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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Win some, lose some

So much to write..and so little time now:(
Now that I have already started working 10 hrs a day..I think I will set targets for my blogging too..

I would like to write about:
#1 My favourite book
#2 My greatest asset

Coming soon..on a computer screen(or a mobile screen..if u have GPRS activated) near u... :D


zoxcleb said...

10 hrs a day?!
thats insane!

let me guess... #2 is ur bro!

any release dates to speculate abt? :-)

Aparna.G said...

10 hrs a day + travel + food + sleep? how on earth? y on earth rather????????

Aparna Kar said...

"How?"..Very simple..

"WHY?"..well work helps keep ur mind off a lot of other things..
it's getting addictive by the day...:)

Aparna Kar said...

My darling bro..but dunno when I will publish that...
whenever whim makes me sit with the keyboard I guess...till then some other things might get published too
But I guess it'll be better if it's after he leaves for Pittsburgh..:)
will send him the link then as a surprise:)

zoxcleb said...

so i'm assuming he doesnt read this otherwise..

btw.. why do u still need to get ur mind off things? and i know u just started work, but usu ppl stop working when they want the mind to relax ;-)

AakASH!!! said...

So you have started working now. Its been quite sometime since i read your blog, and like always, you did manage to capture glimpses of time. :)
And the best part was reading again the dedication for 'An Equal Music', once i knew every word of it, with time it fainted out, but thanx to you for reminding me yet again.
Do get in touch.

Aparna Kar said...


AAH!! Guruji I see

(ok..let me tell u people..during the greener days of blogging..I was inspired by his posts...never seen anyone who can give such an aesthetic value to pain...)

This is the way it works..

I forget a song ..
a poem fades from ur memory

and then somewhere..we come across it again...

Vikram seth has been my fav for quite a while...

Wud like to quote one of my favs here..


I will be easy company; the blur
Of what I longed for once will fade to space.
No thought that could discomfort you will stir.
My eyes will painlessly survey your face.