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Monday, June 07, 2010

Commencement 2010

I was not sure I'd take the walk this year for a number of reasons. But then Shweta lent me some of her enthusiasm and I saw the email for my nomination to the valedictorian speech, albeit past the deadline to apply. I called up the Graduate Studies and emailed the Dean, but to no avail. The student was already selected and they couldn't possibly accommodate two speakers. Later, I discovered that by the time the College of Management sub-ceremony started, every one was so hungry and tired, no one really cared what the student speaker was delivering. Yet, I believe I could have done a better job, and it was the best platform I could have voiced my acknowledgments. However, it is only fair, people who don't know what they want shouldn't get it.

Day 0, Wed, June 2, 2010, San Jose, California

SG came over to drop me to San Jose airport. My land lord was at home, so he couldn't say an elaborate goodbye like he had planned. My flight was at 9 PM PT. We started early to avoid the outgoing traffic from offices. When I picked my boarding pass from the kiosk, it was 7 :15 PM. We had some time to kill before I walked through the check-in counter, so we hung around in front of the queuing space. He wanted a coffee, and I wanted something to munch on. Unfortunately, Terminal A, where my Jet Blue was stationed, did not have any options. We kept hugging and kissing each other. He was sad that he wouldn't be there for the ceremony. Suddenly, I didn't feel like leaving him behind. Oh, how I wished I had decided earlier to travel to Boston ! We could have made our plans. His parents are visiting, I could have RSVPed with some guests. It was cheerless to write '0' guests on the invite. But like I believe, uncertainty shouldn't go unpunished.

I am a great fan of moderate Public Display of Affection. I love the sight of old couples holding hands, or a man touching the waist of his woman gently, or a light kiss on the neck. I would not object to French kissing in public- though prolonged viewing is sheer voyeurism in my rule book. I felt happy and extremely desirable, and rested my head on his chest coyly. He has a new rule now - to try and touch two unaccessible points wherever we go (suboreiwd). That makes it a little difficult for me when I feel like the whole world is watching us. I turned my back on him and tried to pull myself away but he held my hands and drew me to him again, spooning me. I wished our little game continued forever, but it was time to leave soon.

He always asks me to be specially attentive of my passport whenever I travel. Carefully, I took out my shoes, laptop, bangles, watch, anklet and the suitcase (a gift from him for my short trips) and placed them on the conveyor belt. It was a little treat to see him standing there every time I turned. Once, I couldn't see him anymore and I thought he has left. I'd have too. But he appeared again - with his arms crossed and observing me.

I picked a fruit salad and tuna sandwich on my way to Gate no. 5 and thanked Gloria for her service. After a short wait, I boarded the plan after I picked a medium sized white t-shirt that Haynes was offering as a promotion. I usually skip collecting freebies until I absolutely need them, but I wanted a white t-shirt for my old friends to scribble little messages on, post-ceremony. Haynes's promotion saved me trips to stores to look for the right thing.

My co-passengers were a young couple. I watched the movie' While in Rome' on-flight. It was a light romantic comedy with one central message that I deciphered- sometimes you can't believe in love until you start feeling it is for real.

I hardly caught any sleep on the red eye, and reached good old Boston in the wee morning hours, about 5 AM ET.

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