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Friday, February 15, 2008

A Lot Like Love

Don't fall for the misleading title, I have more to talk about than just love today. Or should I say- more than just one of its dimensions.

I had a satisfactory class performance this week, with both Prof. Peter McClure and Prof. Pratyush Bharati having to forcibly shift their gazes from my raised hand so that others would get a chance. The case study on Duncan Industries was particularly interesting where we had to investigate the feasibility of a Canadian hoist manufacturer's plan of expanding into the European market over strengthening the muscle of its US distributors. It was rich in content and typical of the Harvard case studies. If you want the case highlights, ask me later :D

Yesterday was V-day and I had my Economics class in the evening. Love was in the air and even Prof Eric Hayden seemed to have apperceived it when he airily concluded the class saying: In Economics or in love, the only thing that is constant is change. I smiled at the truth of the statement. If not the object of your affection, at least your expression has to/will change over time.

~When I was in Kindergarten, love meant the chicken legs that Mom would always give bro and me and I would ask : Why don't you have them yourself? They are the tastiest part ! She'd smile and say : " The chicken had only two legs and I don't fancy them much anyways." I knew she lied because she loved us and she'd rather let us have them. How can someone not like chicken legs? :D

~When I was 13, love meant the popular senior in school I had a crush on. Well, half the school had a crush on him, from pimple adorned teenagers to some young female teachers. I'd wait for his bus to school cross mine at a common stop and I'd always want to sit near the rear window so that I could catch a glimpse of him.

~When I was 16, love meant going out with my best friend, Rai and buying gifts for each other. It also meant the English tuitions I had with a Professor who enkindled my love for the language. I was doing well at school, but I always looked forward to attending his classes on Friday evenings where we would write a composition for 45 minutes and he'd grade them. Getting a B+ in one of the compositions was a lifetime achievement for his students and getting "Not fail" in his Preposition tests meant 10/10. I had a record for that. Unfortunately, I have been out of practice. He has been right. You tend to forget your lessons if you don't revise.

~When I was 19, love meant the beady eyed guy who was hopelessly in love with me and would write poems for me but whose advances I ignored because I thought being single was cool.

~When I was 22, love meant my parents, who were with me through thick and thin. It was also what made Dad buy flowers for Mom even after 27 years of marriage.

I am 24 now, and love to me is Marketing Management class by Peter McClure on Tuesday evening :D

It's his remembering that she loves steamed dumplings.

It's giving a card which simply says:

It is wanting to grow wrinkly and toothless together.

It is someone's desire to see you grow perfect in every way, each day.

But most importantly, it is giving myself a chance to be me. :)

Thought for the day
When you make the finding yourself - even if you're the last person on Earth to see the light - you'll never forget it.
-Carl Sagan


zoxcleb said...

love is a many splendoured thing... and yes, it grows and fluctuates with time. i've seen most of this, i especially remember the chicken legs :-)

all thats missing is the last part..... or is it?

candid diary said...

I am loving your blog:D

Bubbles of FireWhisky said...

"In Economics or in love, the only thing that is constant is change."

sigh... so true...

"But most importantly, it is giving myself a chance to be me."

sigh... so true... n so utterly beautiful...

Still Searching said...

Although I'm not given to get sentimental about love anymore, and this may come from the fact that I'm not 24 anymore, and dont have a fresh outlook to life.. I like what you've said about love.. I'm pretty sure my definition of love has changed over the years, but the only thing thats remained constant is knowing that love should be more about the other person than it should be about your own self... then it lasts longer.. I think!

Aparna Kar said...

@Still Searching
I really want to know how I look at love after a couple of years :) I know it'll change and I hope I'll be ready for it :)

Btw, you have said what wise men say: It's more in giving than in receiving that thou shall find love. But my case has been different, I have found that I tend to overdo it sometimes when it comes to giving. And so, I have decided to reshuffle my "to-love" list and give "myself" the most priority. I have also found that if I can't love myself first, I can't love others. However someday, when I become a mother, probably I too will give the chicken legs to my kids. Until then I'll have that smug look on my face because I believe that I love myself more than anybody else in this world. (except maybe my Dad on occasions where I trust his judgment more than mine) The plan should work out fine. Call it the execution of my new year resolution :D Aparna Kar Version 4.0 :)

Aparna Kar said...

@bubbles and candid
I love it when you guys manage a peek into my blog :)

Aparna Kar said...

Chicken legs :) Yeah , somethings get registered in your mind forever. Even the most trifle of kindness or an act of love by someone. I'd give away my sharpened pencils (not without asking for due credit though :P) to my bro coz he was too lazy to sharpen them themselves at school :D That was manifestation of love for me. Or even Grandma's rice porridge.. mmmm.

The last thing? That's for you to know and me to guess :)

Munmun said...

lol! I also still remember Swapan sir's "not fail" stuff: when I would get like 10/10 he would say he forgot how to spell "pass", so would write "not fail". But he was one of those teachers who made a difference in my life...
Thanks for refreshing those memories!

Dolby said...

all i see when i search for the label love, this is the way the post were...

Happiness, Love
Happiness, Love, Rambling
Happiness, Love, Rambling, Relationship

Aparna Kar said...

Is that a complain or a mere observation? If it's the later, then you must say that I am getting more focussed now :)
Thanks for bringing it to my notice though. Interesting !

Aparna Kar said...

Lol! Imagine ! I guess he's one of those who can really make a difference - effortlessly!
I remember everything so fondly about him. His lazing on the divan, his pan adorned mouth and his rushing downstairs every time Gauri Ma'm called out for him. :D
He was so real and yet so unworldly !

Dolby said...

Its NOT a complaint.. jus an observation.. hope we had this conv sometime b4 when i was searching for the tag... it seems more meaningful in the same hierarchy... initially LOVE, HAPPINESS, RELATIONSHIP, RAMBLING to LOVE alone.. it was really intresting.. else i wont be replying back to ur comment by early morning 2... sometime things which seems to be very simple to self hav far beyond impact on someone else... this might be one for me!

saikat said...

nice post and i loved the line "in economics and love, the only thing which is constant is change" happy and trring-trring me :)

Sam said...

Love is a sweet song sung in different molodies!!

ILA(a)இளா said...

Your definitions are simply superb! I like your love at 13th.

Saurabh said...

A lot like love... this title reminds me of the good times.. :-)) I mean the really good times...

Aparna Kar said...

Life happens in phases. Wait for it- you'll have better times :)

Aparna Kar said...

Hee hee. Thanks. It's strange how my perception changed over the years towards a certain emotion and myself. Honestly, I now feel that self-love is the only honest love and is with the only person I have the power to change. I started with a superstition that love can transform. If it's true, then I'd like to see myself change and evolve into someone better, more near-perfect everyday.

Btw, love@13 was really innocent. I nurtured the crush on him till I was 18. Then of course I joined college and people started having crushes on me- which was novel because at school I was an amazon who had a reputation for thrashing guys. :D How we change with times. Can't say that I don't feel like packing a punch now and then.. but well.. gotta act civilized and lady-like. Outwardly at least :P

Aparna Kar said...

Couldn't have said it better :)

Aparna Kar said...

Got to appreciate truth when you see it :D
Wait for another Saturday night party and I will be wailing my heart out again ;) Lol. U tc 2

Srividya said...

You've been tagged