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Sunday, August 19, 2012

How not to be an ass at the gym

I was working out at our residential fitness center with several others when a guy in a green T-shirt entered the door. A lot of people view their cardio-screens or read books while they work out. The first thing he did when he got in was try to switch on the big screen TV which was far away from the equipment of his choice. When he couldn't find the remote, he called the security and talked to him like he owned him. Then, he walked right in front of my elliptical and tried to switch on a ceiling fan at his end of the room. Common sense says the calibrated ones are for fans and the basic on/off switches are for lights. But he had to try all the switches several times, and still couldn't figure out- never bothering to set them back to their original settings.

He had a shrill, irritating voice with a very fake accent with which he hollered at his companion in a red T, who was obviously trying to disappear. Fortunately, I was almost at the end of my session and wrapped up in no time. When I was about to leave, I noticed while I cleaned my equipment, he was still busy with the fanfare of getting comfortable- with no apparent objective or workout plan.

Do yourself a favor, never be that jerk at a communal place.

Gym etiquette for Dummies

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