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Monday, June 25, 2012

Bharat Premkatha

I have a copy of Bharat Prem Katha (ভারতপ্রেমকথা) by Subodh Ghosh that my grandpa gifted to my father on his 18th birthday in 1374 Bongabdo (Gregorian year 1967). Couple of years ago, I discovered the charm of a book that had been written years before I was born, about people who first appeared in the epic Mahabharat(মহাভারত). The stories are classic, yet contemporary; maybe because the characters are eternal. Read the book if you can - I have relished every word of it.

Here's an excerpt from the first story.

Porikhhit o Sushobhona (পরীক্ষিত ও সুশোভনা )

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Anonymous said...

With all due respct to Bongs..
I tht bongla was all about achis kemona,ektha bole bashi, eesshhh,
Usmain bhi itna style ....:)
Do watch gangs of wasseypur if u get a chnc...reema sen's best scene is when she abuses in bongla

Aparna Kar said...

It is not just you, many Bengalis do not appreciate the richness of Bangla Literature, simply because they have not been introduced to it, except in distorted forms of contemporary mainstream Hindi cinema like Devdas, where Paro utters 'Issh' after every third syllable.

Have watched GOW, looking forward to the 2nd part. Of course, it was her best scene - it was the ONLY scene where she looked animated. I guess a certain type of audience might even jerk off to that scene- a filthy mouth and unquestioning open legs can be arousing to certain demographics.