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Friday, February 10, 2006

Eerie Replay

The headlines arrested my attention...and I was soon reading a cursory glance by the print media which needed to fill its columns...
It was a tale of a young ,beautiful woman who had committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan of her Juhu apartment..leaving behind a two-page suicide note,saying she couldn't cope with life's pressures.
All the elements of romance included..she even had a loving boyfriend about whom she wrote
"I'm sorry ,Bhanu.I 'm paying for my sins.You're the most beautiful person in my life.You taught me the true meaning of love"

Yes,I am talking of Kuljeet Randhawa-the female lead in teleserials "Kohinoor' and "Special Squad"..who was awaiting the release of her first Bollywood film.
Having featured in a host of commercials for Whirlpool,Maruti and Reid & Taylor etc...a wannabe might think what could have made her take such a foolish/bold/(n a plethora of other adjectives to suit one's tastes/inclination) move when her career was going great guns.

We read.We muse over for a while..n we forget..

and another story another day...another headline..makes us think for a while

Full many a flower is born to blush unseen and waste it's sweetness on the desert air


Aparna Kar said...

The problem with such cases is..u never see the danger signals..
U r so comfortable thinking that she's happy..u forget to look beyond the obvious...

I am not claiming people(specially young,beautiful,desirable women with apparently no reason to complain) who commit suicide have a bunch of insensitive people around them..
but one thing they lack is probably..someone to talk to..

some one to share their fears matter how miniscule the chances r of their becoming a looming menacing reality

someone to confess matter how trifling the sin is

I might not sound sane..or not cater to the tastes of my beloved friends..who have since so long tolerated my idiosyncrasies..and actually lauded them..
but this is an issue close to my heart..I needed to address

saikat said...

see whatever said and done, that she was not able to cope up with lif's pressure, the bed of roses in her life had too many thorns had too many misdirections blah blah blah that the media has used to post mortem her suicide, i'll say all in all it was a cowardice step.

u just cannot lose the battle of existence, if you dont have someone to share ur feelings, then isn't u also partly responsible for it, for not being able to come out of ur inner shadows, just removing the it a soln???

as u have already said she definitely had someone who understood her (as was indicated in her suicide note) so why not discuss the problems with those ppl....why try to hide the emotional trauma that one is going true...sometimes emotions go haywire and i think thats one of the primary reason i think that God created here comes the point..did the danger signals were visible earlier,if it was then what the hell they were doing...that includes someone who had flown to jammu....dunno whether he knew or not, but if they were very close as has been indicated in the suicide not, then i'll say he is a equal partner in the sin...

all said and done...what happened was really sad, and it clearly proves that in this materialistic existence that life has now turned into...we have somehow forgotten that it was meant to be lived in a far simpler way with loads of smiles for urself and others... maybe evolution killed emotions...maybe cavemen were better...dunno but yes maybe.....

Aparna Kar said...

@saikat for thought..more on this later

zoxcleb said...

i'm gonna have to agree with saikat on this matter...

no matter how lonely u may think u are, there is always someone whom u can share ur thoughts with. u just may not know it yet. thats where giving up just doesnt seem to be the right option.

go out explore.. no matter how hard it is...

btw, why does this post call it a replay??

Rony said...

Replay of Nafisa tragedy.

I'am sure you wrote the word "bold"
by mistake while using adjectives for a suicide.

Aparna Kar said...

I guess U haven't attempted it ever...
it's not only cowards who commit suicide
giving up ur most precious thing...requires more effort than u or me can think of

I can confess I am too much in love with my life right think abt not live to see what wonders the next moment holds for me..or what hue the morning sun brings tomorrow