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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The quest

Sometimes, all I want is to get a knapsack on my back and go globe-trotting..but can I leave behind all that ties me back?
My family, my friends- the ones who love me?

But,I want to get away..

Stop calling me , stop expecting from me..
Stop worshipping me like I were a flawless Goddess

I despise all company..
I despise you who swore by the moonlight that you could lay down your life for me..
I despise you who said you would kill us both if we are not destined to be together that in death we could meet..
I despise you who looks up to me like a faithful dog looks up to his master..

I despise all..
coz u take me away from me..
coz u tie me down...

I want to be myself..the only me..the eternal vagabond


shadow said...

did u ever think of the shadow..
tied to ur feet for every moorow..
the lead..the follower..the non existant entity..
the being so lifeless..not capable of pity..

why did you go the promise in moonlight..
did u not know..temporal is the night.. need to walk..walk the road alone..
moonlight..sunrays..but the journey is your own..

am bad words wreath ur travelogue..
trot whereever you want to..would look at you from the fog..

JoJo - said...

Thats an intersteing piece you wrote there :-)

Ruchika said...

"Let me be".. the cry.. I know this one.. I can understand this one...

Vishal said...

Nice one....view my blog, have fun !!..its kewl and decent..!!

saurabh said...

so many postings ... great..... guess i only get time on the weekends to go thru them

but let me tell u, once ur away from ur family, the way i am right now.. u really really really, desperatly miss them

Anonymous said...

nicely written..

it seemed less like a poetic work and more of personal lines - well, i know exactly how it matters to people to stay away from all that they can't stay away from - its tough but yeah, be strong n break those chains coz someday, they will break by themselves otherwise and then, it'd pain more..

candid diary said...

Sorry.. as I bring some anti-climax..
Going globe-trotting all alone is fine..if you have some gypsy blood.. but the gypsies move with their families and friends.
Sorry again.. my best guess is that some nuts are driving you nuts. Every person needs privacy, wants to be her/himself some time.. but to get it you don’t need to despise all.. coz you hurt yourself by doing so.. the person you despise may not even be worthy to be despised.
You never claimed earlier that you had ‘the eternal vagabond’ bloodline. Let me imagine that all your verbose were just poetic diction.

markiv said...

hmmm totally wit u on this one... u start it all hopin ud ve atleast a single person to worship u- to look up to u.. but after a bit, the God charade gets to u... live ur life the way u want to. tht way ull be the god tht U want to be, not the one ppl ard hope.

Brazen Head said...

The thing about leaving is, you just have to leave. Once you leave, everything stays behind and you are free. The worst thing that holds you back the safety net around you at home. Let it go and jump.

You will feel miserable at first, I guarantee you that.

Then it feels great.

k said...

Read the advice no seven once again..... you really need it.....ok

Aditya said...

Lady....... this one makes me feel that you wish to be free but are held back by your roots or your commitments to certain people.

We are all birds with broken wings and cannot soar even if our wings were fine simply because the damage is not physical in nature but psychological.

There was a time not too long back when I felt that I should renounce the world and become a Aghori but God alone knows what I'll end up doing.

Keep your creative juices flowing.

mahant said...

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