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Friday, April 14, 2006

A new page in my diary...

It has been some time since I last scribbled in this space...
As a matter of fact, I had even considered giving up blogging for good..

But old habits die hard..and thank God for that!

Well... a few things have changed during this short while..and a few things haven't...
I landed myself with a job when I was least expecting it...(there were people with Masters in Mass Comm with 5 years of experience- and I am only a fresher with a graduate degree in Biotech)

I guess the subjective paper where I had to write an essay got me through..
But let me get back to my new work basically consists of indexing and abstracting text...the work is interesting, with the icing on the cake that I get to read some research papers which are totally awesome...

Life is more disciplined now.I try to sleep before 2 AM..coz my log in time is 9:30 AM...

I am yet to decide if I want to apply to my old school for my MBA degree coz I couldn't convert the calls I wanted to..and didn't fill the forms of a few outstation B-schools( Stupid? Yeah I know...but I have no regrets in life..)

The day inevitably begins with my trying to hold on to my pillow a little longer..
I never hated my cell so much before..I put the alarm the previous night and I repent it every following morning

A hurried bath( no time for the usual 1-hr long ablutions in the morning)..a quick breakfast and I am on my way to office with my eyes half closed and face still puffy...
I manage to register at 9:28 AM and by the time I take my seat in front of my system I wonder if I am still dreaming or actually at office..but when I open my batch files and see the work that has been allocated to me I realise..aaah am a grown up lady now.. and this is reality

Rest of the day is pure bliss....

When it is is work..with nothing else in my mind..

Except for the occasional distraction from a funny colleague who has a habit of making faces at everyone..
He is a real chatterbox and gives me a headache except at lunch time when his mouth is full.

There is a surprisingly quiet lady in my project( polarly opposite to what he is) and I can count and say the number of times I actually heard her voice..everytime only to reply when I had asked her something..

There is a typical mechanical guy ( I nicked him "Bullet" for his efficiency) who works like a maniac and takes more sutta breaks than anyone else on the floor..

I am the youngest in my project and I don't know if it works against or for me..

One thing I was totally ecstasic about yesterday ..I got to abstract a file for the first time and it was live!
Let me's my training period and I am supposed to get dummy ones are those which go to the client..
A senior guy observed "I haven't got one come u got them?..U must have been really good at it in the test!"

I smiled and come someone who's as good at abstracting texts is equally poor in getting the essence of life..

I guess everyone else played by the rules of the game..Only I made assumptions..

But then..there are no regrets in life..only lessons...

An update ( 23rd April.2006)

Got a new project beginning from tomorrow..and I am really excited about it..
It's tougher than what we have been doing till now..with a much more expanded thesaurus and complicated system tools..
Four people have been selected for it...
(needless to mention..I am the only trainee in it)

I am loving it...

The pressure is immense..
But I am getting paid for what I love doing best..reading and comphrehending...

I had no idea office could be so much fun!!
The TM is really helpful ..and the ambience conducive for work..

and yeah..there was this incident when for the second time some female walked up to my desk and asked how I maintain my coiffure..
Had to give her a long list to of "to do"

-Use L'oreal Absolute repair shampoo and conditioner..
-Alternate it with Ultra Doux Olive oil and lemon shampoo + conditioner..
-Get a head massage done at least once a week
-and use a serum if u have straight hair..for extra sheen


Hope I didn't scare her.. :D


zoxcleb said...

life is not a textbook for u to abstract its essence. its not coffee either where u can just smell its kick from miles away.
u gotta stap and smell the proverbial rose if u even want to figure out tiny bits and pieces of it.

your day still sounds quite laid-back, even for a working girl!

and wow!! u seems to be really gifted.. if only i could understand what exactly it is u read and do with the work, i could say more :-)
reading unpublished work? awesome stuff (if its any good!!)

Aparna Kar said...

GPS..U don't seem to be in a very good mood right now...:P

zoxcleb said...


Shashi Rajasekaran said...

hey congrats on ur job.. njoy it to the fullest..

like tennyson said

"drink life to lees"

take care mate.

TheRedBantoo said...

hmmm it e lifes life erm erm it's life

yaawn im goin to bed madam your works have impressed me abit and now i m going on quest ...a noble quest

where i idle for 6 to 8 hrs

DarK ProFiLe said...

The biggest flaw of a democrarcy is that Fools Rush In !!

Vinay said...

Hey Aparna, Congrats on the new job. Is this ur first one ? Guess so. Transformation from a student to a working gal :-).
Difficult to imagine u working for a Biotech company. This one better suits ur persona. Hope the 9 to 5 job doesnt keep u away from blogging.
All the best!!

Aparna Kar said...

Dunno ..
have hardly any time left for anything else..:(

Aparna Kar said...

@Dark profile
Rush in?
Where ??My dear sir???

Aparna Kar said...

Did u find it?

Aparna Kar said...

Thanks pal:)


Its good that old habits die hard.

Aparna Kar said...


Prasoon said...

remember the lines of matrix - "the decision has already been made" - well, thats the case here..
the work environment sounds good and you being here and not a b-school has happened for a better reason lets assume :)
~there shall never be regrets in life but only lessons~

Aparna Kar said...

yeah..right..and I cudn't have asked for anything better..:)

Prasoon said...

is it just me or is it in general that people work best under pressure?

Anonymous said...



Aparna Kar said...


Look around..there are plenty like u...:)

Aparna Kar said...

I guess I just love my office..
Hope the novelty never wears off...:)

and I get to face newer challenges everyday

As of today, our server is down.
And I am missing work :(
and the pressure associated with it...

arnab said...

as always, a joy to read... but could not help remember parallels with -- that's a blog i read from time to time... you can go over to see why i mention it... i seriously hope you employer would be better than that :-) but i guess it's something you will like to know nevertheless... and you might just like to read the blog anyway :-)