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Sunday, July 06, 2014

A Farewell to Orkut

I heard it in online conversations, now the mail from Google confirmed it.

It was like the death of an old friend we had stopped caring about. I went to Google Takeout and archived the memories. Those who want to do it: Google ' Google Takeout', Click on 'Create an archive' option, Select Orkut. It will download the profile and photos in a zip folder.

Here are some of the testimonials I had on my Orkut profile, saving it for rainy days (some of my friends deleted their account and are listed as 'anonymous'):

A special mention to dad's testimonial on my birthday in 2008, which was my birthday gift that year.

Anonymous - May 5, 2010 at 10:04 PM I was reading the testimonials...but let me tell u... words fall short of explaining Aparna--she is simply DIFFERENT.....and I mean it.. How ??? well, I am not sure how i cud define...but i can tell u...if you talk to her or read her features .. for the next 30 mintues or so you bcome a different man.

Pramit (classmate from HCS) - November 6, 2009 at 9:41 PM "Aparna...The Warrior Princess........" Always ready for an ACTION....It doesnt matter whether she is holding a "Pen or A SwOrd"..she kNows the aRt of using both of them...nicely and with full AccUracy...sHe will always leave a MARK..Besides that as a human being she is fun loving and adVenTurous and A DeaR friend to me....I have seen her LoVing and CaRing Nature and also seen the "DRagOn" inside her....In both of her forms she leaps over all boundaries...We have had Great Fun in school days....and those memories of our fights and debates on every smalL IsSue will always comfort us and gift us with a SMiLe in the FuTuRe......and also in the days PasSing By...

Puja Raut (my roomie in Boston) - March 27, 2009 at 10:13 AM Cheerful, down to earth and a reliable friend. Can instantly pose for stunning pictures and can laze the whole day writing creative stuff for all her fans. Great cook! Try out her awesome baked recipies and not to miss the " Kheer". If you take her out for dinner, and if she closes her eyes while eating, Boom!! She is relishing the food duh!! "Banda Pagal hai" is Appu's patent dialogue. So all you guys BEWARE before opening your hearts to this great listener! Spent some good times with her to cherish all my life. I wish Appu the best for her future endeavours.

Anonymous - August 6, 2008 at 8:26 AM APARNA KAR for the world but for me she is that Kid "Appu" friend from school. She is an enigma...with lots of potentials waiting to be unfolded. At the moment the world is in need of people like her who can be truthful and faithful to their dreams...who can bring their words and actions in one track. Dear I have learnt about ur book from ur profile but m not yet privileged to read that...will do that one day...but even without reading i can guarantee its gonna ba a masterpiece and i know it is. Well an intelligent young woman who can capture ur heart with her beautiful eyes....turn off ur speech with the intensity of her gray matter...soothe you with her compassion when you are in need ....! She is that human being you can rely natural simple...yet so gorgeous and adorable. love u ...may God bless you!

Dr. Sangram Ganguly - 8 de março de 2008 22:21 you are the ultimate girl ... accept it... baci baci

Aniruddha Bhattacharya - 6 de dezembro de 2007 14:31 Aparna, aka Apu, as I lovingly call her, is my kiddo friend .. do not remember how we got introduced, did we ever ? But kinda remember her commenting on my weirdo profile pic during the Beta phase of orkut, probably early 2004. She appeared part confused, part suave, part jovial, part clownish, part loving, part didn't somebody (was it Freud or Jung?) say the whole is more than the some of the parts? As we got acquainted on orkut, with time, the flirt in me took a veritable backseat and gave way to affection, and my fondness for her grew courtesy our sporadic telephonic conversations. She came to me as a sweet mannered, giggly, naive and vulnerable young soul who wanted a way in life. Well, Apu finally has broken the jinx of immaturity and naiveté (though I wish she does remain naive and pristine as before) and has embarked on to successful channels in life All the love for you dear.. do be happy in life

Anonymous - 4 de julho de 2007 10:05 "She is a Goddess", and I have no doubts about it. As she has wisely said, "when demi-gods go, Goddess arrives" :) I am not sure if I have more appropriate words, but yes, She is one of those I want to spend some enlightening time with over a coffee...and lucky me, she has agreed for the same.

Subhendu Kahaly - 9 de março de 2007 15:31 A creature in its journey towards humanity...On the verge of the transformation...

sYzYgY (Prasenjit Dey) . - 15 de janeiro de 2007 17:17 had she been an alien.. she would have had a million tentacles, each with million colours... had she been a tree, she would have had her root with billion branches spread around thousands of miles.. and way deep to touch the heart of the earth... well, thats just one or two of endless things you can imagine to describe her. Lemme make it easy for you all. If you like this girl without a second thought, feel happy that your intuition is sooo right. If you don't..then... no no don't think you are confounded... you can still like her and you'd be surprised to find on a magical day that your intuitions are not cheating you anymore.

Samayita Di - 26 de novembro de 2006 11:19 apu.... u make me crazy!!!u are a wonderful friend and sab thekein boro pagal...... u have been my support system .... arr maaaaaaaaaaa arr kichuu natun jhatkaa dawar agaein inform koroo........ i like the way u r ..... lov sam

Minal Sharma (my editor at Innodata)- 25 de setembro de 2006 15:26 Aparna...mmmm.. is a darling n sweet friend of everyone, whosoever comes in her company.. the naughtiest girl ive ever met!!! She's never made me felt like she is unknown to me.. i've alwys felt as if she's a close friend of mine.. Grasps things fast n tries to overcome her mistakes..follows perfectionism n of course she has knowledge of everything, which makes her personality more charming n appreciative... Yes i got to know one more thing apart from her BUBBLY nature.. in which she sizzles like a small kid.. n that is when she cries...i never want to see her sad.. as ive never thought APARNA to see in tears... Dear darling friend of mine... ALWAYS BEAR A SWEET SMILE ON UR FACE, COZ U LUK FAR PRETTIER WITH THIS N THIS MAKES U A COMPLETE BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!! Always remain the way u r to me n never change.... hence EDITED.. no changes further..

Koushik Singha (my colleague at Innodata) - 28 de agosto de 2006 15:46 It was 7th April, 2006.... me and one of my good friends were heading towards the canteen during lunch..... I saw a girl standing in front of the gate talking to the guards..I said to my friend ' Hey look at her, she is chic, she is hot!!'... then we passed by more comments.. who knew that it was the beginning of a good friendship..... as usual came back after was a surprise... The same girl was sitting beside my trainer.... me and my friend looked at each other with a mischievous smile... actually I was thrilled... But we hardly showed any reaction... Sat on our workstation and started our job... Then we had a good introduction and that's where I came to know Aparna (Appu)... she is someone it will take a long time for me to describe.... lots of good qualities and a few bad ones :P...The end

Anijit Saha - 20 de agosto de 2006 21:18 When ur all alone with ur back stuck against da dark wall of lonlinz,when nothn sems rite n monsters run in ur head,when life seems a never ending sea of misery n u have no shore of hope,when ur lost in a jungle n hav no way to get out,when u believe death is better than life..... one moment that maks you pull urself up,da moment where u wanna fight for a cause,da moment which makz u feel ur not a loser,n da moment u find that life is precious n misery is too lil to the happiness that u've ever felt....yes,... that lil moment which is far bigger n greater than ur entire life.... .... is my dear " APPU "

Kshitij Anand (Maths tutor)- June 8, 2006 at 8:05 AM aparna...hmmm..One of the most beautiful girl in my class, who was the most stylish girl too. The first impression of aparna in my mind is of a girl who came to my class on somebody's recommendation. A bright student who was nervous just before CAT. I was sure of one thing, that if she clears written then she would be thru in any interview as she knew how to carry herself in any situation. She has her mood swings and when she is in bad mood she wont be amused by any joke in the class.[she even scolded me in a class of seventy students;)] among the very few students who respected me not only as a teacher but also as a human being. Now after reading her blog I am getting to know more about her world. She has all the potential to become a good writer. If anyone wants to understand her, then reading her blog is a must.

Rajat ------- Roxy !!!!! (Batchmate from undergrads) - May 24, 2006 at 4:51 PM wat can i say abt appu.. she was da naughtiest gal of da amity hostel i know it as i had sources. hehehehe but ya totally mast kinda gal no tensions just fun.. n ya whenever she'll meet u she is da most comfortable frnd.. keep chiilliinn .......

GPS . - April 26, 2006 at 3:54 PM Really interesting girl. A picture of contrasts. Great to talk to. A wonderful listener. Funny when she needs to be; yet seriousness is not alien to her. Really enjoy just talking to her and reading her blogs, trying to figure out what she thinks... and then seeing how wrong i can be

Joy Mustafi - April 20, 2006 at 7:54 AM i have never seen her, but we became friends and understood each other gradually,... hmmm,... now she is one of my best friends in my life... though a little girl and a little bit crazy, but matured enough... she gave me the mental support when i needed it in my worst time of my life... and this is true - "a friend in need is a friend indeed" she proved it... i hope our friendship will remain forever... all the best for your future, always keep smiling... :-)

Saikat (Saiki, virgo, crazy, friend forever)- March 31, 2006 at 9:19 PM rarely you find someone in life...who is so true to her this world of plastic emotions, you really cherish that special someone special...appu is one them... the bestest of bestest friends...who will stand by your side, whether hail falls or hell falls :)...she will never fail to amaze you.. be it her wackiness when she can beat a kid in doin insane stuffs or when u can see her pondering over and giving u serious gyan... i can only wish that there is always an upper curve on her lips and she realizes whatever insane dreams she ever dreams... be the same..keep smiling :)

Peonka - February 1, 2006 at 1:08 PM what can i say about appu!as far as looks r concerened,her photo says it all,and as far as her DIL is concerened,she has a golden heart.ever ready to help frnds.and,as she says herself,ever unpredictable.she is the coolest of all and at the same time the hottest of all.what a rare combination.ever ready to do a thing that everyone is afraid of.BINDAAAAAAAAAAAS is "the" word to describe her.i will always cherish the moments we both spend together(hostel).LUV U YAAR.MMUUUAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Sambuddha- September 3, 2005 at 7:34 PM the AMAZON of our school----always ready to take on the world!!!!!has a comely effect on others-----undoubtedly the CYNOSURE of all eyes!!!!her LACONIC ways sweep her beholders off their feet---highly CONGENIAL & AMIABLE----HER IDIOSYNCRASIES are unique in their own way-----an EPITOME OF PULCHRITUDE and an APOTHEOSIS OF PARADIGM SHIFT among our friends----i think that defines her truly.

Paro  (one of my best friends)- December 1, 2004 at 1:00 AM hi appu!hope u r fine n enjoyin life 2 d fullest.thnx 4 being der wid me whenever i needed u.i dont hav words 2 explain wht u mean 2 me.we didnt use 2 tlk a lot in school n nw inspite of being in same college we dont get d chance 2 tlk often bt still u r so close 2 my heart.u r d only person here whom i dont have 2 call twice whenever i'll b in ne trouble.i know m getting very emotional,so i think i shud better stop here.jus wanted 2 thnx u 4 being der.luv u a lot.missin u.kisses!!!!

Abhishek Sengupta - November 15, 2004 at 10:24 PM 1st f all ....u r sexxy.....our proud....agartalas pride.....our aparna....never seen such a sensible girl like friendly......after all a virgo n a scorpio together can vibrate d whole world......i always appreciate ur adventorous nature n ur down 2 earth nature touches me d most...wat else shall i say.........alwayz be like wat u r now n one de u ll c u r n everybody's heart.

Tapangshu Das - November 9, 2004 at 8:56 AM Thanx for the testimonial (or call it flattery!!!).I am accepting your testimony as a compliment (ignoring the pinch of salt). as far as GALS are concerned i dont need many---------just one ----as they say "THE ONE"-------and u know who she is----u know it only too well(dont u???). as far as u are concerned----what do i need to say? wish U were the GAL i was looking for-------- but------------- surely u have now changed a lot and look really stunning(though the picture on ur profile is not having very high resolution)----------yes with a capital "s". one thing i must say about u--------with my heart---------this is not flattery---- you r one of the most sensible person I ve ever met------believe me------ "IF HELEN OF TROY WAS TO BE VISITED BY THE GREEN EYED MONSTER SHE MUST HAVE SEEN YOU. IF ROMEO RAN AFTER SOMEONE ELSE IT MUST HAVE BEEN YOU" what more I can say?

Sandesh Singh - May 20, 2004 at 2:45 AM Hi Appu, I regard you as a laid back,cool girl, with so much excitement about live life to the fullest..and want to derive more out of are good hearted, beautiful, have a applausable sense of seldom turn down friends'requests (never with me so far).. have a big room for them in your heart...your voice is sexy and your glowing,tanned skin accentuates your charisma...thats all for now...later Sandy

Anirban Kar - May 17, 2004 at 4:48 AM To the PRO of the Kars , Real kudos to the jovial spirit.Your intensity of activities generate momentun even to the base metals(like me obvious).Some times its really hard for an old guy like me to cope up with ur speed of thoughts.Not only can you be a good friend , but a philosopher and guide as well for the ones you like the most.Just continue the good work , and I hope you ll defintely reach your dream when time comes. "When time cometh , Thou shalt see the sun ..." (not a bad one after those digging in Shakespeare ) whats say sis ?


CRD said...

Time to get my stuff archived too.

What about community posts?

Aparna Kar said...

I can see mine archived in the profile folder. I guess you will find them too.