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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I grew up in a household where if I said 'I'm thirsty' aloud, someone would rush with a glass of water - whether I wanted the service or not. But my father made it clear to us that life is not always going to be the same. He disliked it if someone pampered us silly. He preferred we eat with their own hands even when we were kids.(Parenting ideals were different in India) 'Let them be self-sufficient' he would chide our mother.

It is another thing entirely that I did not like being fed. My mom had a habit of pushing my neck with her left hand while she fed me with the right. I abhorred it and hence preferred eating on my own.

Years later, I can thank him for another of life's lessons. There is no shame in doing your own work. Good domestic help is hard to come by where I live now. I hired a cleaning service once and she chatted away for two hours for which I paid $120. At the end of her visit, I still had to clean my own house.

It is a good thing that SG helps a lot. In fact, he does most of the cleaning when we are expecting guests, while I cook. And people always seem to appreciate our efforts. Once, we had a role-reversal, when he cooked a specialty and I cleaned. Consequently, I began appreciating his contributions even more. Personally, I find cooking easier than cleaning.

I think it is fortunate that I have seen two extremes in my life and I am happy with my present state of things. The best feeling, however, is when my parents say how proud they are of me shouldering my responsibilities so well. Here, I should also mention my MIL who is an inspiration. She always tells me that no matter how educated I am or how big my paycheck is-I have to manage my house well, life is going to be a lot more easy for us. I agree. যে রাঁধে  সে  কি আর চুল বাঁধে না ?

Maybe if I own a big house I'll hire a gardener, a cook,  and a housekeeper to help me out. Until then, the sweat is sweet. (Though the back hurts from mopping. :D)

P.S. I am looking for an efficient house cleaning service in and around San Jose. Recommend if you have any in mind. 


amitabha said...

House work also burns considerable amount of calorie plus it shows your attitude towards life. Please do not think you are being forced to do house work. Love it, it's your house. Btw, you are blessed to have a life partner like SG who understands, unlike many MCPs, and helps.

Aparna Kar said...

The calorie burn-out is what inspires me most ;) and I thank God for SG every day.