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Sunday, March 05, 2006

It's my life!!

Someone recently remarked I appear to be a character from some in a far-off castle...who loves to play with puppies and wants only flowers as gifts..
Maybe I am not grounded..but surely I am not that fantastic!!
I wouldn't have existed in real life then!!!

But what the hell !
Who cares!!
And even if I do...who cares that I care?

Here I am ..having the time of my life -playing Movie Crosswords and Dumb Charades @ Kritva..

And pronouncing my fav F word a no.of times enough to make my Mom wash my mouth if she heard it..

I am happy..I am being

I have never tried to be someone else in my life...
not only coz I think it's cowardly..but also coz I think it's much more convenient to be myself...

Love me or hate me...but only coz I am ME...

And if u think U want to change me... only to suit ur whim..then..I am terribly sorry..I can change for NO ONE.

It's not vanity..just simple logic
If I cease to be me...I will cease to exist..

and u wud actually be liking someone else...not ME

So next time u think something is not right ..or something needs to be rectified..just let me know..don't try to dictate..coz it's my LIFE!!!


rohit said...

is it a hidden message or what?If you think its your life...(Everybody thinks so:p), then whats the need of writing it out here???(now dont say, 'its my life' again).As far as i know, people write such kind of things only when....



Prasoon said...

the sweetest thing ever is 'freedom' n i'd say - enjoy it till you can n thrash down anyone who challenges that !!

c'mon da - let aparna live a life n shez free to write anythin here - rather be thankful that shez letting you know what could annoy her n next time you or anyone else for that matter can atleast think twice before he/she challenges her 'free space'!!

Saurabh said...

GOOD!!thats like a champ!!let THEM all go to hell...
One life...enjoy it!!..and believe u cant keep people happy...they'll always be upset with something or the the best thing is to keep urself happy....(Y)...

saikat said...

u r the best when u r dont change...n why the hell should u change .... just keep rockiN and be urself :D

and yeah keep dancing the maddening way :D:D

zoxcleb said...

somethign seems to have snapped in u! i wonder how it happened...

and of course u ought to live ur life..

It's my life take it or leave it..

I got my own life you got your own life
Live your life and set me free
Mind your business and leave my business...

Stop bugging me stop bothering me
Stop bugging me stop forcing me
Stop fighting me stop yelling me
It's my life

It's my life it's my life my worries
It's my life it's my life my problems
It's my life it's my life my worries
It's my life it's my life my problems

It's my life do you understand
I live the way I want to live
I make decisions day and night

It's my life

courtesy Dr. Alban

Aparna Kar said...

thx...tht song is meant for a rebel like me..was one of my favs during my growing years..

Aparna Kar said...

Only maddening???
I thought I did better than that!!!

Aparna Kar said...

It's what I can't do..
I can't ask someone to go to Hell...only coz his/her perception differs from mine...

I can only write silly posts..which again makes no sense..

Aparna Kar said...


I beg to differ..doing what u like isn't freedom..
Liking what u do is ..

And for the first time in my life..I am not liking myself...

Aparna Kar said...

@rohit's a msg..but not "hidden" as u call it...

And what's more..the one for whom I wrote it it upside down...

Aparna Kar said...

what was that only when...for..

pdey said...

free-flowing,effortless, spontaneous narration..
.. to a happy freak, you rock when you're in charge :)

rohit said...

its hidden...and i think it must remain so!

ps:What if you have nothing to do and you don't like doing anything??

zoxcleb said...

mine too..
but what on earth was the growing years bit!!

u make urself sound so old!

it is ur life, aunty

Aparna Kar said...


Prasoon said...

i never meant that..

all i meant by those lines was - just let ur mind be blank n follow where it takes u or take ur mind whereever u want it to be - do what u feel like doing - or say - make ur own presumptions to anything n follow them - if someone challenges - let that be - who cares?

the best thing when someone's thoughts dont match urs n if he/she is pushing u to his/hers - just stay silent n act blank..

on another note - am not dictating bcoz, after all -Its ur LIFE !! [in ref to ur last line of post :)]

Aparna Kar said...

Btw I guess we all are at our best when are ourselves..Freak or No freak:D

lost said...
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lost said...
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