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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

On writing

Even after a 'decent' first week's sales, the royalty from the eBook is nowhere near what I can earn in an hour if I work for a client writing blurbs or laying out content in InDesign. So, why do I want to continue writing? Simple. Because I want to.

I believe that I have stories worth telling and people I know have often commended me on my use of words. I believe in simplicity in all things. My way of life, my food, my emotions laid bare- everything is very uncomplicated. But it is not uninvolved.

Our parents and grandparents used stories to tell us what we ought to know. Virtues of the protagonist were usually the ones they hoped we would develop as we grew older. People often write to say something about themselves that they otherwise can not in an everyday conversation. My personal experience has been very transformative. If I could, I would insist that everyone should take up some form of writing- poetry, prose, lyrics, even a scrapbook or a journal.

In the end, I'd like to quote Tobias Wolff,

'We live by stories. It’s the principle by which we organize our experience and thus derive our sense of who we are...
we put a beginning and an end to a thing, and we leave things out, and we heighten other things...
because that’s the only way we can give it significance.'

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Very interesting and honest post Aparna. I enjoyed reading. You have a flow and sentiments in your writing. I agree that we by stories. We all have stories just waiting to be heard.