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Friday, June 15, 2012

We need true leaders

'Rajat Gupta, a native of Kolkata, India, was orphaned as a teenager. After earning an engineering degree, he moved to the United States after receiving a scholarship to Harvard Business School. He then landed a job at McKinsey, the elite management-consulting firm. In 1994, at age of 45, Mr. Gupta was elected the global head of McKinsey, the first non-American-born executive to run the firm.'
-Excerpt from The New York Times

He was India's first poster boy at Wall Street. Now, he is convicted of Insider Trading. ( U.S. v. Gupta, 11-cr-00907, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan))

Why would a millionaire value money more than his reputation? Guess I'll never know.

But it should come as no surprise. In recent years, it has become quite the fad: business and political leaders are making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Even in well-respected financial firms [Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs] , you are taught to be ruthless and are judged only by your contribution to the bottom-line, relationship-building and integrity have allegedly taken a back seat. Business Ethics is a class you take in B-school for an easy A. Then toss back those books and ideas and focus on the race. Only the thrust to grow higher can take you places. No need to check if your roots are firm in the grounds- if you are compromising with or forgetting your fundamental values.

Gordon Gekko said 'Greed is good.' But greed can never be good. It clouds your judgment and makes you a coward. Greed makes you want to have things you might not be able to have if you are righteous. And even if no one else knows, you will know it in your heart, and you will loathe yourself for it.


Anonymous said...

you wont b Millionaire if Greed is not there and since billion follows million and there is trillion and the count continues so that is what drives human actions..


Aparna Kar said...

I do hope he is innocent of the charges inspite of the jury conviction. There's a saying :even a dead elephant is worth a million. High-profile cases like his launch political careers of US Attorneys. At least Preet Bharara can be happy about this.

Anonymous said...

Its again perception.preet has pehnomenal success rate only 7 cases pending out of 60 odd and zero loses till date. will he b able to resist the temptation of billns as that is around the corner..
On second thoughts write something about exodus of bongs from kolkatta that left state with a CM like Momta and failed Fin min who is now a president nominee and the only thing he has to say is " I'm indebtied to UPA chairperson........."