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Friday, October 18, 2013

Terra Nova

I was talking to SG's niece, who is a few years younger to me and is in the final year of her undergrads . During our conversation, I remembered my final year of Bachelors. In fact, every major event when I had to start afresh : when I had to leave home for the first time, when I finished college, when I had to leave the country I grew up in -for my Masters, when I had to say goodbye to Boston to settle in California.

I had to relocate very few times compared to some other people I am acquainted with. I guess almost everyone feels some degree of anxiety when making a move- the fear of losing friends, the fear of a new world we are not prepared for. But we are a strange breed. We find a way to flourish even in the most unlikely places.


Unknown said...

please continue and describe some of the ways to flourish in new places :)

Aparna Kar said...

Good idea. Will do :)

CAnubhuti said...

I'm waiting for the longer version....