could identify the culprit if I saw him again and said that a detective might get in touch with me later.

We duly thanked the officer and went to the potluck. They loved the baked chicken legs I made. It was a great party. I specially liked the making of "Feuerzangenbowle" (fire pliers punch)

Don't worry, we didn't have to drink it with the fire.

My analysis:
We had an ad shoot at Prudential, and I was dressed in formal and killer boots. Probably that incited him. Only if he knew I am a Poor Indian Graduate Student (PIGS), carrying everything in my purse- including my new phone and my camera for the party. And of course, my wallet with cards and cash in it, key rings, a perfume, comb, a DVD I had to return. I thought I was carrying my passport too. I wouldn't have given it away for anything.

I had the potluck to attend so I was carrying some food - that put me at a disadvantage. Usually they target women with infants or heavy loads.

He looked like a drug addict to me - in dire need of some cash.

One of my friends said : He was too slow, if it was your purse.
I said: I probably look less dangerous than I am.



Mampi said...

Great, Gutsy girl.
That guy would think twice before even thinking of attempting at anyone else's purse now.
We are impressed.

Aparna Kar said...

I don't think he'll stop - but hereon he'll look at the shoes first :D

Anonymous said...

LOL...Great Job
I'ld say you were lucky for this time, some of them are more dangerous... Try not to get into these situations, the next one might be "armed"!!!
It's a great ending and good that you saved you phone and cam.... and the chicken legs,

sangram said...

crap...thts awesome.. .i mean the kicking part obviously.. not the snatching.. :D.... man u are safe...thts the great part :)...stay out of danger........:)

sam said...

talk about commando in suits :P
good kicking mate...

candid diary said...

In such a situation people choose either to fight or take a flight. You had been sure about your victory and chose to fight like ‘Lara Croft’. You are very courageous but very fortunate also.
So, Shawas with a word of caution! I request you not to take unescorted journeys through such places – not because you are a lady but similar attacks may come on a lonely man in lonely, shadowy places.
Being an occasional reader of The Boston Globe I know that certain areas in Boston are simply famous for mugging and other crimes.
Here are just two links for your reading but, please, I am not trying to scare you. I wish you all well, have a nice day.

ashima said...

Hi aparna...kudos to you...I know one must take cautionary steps but i feel if u know the defense why to hitch!!...such incident happened with me in delhi instead of applauding for the courage i was suggested not to act like this being a furl...wat the F...???...neways...still be cautious!!!

hey i wanna engage in blogging in a productive manner can you help me out...i m keen on blogging but always take a back seat..need some tips... :D

Aparna Kar said...

What can you expect in a place where the CM remarks at the death of a journalist: "Driving at 3 AM alone in a city, which people believe is not very safe for women after should not be adventurous". Remember the case of Soumya Viswanathan, which led to IIMC students sending roses to Shiela Dixit with the message "Get Well Soon" on Gandhi Jayanti?

I have lived in Delhi and NCR for almost 5 years and I thought I am ready to live anywhere else in the world after that- but this is totally unanticipated. As for blogging,'Doctor, Heal Thyself'. I need to be more consistent myself. This semester has been worth all the hard work, but it has kept me from my most favorite hobby. I guess you should just let it come out when it wants to. :)

Aparna Kar said...

@Candid Diary
Yeah, kudos to Lara Croft, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, and the likes. Also, thank my genes. I was fortunate- he could have used the knife he used to snap the purse sling.

I know there are dark pockets in every city. I wouldn't go stomping in certain areas in New York at night- but near Central Square, at 6:25 PM! It's outrageous. Dorchester had been infamous years ago. Remember Gone Baby Gone ?) Anyways, I did what I thought was my civic duty. Though I can't think it happening to me in my hometown. The first 18 years of my life were the safest I could be.

I am strong enough to control my conscious- but I can't manipulate my dreams or prognose a disturbed sleep.

Bhargav Roy said...

Bravo !! That was indeed very brave of you ! Do take adequate precautions-like listening to your gut feelings(most often they are right)in such difficult conditions.

Anonymous said...

This is our girl. If you sported pencil hill which I am sure you did then the f*er might have lost one of his balls. For the great job done I promise a good treat for you when you come home.
Manas Uncle.

Harish said...

Poor guy. You should have addressed his grievances.

The Luscious one! said...

Good show!!

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Anonymous said...

Hire Body Guards and Bouncers with you, wherever you go. Two on the left side and two on the right side.

Not only will it assure you safety, when you walk into a mall but you might be spotted as a Celebrity.

Add, signing autographs in your long list of hobbies :)

Aparna Kar said...

@ surya kannan
I'm quite capable of taking care of myself. Thank you. And still some time before I become a celebrity :P Why pose as one now? I can wait :D

Anonymous said...

I'm Sorry. I realize that you don't need bodyguards and bouncers.

BrownPhantom said...

Came across here through blog-hopping.Interest posts .Co-incidently, my laterst post too have a story of a tout to tell followed by analysis :).

Munmun said...

bravo ! I am proud of you :D