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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Mentalist

Alain Nu was at the Campus Center ballroom yesterday, demonstrating his ESP(?) skills. I had missed a major chunk of the show owing to my class schedule and managed to watch only the last half an hour or so.

At one occasion, he jumped off the stage and stood on the seat right in front me, and asked a student to hold a stainless steel knife while he bent it. I am not a skeptic usually, but I like to know tricks when there are any. It was fun watching him perform and wonder- 'How does he do that?' I have heard of the usage of chemicals. And the two girls might have a psychological explanation. Any takers?


candid diary said...
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candid diary said...

A gentleman named James Randi, who was a stage magician, spent a great part of his life challenging paranormal, occult and supernatural claims. He is the founder of the James Randi Educational Foundation. His 1 million$ paranormal challenge remains undefeated for decades, till today. You can perform the same spoon bending trick with little practice in case you decide to take it as a hobby or a profession (just kidding!)
I had sent you some links about James Randy earlier but obviously you did not have time to go through them. Now I will send only one link as you may find the other links in related videos in YouTube. Of course, you may also Google James Randi. Enjoy the videos and demystify the ESP.