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Sunday, September 17, 2006

14th September, 2006- another year wiser?

There is something about birthdays.
You keep wishing each one is more unique than the previous ...
whatevuh that means :D

Last year I had a rocking time with bro and most of my closest friends.
The party at Tantra, with all its elements- the ambience, the dance floor, the mocktails, the hookah... was a big hit.
After dinner, we drove down to Turquoise Cottage where I danced like crazy.
On our way back, one of the cars broke down and while we waited at 4 in the morning for the break-down truck, we danced on the road with our deck on full volume.
Even the patrolling cops giggled at the crazy kids.

Oh btw, I had even got a hunk for a gift..
Chill, not wrapped in a satin ribbon but some cousin of a close friend who was worried about my "SINGLE" status and wanted us to click.
Sadly, he was enticing only till he opened his mouth to speak...

This year it was a Thursday..a weekday=a working day
I was in office the whole day until my Boss said.."Aaj to Ghar Jao!!" and ushered me back home.
I was too tired to arrange for a party..
Called up one of my buddies from college and had a quiet dinner in a cozy li'l restaurant we used to frequent in college days.
I was exhausted and before I realised I was in my bed and had fallen fast asleep.

Now when I look back, I find myself receiving calls from my friends since 13th night..Tejil, Ani, Rai, Bijoya,Saikat, Abhi, Paro, Maduleena,Sam, name a few...
Nayeem, Meenal Ma'm, Amit Sir, Gajendra Sir, Puneet, Jojo, Syanti di, Emon di, Kuntal, Novel, Raj, Ronyda, Kutu da, Dileep, Apoorv, Ranjeet, Prasoon, Vinay, JD, Shashi, Nikhil, Saurabh, Deepak, Sangram, Abir, Moid...wished me too..
I don't think I will do justice to all so forgive me if I miss out a few names

The cutest call was probably from this sleepy voice who never remembers birthdays and starts wishing his best friend a week ahead, just in case he forgets.
He had put an alarm on his cell which apparently didn't work and he wished in the some indiscernible language,at 12:15 am, which sounded remotely like "Happy Birthday" in English.
I laughed and said "Go to sleep" and he did..lolzz

Unfortunately I had missed a few calls because I had gone to sleep early.
When I was getting out of my house to go to office in the morning, I saw a card and a basket of pink and yellow roses lying at my door.
It was addressed to "The Sweetest Heart in the World" with no reference about the sender..
Somehow, I recognized the handwriting..with those typical slants and cuts on "T".

At office, everyone was sweet and warm... a tad more than on usual days...
At lunch, I got another basket of flowers from a friend who lives far away with a honey-sweet message " A li'l bunch of flowers to fill your life with color..not that you need any, just do these flowers an honour!"

And later, I got something I had been expecting from someone I knew wouldn't forget- chocolates, a teddy, and a bunch of red roses...

It was soon time for the usual gift-rendering ceremony in office. And I was happy to unwrap those glossy papers..feeling all the while like an eager eight-year old.

If you ask me how was the day, I'll say I thought my life had all the colors until I discovered this new hue..

Oh come on!
Now don't ask me.."Yeh naya rang kaunsa hai?" :P


Anonymous said...

Yeh naya rang kaunsa hai ?

Anonymous said...

It is madness

to hate all roses cuz u got scatched by one thorn.

to give up all dreams cuz one didn't come true.

to lose faith in prayers cuz one wasn't answered.

to give up on ur efforts cuz one of them failed.

to condemn all friends cuz one betrayed u.

to not believe in love cuz someone was unfaithful.

Remember that another chance will come up.

A new Friend..
A new Love...
A new Life...

Cuz Life is indeed beautiful..

who else.. said...

more than wishing u..

i thank god for this day..

zoxcleb said...

so many mysterious gift givers!! i wonder if we'l ever know who they are...

Anonymous said...

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Devashish said...

So, was your birthday this time special indeed??! yup, i believe it was..

but, Didn't have a party on the birthday night?? (or at the midnight of the night previous?!) -- that, Next year maybe(my wishes to you for the same)..
Didn't get any bumps? Didnt have to throw a party to ur friends (with cake n all)? din't get your face spattered with cake??:P

but indeed, wiser by another year!:) :P

candid diary said...

Hmmm... busy!!!
That's why we get to know abt the b/day and all the beautiful things related to it 3 days after 9/14.

prasoon said...

my name there..
i am more than delighted :D

you should have actually mentioned all the gifts btw apart from the roses n chocolates n all.. ;)

like others i should ask - "yeh naya rang kaunsa hai"

raunak pagaria said...

wish u a belated b'day.. :)

saurabh said...

u had some nice moments thats more than enuff. u dnt have ur lovd ones with u all the time.. but wht u do have is wunderful memories of the moments u spend with them and then when ur all alone, u remember those moments and feel great

paresh said...

"A li'l bunch of flowers to fill your life with color..not that you need any, just do these flowers an honour!".
Nice quote..should it be A li'l bunch of flowers to fill your life with color..not that you need any, just to do these flowers an honour! ?(the word to missing)

Purpi said...

i am prveen. from tuticorin
i read ur blog.thats very nice
i like ur blog
thankyou so much