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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Satyamev Jayate (video response)

I know there will be a lot of cynics out there who will doubt the intent– of both the creators and the host – of the show,’Satyamev Jayate’. But let us not focus on the froth (presentation), but on the essence (content) of the show.

A lot of movie stars get paid in crores per episode for judging Reality talent shows, there is no harm in that. But when a film star appears in a show with relevant social issues, we feel uncomfortable. Some bloggers have even used the term, ’social pornography’ for daring to share the stories of women who have fought against social prejudice and injustice to survive and protect their girl child. Of course, we feel disgusted. The moment when we heard about the mother-in-law, who kicked the baby cot with her granddaughter in it, we wanted to close our eyes and shut our ears to the horrors that our imagination can't even fathom. But someone had lived through it; someone who felt that she should have empowered herself before and that could have saved her. It is not that educated women are not victimized. According to the surveys cited in the episode, fetal gender determination and consequent female feticides are more rampant in urban, educated homes.

The issue is nothing novel, we have been reading about these atrocities in newspapers since we were kids. But it is not every day a show makes an attempt and it trends in everyday conversations. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. I am looking forward to the next episode, and though I can’t change your perception about a show or its host, I can implore you to judge it for the message it is trying to convey, and not for the conveyor. And I hope that the truth shall prevail.

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Unknown said...
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Suryatapa said...

Always your fan Aparna di..darun!
The show indeed started off with a very rampant issue, I wish more such issues are put forth so that we, Indians, have a better Social awareness and actually do something about it. It has been rightly pointed out - there is a magic wand which can bring forth a change - its I, me, myself. Kudos!

Aparna Kar said...

Thanks Surya. I really hope people shift their focus from what they had expected from Aamir's TV launch to what the show has to offer. For now, if the conversations near the water fountain is about the featured issues along with office politics, I will consider it a welcome change. Ppl are also voting for a bigger cause than just seeing their favorite contestant win on tv reality shows. Good omen.

Anonymous said...

Initially I thought that Aamir is working on his entry into politics but then I realized that whatever the motive be, it takes something special to discuss and highlight this on national TV ( real one Doordarshan). Regarding expectation from show, I dont have any, happy that someone has picked these issues and if he can really make peple cry and hurt them that would be it, its not the change in system but change in minset which is required.

P>S: Came here for a story and found one in bong, an article on confused women and a review..Still my need is the story

shikha said...

Well done, Aparna.
There are a bunch of dimwit, crazy people who won't/can't use their head for once. Aamir is the creator and the co-producer, along with his wife, for this show (and producer is the key here). (Read somewhere that he is charging 3 cr per episode..but the questions is if he is the producer himself..then from whom is he charging??)
Yes, I do understand its easier to doubt but difficult to trust, but as you said its not the presentation but the content that matters, and the content he is presenting and his approach is commendable. Showing what people need to know or may be they know but no not understand the depth of the situation, and hitting it hard. Even if one person/doctor/nurse/in-law can changes, it would be totally worth it.
For me, he is doing things that some of us can only think and dream and wish of doing.
(He said in the introduction(as far as i remember) "sometimes i feel why should i be bothered when its not affecting us", and most of us think the same way. Its a Shame.
Satyamev Jayate!

Aparna Kar said...

Wow, you really know what you want- don't you? I am trying to concoct a few short stories but it might be a while before I can put the lid back on my pen for them. Still, slow cooking makes tasty servings. Will try to finish at least one by next week so that you don't starve too long.

If Aamir forays into politics, it won't be the first time an entertainer would want to be in the legislature, less capable people have tried doing that. I am least interested in the vested interests of a single individual if it is making a positive change(as you say in the 'mindset') of a nation.

Strategy-wise, choosing both cable and national TV (DD) as broadcast media was a masterstroke.

Aparna Kar said...

There are haters of the show after the first show- it is a good thing. It means it is stirring the feelings they want to bottle up. I have been watching a few archived interviews of Aamir Khan, his heart seems to be in the right place( though I stopped following his blog after the SRK pet controversy- was a bit juvenile for me then-before I heard his explanation.) But I have been watching his recent works and the risks he has taken with his ventures. I think he deserves respect as a producer.

For argument's sake, let us consider that he does extract 3 crores of the earnings from the show per episode- that is nothing short of idolizing him because a popular show can earn a lot more than that in ad spots alone . He is one of the creators and he is taking ONLY 3 cr?

I have also read that he didn't agree to have ad spots during the show for products that have his endorsements. If only money was on his mind, he could have earned so by featuring bigwig sponsors who can afford him.

Anirban Kar said...

Fantastic Video, and the script... We need more of them in your site!

BTW, the topic has garnered social interest in cracking down the quacks. It started with a western state of India.

Also, keep us posted!

Aparna Kar said...


Yes, there are reports of Rajasthan Chief Justice Arun Mishra agreeing to form a fast track court for the convicted in the sting-operation on Sahara Samay. Also, Rajasthan CM has promised to work on the issue of female feticides. The episode on child sex abuse was heart-wrenching too. Hope to post a video response for that soon.