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Friday, April 19, 2013

The cynical girl

My old friends often coax- 'write something on your blog, we want to read'. Lately, I have been a little upset about some things. Maybe it is a sign of age that I don't always see things with those rose-colored glasses anymore. There is outrage and there is disbelief. But I'm not much of an ambusher with words (unless extremely provoked). I prefer the silent treatment. I know that I should express my feelings somehow instead of bottling them down. Hence, these cartoons. I have to caution you I have never done this before. Here are some eyesores I created :
Pups know better

It will leave a pot of honey for a dead fish

Caught in the contraption of the system

Like some self-proclaimed God men in India
The wise turtle and the egg.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, creativity in its own terms. This is definitely too good to see. You should indulge more into such kind of activities that helps us more to know about your creative fronts. Well versed, well drawn, and well executed. You should post more of such kinds here.

Happy drawing. I loved those pics very much. Please keep up the good work.