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Friday, September 22, 2006

My prank box

Today was Mohaloya, a very auspicious day for Hindu Bengalis, observed seven days before the Durga Puja, which heralds the advent of Goddess Durga, and is an invocation to the Mother Goddess to descend on earth from her heavenly abode.

I had a great time time today...

What does it look like to you?
A harmless li'l wooden box ..isn't it?

Wait, the top slids..

Whaaat the..?
What is that sticky thing that has jumped out of the box and is moving its tail!
Enough to freak anybody out... and that is why I bought it from Hallmark yesterday when I was buying gifts for a friend on her b'day.
I freaked her out by giving it to her , posing it as her gift.
The expression on her face was priceless :)

But later I gave her the actual gift :)

Great fun na!
Well it’s quite easy to build yourself..
A plywood box , pieces of wood , a little gum ,and some thread can do the trick.

Great! Now leave it on someone's desk...and have some fun
Like I had in office today :D


sangramganguly said...

i am already scared....thts a abt the tandoori :D...hehehehe....tht too made in china :D....nice ...dont scare me next time :D

Aparna Kar said...

Sharks! I should have known it!
This post is such a give-away!
Can't play the prank on you now...

but don't the lack of the ideas let the worry you...
I'll always have something up my hat

Aparna Kar said...


How do u make Rat-tandoori :P

Anonymous said...

i too would give this try next time at mah friends :) - it'd fun capturing that priceless moment - did you do that??

n u better not try something like this at me ever ;-)

candid diary said...

Since you are in the mood of a prankster check these for more ideas:

candid diary said...

P. S. - Where did the disgusting rat go finally? I hope your boss does not bring a charge against you for damaging office desktops and consumables.

Rohit Arondekar said...

poor rat!

sangramganguly said...

idoooooooor tandoori :)
marinate with ...vinegar, italian herbs, soya , little bit of corn powder, salt, blackpepper,(ginger,garlic, roasted dhania and jeera), crushed green chillies.
keep it fr a day..untill the marination gets into the idoor inner bones :D..the next day..preheat the oven to 300-350 degrees. and keep the stuff inside. let it roast for 15-20 mins..and you are all set..:)

Vinay said...

Was the rat of Indian or Chinese Origin ?
Agar Chinese hain, then like most things Chinese, Sastaa and Faltuu hoga [wink]

Aparna Kar said...

Thanks for the links

And don't one in my office is my fact everybody enjoyed the prank immensely..including my TMs

anandable said...

i am sure u are capable to scaring people with your

i wonder what was the actual gift...i hope it was not anything like this box...;)

Ruchika said...

Hehehehe.. sounds like good fun!


Aparna Kar said...

U bet it was.. everybody was in splits..
the funniest part is..even if u know what's inside..u still freak out when that thing jumps out of the box..
I was thinking of filling the box with rose petals and chocolates to enhance the effect..
but people will get less victimised..since I have already let it out publically in my blog..
but never fear..will soon dream up something new
I love it when I am naughty :D

Aparna Kar said...


It was for good luck..a Ganeshji
I am a bit fussy about gifts..and most of the times I end up buying something for someone on impulse sans occasion.
That reminds cupboard is still full of gifts I had bought for certain someone but could never give him...
Dunno if I will ever..
Seems like a long, long time ago now....

Aparna Kar said...

Don't talk of rats..
Recently one has decided to make my life living hell...
First time I saw it, I found it cute and named it "Stuart"
And it was my loving pet ..until it chewed my landline wires..
Now..all I want is to drive it away..It has become such a pest!!

Any ideas how to..?
Other than the obvious...
#1. Get a cat
#2. Call pest control
#3. Use Rat poison

Aparna Kar said...

That isn't a live rat!
What did u think ??

Anonymous said...

I have heard it before, but now I know for sure- you really are naughty!

Satyaki De said...

I must appreciate the slide show specially the way you have depicted yourself in a short span. And, it is a complete package from your beginning to what currently you are.

I'm not habituated with this blogging skill - since i'm a new comer.

Regarding your prank - it clearly shows that you are naughty and bubbly, too. :)

I may be wrong - but today after reading your blog(which is my first reading [:(] ) - i felt we are really missing something.

Now, We all are alone and desperately wants to get cordial relationship and attention which we lacks in our home(Not always true...).

And, also noticed that the way - you have started this thread is now deviating it's presence and spirit.(Sorry for making it a little serious)

But, anyway, it's up to you guys who like this. As long as you are happy in your space - there is nothing to loose. :)

Question is - why are we going for this kind of exposure? I think we are miserably lonely.

I'm not pessimistic. But, this is what currently happening among all of us. Being a software developer i could hardly get my time to spent with my family. And, moreover the stress has a strong impact in our personal life.

I have to attend office party quite frequently. But, are we really enjoyed? To the some extent yes.

But, think about your childhood days where you and your most beloved friends or relatives enjoyed every seconds of Mohaloya. Wake up in the early morning. Some senior person from your family turned on the radio. Everyone grouped together and listening the Mohaloya with home made snacks with privileged tea. :)

Don't you think that is most cherished treasure you have ever spent?

I'm not a orthodox person and never support that old is always gold. But, few things certainly cannot be overlooked.

May be many friends from your blog certainly differ with me.

It's up to you to decide. Will you?