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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Seasons of love

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A : Chori Chori jab...

You need a little background for this. At least, you need to watch the song Chori Chori from Kareeb in this video around 1:45-2:27.

Back in 1998, when the movie got released, I was in the eight or ninth grade. My elder brother, who was pursuing his undergrad from Allahabad, had come home for his vacations. Needless to say, this song was a hit among youngsters and my brother insisted : Sis, you gotta watch this ! one day when it was being played on the TV.

I made a weary face and demanded: What is there to watch? A girl and a boy are getting wet in the rain and are getting paid for doing it.

I probably loathed the unnatural depiction. But my maternal uncle who overheard the whole conversation, looked at me in great surprise : Rashmi, tui boro hoye gechis! (Rashmi, you have grown up!)

Didn't know about that. Don't feel so sure even now.

Love was commercialization by dream merchants.

B: Bawre se is jahan mein, bawra ek saath ho,
Is sayani bheed mein, bas, haathon mein tera haath ho

Then came the age of miracles, when the diet of romantic comedies that HBO and Star movies fed me with, finally began to take their toll. I did begin to believe in a Prince Charming. Not necessarily a knight in a shining armor on a white horse, even a rugged looking chap on a mule would have sufficed- but it didn't happened.

I probably made the mistake of giving into that nudge of looking for Mr.Right.

Listening to Annie's song transferred me to a world where I'd lie on dew kissed grass, with a starry night sky above me- imagining the face of a stranger, lying beside me and holding hands.

But I soon got disappointed. My imagination imposed unwarranted virtues on a person- raising him to the status of a demi-god, and I felt let down easily. Maybe I 'expected' to be disappointed.

Love was Annie's Song.

C: The melody stops here

Now, I feel that it is not possible for one person to be everything you want to be. In fact, you shouldn't expect perfection from anyone else except yourself. Focus on evolving yourself. When you pine your hopes on someone else, you are likely to get hurt easily and unnecessarily.

Sometimes, I wish I could go back to being the dreamy eyed creature in Phase B but I can't fool myself. Yet, I smile when I see old couples holding hands or kissing each other.

Love is something that stands the test of time.

Disclaimer: 'Love' has been used in the strictly romantic sense. It is not the emotion you experienced when your mother gave you an extra helping of your favorite rice pudding. Thank God, I believe in that.


passer by said...

i thought i would quit blog reading/writing.. you made me put a rain check on that.

btw i watched hazaron kwaisehn aisee.. yday.

saikat said...

well written..the eternal conflict between a dreamer and a realist...

tc...keep smiliN :)

sangram said...

nice one... nd its 3:25 AM ..while i am reading it.. I am totally in sync with the words "Focus in evolving yourself". The elasticity in our sole beings do not obey the "Hooks" law and we can continuously stretch ourselves to the extreme when we realize that perfection is a necessary virtue and to accomplish it takes the most daring of all our enactments in real life. If we can tie the knots between passion and perseverance and then embrace it tightly enough, we will definitely be on the roads of glory....and thus will show the true "love" of our "self"..

thought of adding my expression to your imperviously elegant writing..
~ Sangy

Sam said...

hmmm... introspection??
may be, but looking around most go through phase B and C... a funny fact!! its quite amusing to watch people go about their actions as per any of the 3 phases and then changing over to the other, especially B.
and then there are some like me, who are incorrigible. despite believing in C expect B to happen. Perhaps the trait of a dreamer??

intelligent_bacteria said...

I survived another gloomy day in this hotel room in charlotte...your post came as a refreshing change after I finished watching three movies in a row...particulary I liked the line "In fact, you shouldn't expect perfection from anyone else except yourself"..keep it going.

SOMNATH said...

Ramblings are apparently disjointed thoughts composed in leisure. However the tragedy with me is that no matter what I say or compose ends up as a ramble: hence the need for a broom.
It is a matter of debate whether I subscribe either in entirity or in part with what you have just said but yes there are few things less controversial in life than the love for homemade rice pudding: the undisguised feeling which doesnt nosedive exponentially as most other things (love, expectations blah blah) with the passage of time.
Why is it so? Is it because it is devoid of any expectation from the other party in this case the woman who makes such excellent "payesh"?. Well it must be so B'coz I know for sure that I aint a saint and I have certain "petuk" aspirations to fulfil.
Nevertheless, the graph depicts one of the more successful relations and I guess a three dimensional depiction with distance between the two over a period of time as the third variable would give a truer picture.I am challenged or else I could have helped her out doing just that.
Changing perspectives of love is inevitable be it Kareeb, Annie's song depending on our state of minds. The variability is such that a song from Julie even 20 years later could either be called sweet, sensuous or "smothering/throttling".Some people are nuts!!!!
That is enough of shit.
Get a broom and clen it off.

Soulmate said...

The realization strikes with the passage of time.